Amarnath Temple Attractions

Amarnath Temple Attractions
Amarnath Temple Attractions
Amarnath Temple Attractions
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India has always been a centre for spirituality and a much favored destination for those who seek spiritual bliss. Some of the spiritual destinations in India date back to thousands of years and they have been attracting travelers from all parts of the world. One such destination is the Amarnath caves that are located in Srinagar. It is a shrine that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The most unique part of this shrine is that the Shiva Linga is Swayambhu or self formed. The cave is located at an altitude of 3888 Meters. All those of you who have physical ailments will have to consult your doctor and get his go ahead before attempting this journey. We also recommend that you carry enough warm clothing, medicines, cash and some snacks during the journey. The Amarnath Yathra is indeed a very popular pilgrimage. Every year lakhs of devotees tread the mountains for a glimpse of their Baba Amarnathji. The most auspicious time to visit the temple is during the festival of Shravani Mela which is during the month of July-August. Since the cave is inaccessible due to snow during most of the year, it is opened for the pilgrimage only for a short period in the summer. Apart from the Amaranth caves, there is also a Sheshnag Lake that is worth visiting. Patnitop, a hill station near Jammu is just 4 hours travel from Amarnath and this is a very good tourist destination that is a very favourite one among tourists. There are several spots here that showcase the beauty of the Himalayan kingdom.
How to reach Amarnath:
By air: The Srinagar airport is the nearest airport.  Srinagar is very well connected to the rest of the India by various airline services. The nearest international airport to Srinagar is the Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi. This airport is also very well connected to other airports in the world.
By rail: Amarnath does not have a railway station. Even though the Amarnath pilgrimage is open only for a few months, the Jammu Tawi railway station serves as a connecting point. Travelers coming from various parts of the country can come to Jammu and then travel to Amarnath by road. The Jammu railway station is well connected to various important railway stations in the country like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Trivandrum.
By Road: Amarnath can be reached by trekking an arduous path. Jammu and Srinagar are well connected by government bus services. Taxis are also available to these destinations. The entrance point to Amarnath, via Pahalgam, is at a distance of about 363 km from Jammu, whereas Pahalgam is at about about 50 km from the caves of Amarnath.
Time to visit Amarnath:
The Amarnath yathra is not a yearlong affair. It is not allowed during winter as the caves are not accessible due to snowfall. There is a 45 day period between the months of July and August when the path is open for the pilgrimage.
Main sightseeing attractions in and around Amarnath:
Amaranth is primarily a pilgrimage destination. The trek to the Amarnath caves is the focal point of the pilgrimage. The sites of importance are the Amarnath Cave, the Amarnath yathra that culminates in the worship of the shiva linga and the Sheshnag Lake in Amarnath. Other sites of tourist importance are near Patnitop, an idyllic hill station in Jammu. Some of the tourist attractions near Patnitop are
Amarnath Yathra:
This is a pilgrimage that is undertaken by the devotees of Lord Shiva. The Pilgrimage is organized during the Hindu month of Shravan which falls between July and August. The path is not accessible during the rest of the year. Even during the pilgrimage the travelers have to brave the rough terrain and the harsh mountain climate. The scenic beauty encountered by pilgrims during their uphill trek towards the Amarnath Cave is mesmerizing. 
Amarnath Caves:
The Amarnath Cave houses the natural shivling that is made of Ice. It is believed that this is the cave where Lord Shiva revealed the secrets of immortality to his consort Goddess Parvathi hence the name Amarnath which means `immortal god`. It is an amazing experience and pilgrims take a lot of trouble to get a glimpse of this rare sight.
Sheshnag Lake:
Sheshnag is situated at a distance of 27 Kms from Pahalgam at an elevation of 3658 Mts. It is surrounded by seven peaks and hence the name Sheshnag which refers to the seven headed serpent king in Hindu mythology. This destination is closed during winter and the lake is frozen till the month of August. It is a breathtaking location.
