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South west of Jaipur, present around the base of the Aravali mountain range, Ajmer is an oasis wrapped in green hills. Ajmer is well bestowed with magnificent natural beauty and is surrounded by mountains from all sides, previously called Ajmeru meaning invincible hills. It was founded in 7th century A.D by king Ajay Pal Chauhan. The main city of Ajmer is popularly known as a holy spot by both Muslims and Hindus. The most famous is Ajmer Sharif Dargah also known as tomb of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Ajmer is a centre of culture for arts and education. The British chose Ajmer because of its culture and the education system. Ajmer is also the coherent point for visiting Pushkar, which is the Abode of God Bramha. The temple and the picturesque lake is a beauty to die for. Among the many places the Ajmer Sharif Dargah and others are places one should visit once they are in Ajmer.

The Dargah Sharif of Ajmer also known as the Ajmer Sharif Dargah is the most famous pilgrims place in Ajmer. It is one of the oldest Dargah of Rajasthan. It is mainly the burial ground of Sufi saint Khwaja Moin-Ud-Din Chist. It is famous worldwide, and massive numbers of people from all over the world pay homage and visit the saint. It is regarded as the holiest place by all religion. It is situated in the bosom of Ajmer city. It is a profound replica of Mughal art and architecture. This Dargah is mainly visited by the pilgrims during the holy festival of Ur. During the time of the festival, the main shrine is decorated spectacularly. People believe that when a person is pure from heart, his or her wish is granted during the time of the festival. Khwaja, who is known as saint for the poor believed to shut himself for six days without food or water. Millions came to worship. Even emperor Akbar came bare footed. The Dargah of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti includes marble architecture from the time of mughal, which is said to be watching over the courtyard. The other kind of top architectural structures are the mosque, a massive gate, akbari masjid and main tomb of saint. The main gate is Nizam Gate. Following this gate is the Shahjani Gate which was built by Mughal emperor ShahJahan. The Buland Darwaza in which the Ur’s flag is erected which indicates the start of the Ur festival. The main attraction at the Ajmer Sharif Dargah is the Kalandars from Meharulli also known as friends of Garib Nawaz who walks all the way from Delhi to Ajmer. Apart from that, Jannati Darwaza which is the important gate is opened for the devotees who come to pay homage to the saint. The Dargah is well maintained by the Dargah committee which came to act after the government of India declared the 'Dargah Khwaja Saheb Act’ in 1955. The entry to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah is free. Means of transportation is exceptionally good. One can reach Ajmer then by car one can reach the Ajmer Sharif Dargah.

The Ajmer Sharif Dargah tour has many other attractions also. Apart from the Dargah itself the tour comprises of the famous Mayo College for which the British started their settlement in Ajmer. The Taragarh fort, one of the oldest forts in India, Adhai-Din Ka Jhonpra one of the oldest mosques, Ana sagar lake, temples like Nasiyan and Lord Bramha temple in Pushkar etc. the Mayo college was set up by the British colonies living in Ajmer at that time. It is a popularly known, esteemed and highly impressive college of India let alone of Ajmer itself. The college was exclusively for the boy of an aristocratic class. The beauty of the college with its ancient Victorian architecture is worth a visit. Apart from that it is the oldest public school of India. The Ajmer tour also includes the oldest fort the Taragarh fort. Constructed in the 1354 A.D it is a sheer resemblance of native Rajasthani Architecture. It was a common base for Rajputs and the Mughals. The spectacular view as seen from the Fort's top is an absolute delight for tourist. The Adhai-Din Ka Jhonpra is an old mosque. As the name suggest it was build in two and half days only. Previously it was a Sanskrit college but later was converted to a beautiful mosque. Next on the Ajmer Sharif tour comes the picturesque lake built by King Anaji. The Ana Sagar Lake, Next to the main lake is Daulat Bagh Gardens which was set up by Mughal Emperor Jahangir. ShahJahan added the marble pavilion towards the lake. The final gift of Ajmer Tourism is the visit to Nasiyan temple and the Pushkar temple. The Pushkar temple is the only Bramha temple in India, constructed in the 14th century near the Pushkar Lake. The Nasiyan temple is a Jain temple constructed in the 19th century. This temple is made up of red marble.

