Cancellation Policy

General Cancellation Policy of FocuzTours

Focuztours follows standard and encoded cancellation policy that helps the tourists to understand precisely on what they need to bear in mind.  Cancellation charges obviously depend on the country or city where the package is booked for. Cancellation charges are centered on how many days before we receive your cancellation notice and have to be before your departure. We cannot be held responsible for problems that take places as a result of events that are not under our control such as weather, political demonstrations, airline and train delays, traffic jams, floods etc.

It is true that all efforts will be made honestly to cancel your trip on your request but make sure that we require sufficient time to complete your request to cancel your trip.  Cancellations on tour packages, airlines, hotels and other affiliate services if made on holiday time of Focuztours or non business hours, the cancellation process will begin only after the resume of company. FocuzTours will not be responsible for such delays; however we will try our best to process your request as early as possible.

Any applicable refunds and cancellation would accordingly be practiced as per the defined policies of focuztours.com, Airline operators, Hotels and other affiliated parties. FocuzTours.com will cancel your holiday if you do not make any payment by the due date. In case of lost or damaged tickets, the refund process cannot be initiated. In case you call off the trip after the commencement, refund would be restricted to a limited amount and it would depend on the amount that we would be able to pick up from our suppliers of services including hotels and transporters etc. If you are cancelling the booking and applying for a refund in that case please read carefully about our Policies in order to avoid further complications. It is always best to be informative about all the aspects of your journey rather than getting fooled by suppositions.

Cancellation Policies for Holiday Packages    

It is obviously implicit that there shall be no refund at all if the Client does not or cannot make use of any of the services like hotels, sightseeing, rides, cruises, meals and optional tours etc. Following are the Cancellation Period Percentage of Cancellation:

•    From booking date till 15 days prior to departure, 10 % will be deducted from the total amount paid.
•    7 Days prior to departure, 30 % will be deducted from the total amount paid.
•    3 to 7 Days prior to departure, 35 % of Package Cost.
•    Less than 24 hrs to 3 Days prior to departure, 40 % of Package Cost.

Hotel Cancellations Policies /Charges

It is definite that the cancellation policy is specific to the hotel and rate that you are booking. It has to be kept in mind that we are really indebted to keep the policies and customs of the hotel in terms of the cancellation policies as well as charges. So be thoroughly informative about the cancellation policies and charges that you are booking.

Cancellation Policies for Flight Tickets

Canceling your reservation with Airlines depends upon the type of ticket you purchased. The airline cancellation fee will be charged as mentioned on your ticket or as per the flight rules.  Cancellation policies and charges are depended on the airline’s rules and regulations in terms of cancellation policies as well as charges.

The above mentioned cancellation process and refund processes may vary. When you use our Site, it means that you accept those changes.