The Sanasar is a lake that is located at a distance of 20 Km from Patnitop. It is a beautiful lake that is surrounded by green meadows and pastures. These are gentle slopes which make it a popular destination for adventure activities like parasailing. The activities that are offered here are paragliding, camping, trekking, abseiling, rock climbing and scenic nature walks.
 This is an amazing location that is near Patnitop. The views that this location offers is breathtaking. Nathatop is located above Patnitop and serves as a view point that offers grand views of snow peaks. You will be able to see Himalayan peaks that are snow clad and glisten in the sunlight. 
Buddha Amarnath Temple:
The Buddha Amarnath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shrine houses a Shiva ling that is made of a natural white stone. It is located at the foothills of the mountains where there is a rivulet named Pulsata. It is believed that Ravana`s grandfather Pulsata meditated near the river. The temple is especially crowded during the Raksha Bandhan festival.
Hotels and accommodation in Amarnath:
Some of the hotels in Amarnath are Hotel Amarnath, Senator Pine N Peak, Hotel Tulyan, Maharaja Palace, Hotel Pine Spring, Hotel King Palace, Mantoo Cottage, Hotel Mountview, Hotel Nataraj and Hotel Heevan.
Hotel Pine Spring:
Hotel Pine Spring is situated in Pahalgam. It is known for the wonderful hospitality that it offers its guests. The surroundings are luxurious and the dining experience is among the best that you can get from any other hotel in the region.
Hotel King Palace:
Hotel King Palace is located at Pahalgam. It has several well appointed rooms and all modern amenities. The hotel offers a multi cuisine dining experience. The hotel even arranges for tourist activities and picnics. The location of the hotel allows for a beautiful vista of snow covered mountains and the lush greenery that is particular to Kashmir.
Mantoo Cottage:
Mantoo Cottages in Pahalgam is a homely retreat that is also a wonderful family resort. It showcases the best that Kashmir has to offer. The rooms are well appointed and offer modern amenities to the guest. The resort is located along the route to Kolahoi Glacier and the Amarnath pilgrimage.
Hotel Mountview:
Hotel Mountview is one of the best hotels in Pahalgam. The location provides a wonderful view of the River Lidder. The rooms are very good and have all modern amenities. The food served in this hotel is also very good.
Hotel Heevan:
The Hotel Heevan is a wonderfully located property. It is located right on the banks of the River Lidder. The rooms offer a magnificent view of the river and the snow clad peaks in the distance. The rooms are tastefully done and have all modern amenities.
Senator Pine N Peak:
Senator Pine N Peak is a 4 star hotel that is located at Pahalgam. The rooms are the best that you can find in Pahalgam. The hotel is 90 kms away from Srinagar Airport. The nearest railhead is Jammu railway station, which is 250 kms away. The dining experience in this hotel is among the best that you can find anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir.

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    ‘Divine’ is the word I would like to describe my experience at Amarnath. It is very often said that when it comes to pilgrimages like Amarnath yathra and the Vaishno Devi one has to receive a calling from the supreme force. In my experience it was a revelation. I bought the package... More
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  •     I did the Amarnath yatra 3 months ago with my famiy.The journey to the cave was more enlightening than the glimpse of the Shivling in the cave.I think it is the More
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    Unforgettable Amarnath temple Yatra Aug 20, 2013 by Michelle Wendel
    For getting blessings from the Lord Shiva I visited the place Amarnath in the last April with my family members and friends. Actually it was made after a prayer of my mother. So it was a preplanned trip. Visiting the Amarnath temple was one of an ambition in my life that was done in the recent... More
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    Blessing trip to Amarnath Jul 26, 2013 by Sandra Sanchez
    I had a great opportunity to visit the Amarnath, the place of Lord Shiva.. It was an amazing an exciting experience for me. The place gave an extra spiritual experience for me… This is the only place of getting feelings spiritually in the air… I finalized Amarnath Yatra tour a year... More
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Amarnath Temple Attractions 7.1 out of 10 5 user reviews. India has always been a centre for spirituality and a much favored destination for those who seek spiritual bliss. Some of the spiritual destinations in India d..