The top time to visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah is during the month of May when the Urs festival takes place. The Urs festival is an annual festival celebrated for 6 days in Ajmer. It is the celebration of death anniversary of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti, who is the founder Sufi order in India. The festivals main attraction is in Rajasthan. People come all parts of the world to enjoy the night long qwwali songs performances. The Ajmer Urs festival is organized and falls on seventh month of the calender in the Islamic lunar. Generally it falls in the month of May. In this festival the largest fair of the world takes place. In memory of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Khwaja, also known as Garib Nawaz, comes all the way from Delhi by walking. Mass gathering takes place to witness this beautiful procession. There is unique poetry recitation about the Ajmer Urs as well as several cultural events takes place. The most important part of the festival Urs is the making of the holy Kheer. The Kheer is then distributed among the present devotees. The festival also organizes the Mehfil Khana that is a huge amount of food is prepared for the devotees. On the last day of the festival after the poetry recitation, the festival commences by bursting of crackers throughout the night, which is a delight for tourists. The tourist can also enjoy the poetry competition. For women, different space is provided to attend the Mehfil. This Mehfil goes on till late at night and ends with a mass prayer.

Best Hotels in Ajmer Sharif Dargah Tour

Mansingh Palace Ajmer

For the tourists Ajmer is a delightful place to stay. As it have the most amazing hotels and resorts. Budget wise also it has the vastest variety of hotels. The best hotels in Ajmer include Mansingh Palace Ajmer. Located at Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer it is ranked 3rd among the best served hotels. It is located at a distance of 123 km from Jaipur. Jet setters have to worry about that. It is a 3 star rated hotel, having facilities like business class, executive class and honeymoon class suites, 24X7 water and electricity, pool, bar cum restaurant etc. Room types vary between 5 standard, 5 Deluxe, and 3 Standard Room, the rooms have facilities like air conditioning, bathrobe, cable television, bathtub, tea maker, hairdryer, internet access, minibar, shower, and newspaper, in order to ensure maximum guest's comfort. This hotel has another contributing factor that enhances its reputation, the nearby attraction and point of interest. Popular places like Adhai din ka Jhonpra, Ana Sagar, Nasiyan Temple, the green Pushkar Lake and the famous Pushkar Temple. Reviews suggest this particular hotel among the most commendable place to stay. Its prices are highly affordable to the guests.

Official Website: Mansingh Palace Ajmer

Royal Melange

The next hotel worth describing is the Royal Melange. It is worth describing because it is the cheapest star quality hotel. Having facilities of a three star hotel its rate is well within a middle class’s reach. Located opposite of city power house near Mehra building in Jaipur road, Ajmer one can take their pick to the Royal Melange with in the 66 hotel style properties of Ajmer. Ranked 19th among the best hotels in Ajmer, it is a comfortable option for the tourists. The hotel can accommodate up to 140 people per night. Rates at the Royal Melange during the peak seasons were recorded to as mere as INR 1926. The rooms of the Royal Melange add a touch of comfort and pleasure to your Ajmer trip. As the hotel provide with various facilities and which will really impress the visitors coming to stay in the hotel. Other those that it has also various kinds of rooms like Standard Rooms, Deluxe Room, and Super Deluxe Room at this hotel to suit your individual preference. Customer reviews suggest it is the value for money hotel if anyone is planning to stay for more than a week.

Official Website: Royal Melange

The Hotel Embassy

The Hotel Embassy is another notable hotel in Ajmer. It is situated just beside the Royal Melange. It is also situated opposite to city power house near Mehra building in Jaipur Road, Ajmer. It is ranked 5th in the budget hotel category. Other than that it is also one of the best hotels in Ajmer. It is 123.3 km away from Jaipur. The Hotel Embassy has a vast variety of room type to choose from. Starting from single general room to Family Suite, Super Deluxe, and Executive Deluxe all are available it standard rates. Since it is a star quality hotel one can truly have a great time in the hotel as it provides with all extra ordinary amenities like air conditioning, cable television, bathtub, coffee maker, hairdryer, minibar, and various other kinds of amenities for guests. The rate of the hotel varies from INR 1581 to INR 1856. The hotel policy includes check in at noon and check out at noon. For cancellation of reservation one should inform the hotel two days earlier in order to get their money back. It is one of the best hotels in Ajmer.

Official Website: The Hotel Embassy

Country Inn and Suites by Carlson

The next description is of Country Inn and Suites by Carlson Ajmer, located in Sushanth city, kishanthgarh road, Ajmer. It is a relatively new hotel. It is ranked 8th most popular hotel the area. It is regarded as one of the most comfortable hotels in the area. It is 120.7 km away from Jaipur airport. This hotel is 4 star class properties. It has all the modern amenities. Customers can choose from a variety of room types, starting from single rooms to suites. The hotel facilities are exceptional as it includes accessible room, air conditioning, cable television, coffee/tea maker, complimentary high speed internet in room, connecting rooms, DVD player, free newspaper, hairdryer, minibar, safe, and smoke detectors for the convenience and comfort of guests. It also has parking facilities; free guest parking etc. it also has a restaurant. Apart from that credits cards are also accepted. Customers can also book online also as it s available on various travel websites. Many tourist places like Mayo College, Dargah, and Taragarh are near the hotel. It acts as a bonus point. An outdoor pool and spa services are also available.

Official Website: Country Inn and Suites by Carlson

The Ambassador

The Ambassador Hotel is worth describing. This is because it is the 9th most popular hotel in the area, located in Nagina Bagh in Ashoke Nagar, Ajmer. As it is situated in the city centre it is close to many historical places like Dargah, Mayo College, and Taragarh Fort. The Ambassador Hotel provides accommodation which combines quality and attractive rates. Features include air conditioning, tea maker and some of the best kind of amenities. All these facilities will definitely impress the visitors. In addition to television the restroom also has a refrigerator and premium bedding. Apart from that it also has a conference room. Customer also has a variety of room choices like Prince Suite, Maharaja Suite, and Standard Air Cooled Suite. During its peak season the rates vary from INR 1642 to INR 3045. Customers are given complimentary breakfast. It also has a restaurant attached to it. The restaurant has a 24x7 room service. The total number of rooms in the hotel is twenty seven rooms. It also has facilities like laundry, medical facilities, baby care, atm banking and multilingual staff. Some properties have extra fees for amenities or services that may apply. It is a great hotel in a decent price range.

Official Website: The Ambassador

The Merwara Palace

As the 10th most popular hotel in Ajmer The Merwara Palace continues to provide customer with great comfort and quality accommodation, located in Daulat Bagh, Ajmer. This hotel is 123.7 km from Jaipur Airport. The hotel provides accommodation combining decent rates and quality. It is having all 5 star level commodities. It provides complementary internet access to all customers through Wi-Fi. Televisions have premium cable which increases the accessibility of channels. The Guestrooms have air conditioning, and minibars. The hotel offer complimentary breakfast to all residing guests. The hotel also offers tour facility, laundry and ATM. The hotel has a total of 25 rooms along with 24 hrs front desk. It also offers airport transportation and banquet facilities. Since it has a restaurant hence all time room service is available. It has various types of room choices from deluxe single room to the royal suite. It also has lit facilities along with room service. The restaurant has various kinds of cuisines available. Starting from Rajasthani to continental, all are available. The hotel is built in old Rajasthani architecture hence it gives an original ambience of true Rajasthani culture. The hotel also offers Rajasthani cultural dance and music which is an absolute delight.

Official Website: The Merwara Palace

Bijay Niwas Palace

The next hotel is the Bijay Niwas Palace. Located in Bijaynagar, Ajmer it is the 14th most popular hotel in that area because of its location between major tourist destinations like Pushkar, Chittogarh, and Todhgarh etc. The hotel provides quality accommodation. Built almost 100 years ago by Rao Bijay Singh, Bijay Niwas Palace offers a convenient choice for guests who pay short visits in the city. The hotel has comfortable rooms with many other facilities that are necessary for guests who have short stays. It is the most budget hotel in that area. Rate during the peak season was recorded to be around INR 3301. The hotel is designed as Rajasthani palace to give the residing guest the pure feeling of raw Rajasthan. The bedding, lights, walls, mattress, and furniture are made in Rajasthani style hence providing the ambience of Rajasthan. The hotel has a total of 15 rooms. Apart from that each room is individually furnished. Facilities include laundry, free internet, swimming pool, restaurant, room service etc. The restaurant provide all kinds of Indian and international cuisines but with a twist of Rajasthan itself. The hotel also provides excursion facilities to Todgarh-raoli wildlife sanctuary. Other recreation facilities include hiking, horse riding, eco tours on site etc.

Official Website: Bijay Niwas Palace

Hotel Regency

The best quality budget hotel in Ajmer, rankin1st in popularity is the Hotel Regency. Located outside of Delhi gate, Ajmer the hotel is sheer value for money. The rate of the hotel during peak season was recorded to be INR 657. Reviews suggested that it is a complete value for money. The hotel has a restaurant in the vicinity. This provides delicious cuisines like Indian, Chinese, and continental. The rooms cone in three categories of deluxe super deluxe and royal. The facilities include good quality bedding guaranteed comfort. The rooms are very much clean and hygienic also comes with cable television and complimentary newspaper. The royal rooms have an air conditioner and separate shower and bathroom. Rest of the room comes with attached bathroom. The hotel is located in an area having good transportation facilities which one could hire for local sightseeing. The hotel also has laundry facility though guests have to hire them. The semi deluxe room also has separate shower and toilet. The hotel also provide 24 hours hot and cool water supply. For tourist willing to stay for few days, this is their dream hotel. The next hotel in this countdown is Hotel Regal. Situated opposite to Gurudwara road Ganj, Ajmer this hotel is located within the core of the city. The hotel has all amenities required to call it a top class hotel. The hotel has a restaurant associated with it. The restaurant has all kinds of cuisines available, starting from Indian to continental food. The hotel's public areas have well equipped facilities with high speed wireless internet. Apart from this, the hotel also provides with surcharge an area shuttle, a shopping center. The hotel also offers tour ticket services. It also has a complimentary lobby and conference room. It also has town car service, currency exchange and tour assistance. This hotel can accommodate more than hundred guests as it has 70 rooms always up and running. The rooms come in four different types executive, business, super deluxe and suite. For super deluxe and suite complimentary breakfast is provided. The hotel has a 24 hour room service as it is associated with a restaurant. The hotel does not allow pets. They accept all types of credit and debit cards. All in all this is a hotel for sheer comfort and quality.

Official Website: Hotel Regency

Hotel Sahil

The other is Hotel Sahil, situated near Dargah Sharif near Delhi gate, Ajmer. Since the hotel situated near the Dargah it is generally full. It has lots tourist destination nearby. The hotel provide with town car facilities for visiting the Dargah and other sightseeing. The hotel has all sophisticated amenities including wired internet facilities, laundry, ticket assistance, direct dial phones etc. the hotel is associated with a restaurant which prepares all kinds of cuisines starting from Indian to International. The hotel also provide with ATM and currency exchange. The hotel has three kinds of rooms: The deluxe non ac, deluxe ac and super deluxe ac. Other places like lobby and restaurant are air conditioned. The hotel can also be called as a budget hotel in Ajmer as the rate peaked to INR 853. For a tourist visiting the Dargah during Urs festival, this is the ideal hotel to stay.

Official Website: Hotel Sahil

Ananta Spa and Resort

Apart from hotels Ajmer also have some of the most beautiful resorts in its heart. The top name that comes to mind is the Ananta Spa and Resort. The resort is situated in a village called Leela Sevri. It is 4km before Pushkar Rajasthan. It is 5 star family hotel with fully fledged spa facility associated with it. The resort is situated in a historical place near Pushkar. Places of interest include the Pushkar Lake, Dargah and the Taragarh Fort. The resort has a fully active spa which gives various kinds of messages and treatments. Apart from the Ananta Resorts it also has a health club and an outdoor swimming pool. The resort is associated with a restaurant cum bar which has various units like a coffee shop, snack bar, the restaurant itself etc. guest can have time of their life by unwinding a drink in one the hotel’s bar which includes bar lounge, poolside, and swim up bar. All guest gets complimentary breakfast for the amazing restaurant. The 5-star hotel provides 24-hour customer care centre, secretarial services, business center, and technology helpdesk. For the recreation of the children the resort also offers a children's pool, a fitness facility, and a sauna.

Official Website: Ananta Spa and Resort

Pushkar Villas Resort

The next incorrigibly beautiful resort is the Pushkar Villas Resort. Situated over the Punch Kund road near Pushkar it is one of the amazing hotel Cum resort that Ajmer has to offer. This hotel close to Pushkar Lake hence one always indulges in the scenic beauty of this place. Its area attraction includes the Dargah, and the Taragarh fort. Pushkar Villas Resort features a multi cuisines restaurant associated with it. The room type is super deluxe type, which include amenities like utterly soft and comfortable bedding, highly spacious rooms, bath tub and shower separate, refrigerators, complimentary breakfast, free newspaper, wide screen plasma television, and satellite dish. Outdoors include a recreational garden having amusement parks, lounge for adults, and swimming pools etc. dining option for various cuisines like Indian and international are all available throughout the day. The resort also provides high speed internet facilities in the public spaces like lobby and conference hall. The bedding and furniture are made in native Rajasthani style to show a glimpse or their cultural heritage. The main attraction of this resort is the sun set observed over the Pushkar Lake.

Official Website: Pushkar Villas Resort

Hotel Peacock Holiday Resort

The next resort in my countdown is the Hotel Peacock Holiday Resort situated over the panch Kund Road, Pushkar. It is one of the oldest resorts to be constructed in that region. The immense beauty of the Pushkar Lake surrounds the resort. As the name suggest the resort once had wild peacock roaming its ground. The photos can be still seen in the memorial wall of the resort. The resort is built in famous Rajasthani architecture. The inner decoration is of the same native culture. The bedding, furniture even the cutlery is ancient Rajasthani. The resort has a restaurant associated with it. The restaurant prepares all sorts of delicious cuisines starting from native Rajasthani to modern international. The chef can prepare all hated dishes. The rooms are fully air conditioned, having all modern amenities. The bathroom and the shower are separated. The rooms also have mini bars, television with satellite dish connection, refrigerator, and internet. The public places like the lobby, lounge has fully wireless high speed internet facility. Recreational stuffs include a small park for the children, two pools one for adults and one for children and local cultural performance during night. It is a resort with cultural heritage.

Official Website: Hotel Peacock Holiday Resort

The Green House Resort

The next resort worth describing is The Green House Resort. As the name suggests the resort area is filled with greenery. It is located near a village called Tilora, near Kishanpura-Tilora road, Ajmer. The resort is located in a serene and quiet environment. This resort is most nearest to the Pushkar Lake. Thus, the guest can always indulge in the scenic beauty of the famous lake. The lake is just 10 minutes drive from the resort, hence the resort provide pick up and drop car facility. This is the resort which sets the picture perfect for modern amenities as well as scenic beauty. It includes spa facility, swimming pool and message. It is the one and only tented resort in Rajasthan. It comprises of twenty Luxurious tents and a green house. The tents are set in an area of approximately 10 acres with landscaped gardens and Water bodies. This restaurant has a unique picturesque view that appears as a reflection of hills. Each tent is designed in a way such that modern amenities co exists with the nature. The rooms of Resort have a modern and chic look, different kinds of elegant furniture and lights. The resort has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi attached to it. The Resort helps to rejuvenate guests with a variety of treatments, spa and massages. It also has yoga and meditation treatments for guests. It is a tourist delight to stay in the resort.

Official Website: The Green House Resort

Padmini Heritage Resort

Lastly, Padmini Heritage Resort, Situated in Hatundi road in Makhupara, Ajmer. It is one of the biggest resorts in Rajasthan, having a hotel area of 140000square feet. It is India’s only Bamboo resort which is well equipped with all modern amenities. The resort is covered with lush green gardens and millions of exotic plants. It also has a huge swimming pool and a children park having various kinds of rides. It has two specialized wings, a huge Banquet hall, and large areas of lush green gardens and playgrounds which are used for throwing various kinds of parties. In both the wings in total there are 12 circular rooms having three star facilities like air conditioners, television, and geyser with 24 hour running hot water. Each room is decorated in such a way that it reflects true Rajasthani culture and heritage. It is regarded as India’s most exotic venue for having a wedding reception. In this resort guest will have an amazing time.

Official Website: Padmini Heritage Resort

The way to reach Ajmer hence to reach the Ajmer Sharif Dargah is to follow a map of Ajmer which can be found all tourism department stores. By air one has to land in Jaipur. After that one has to go by car to the city of Ajmer which is 123km away. By train one can also travel. The Shatabdi connects Delhi to Ajmer further more it connects Delhi Ajmer Sharif. The train is entirely air conditioned and start from Delhi at 5.55 AM and reaches Jaipur at 10.35 AM. It is not available on Sundays. By road one can take the Rajasthan bus service from New Delhi. They regularly run deluxe busses. Ajmer is well connected with all important cities like Jaipur, Bikaner. Hence busses are a wise option for local travel. For further more information one can always look up into the Ajmer Sharif Map.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah Official Government Website

Ajmer Sharif Dargah Government Tourism Website

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Ajmer Sharif Dargah Tour 4.7 out of 10 10 user reviews. South west of Jaipur, present around the base of the Aravali mountain range, Ajmer is an oasis wrapped in green hills. Ajmer is well bestowed with magnificent n..