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Everything does not attract every one in this world. It is individual specific. But there are places in India which suits the taste of every human being. These cities are best tourist spots, have best markets, good economy and various cultures mixed in it. One such place in Aurangabad that is present in Maharastra state of India. It is said to be the kingdom of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb and named after him. He during his time built many buildings to make his city look beautiful. One among them is a monument exactly like the Taj Mahal. He also encouraged art and craft in his kingdom. The city is famous for silk and cotton industry .It can be seen even now as the city has a mixture of all cultures, with a mixture of people from all categories. Aurangabad has many historical monuments , industries, transport facilities which make it the best place for tourism. Aurangabad city itself is very attractive . It makes its place from culture to cuisine. That means they have their own specific dish which is of Maratha style. Like Bombay’s India gate, this city has 13 gates which makes it an extraordinary place. They have a mixture of languages too like marati, Urdu and Hindi are main languages but English is used for the purpose of business. An added advantage is the travel facility. It has all means of travel like bus, train, and flight. All these means of transport helps to attract tourists. In Aurangabad, cabs are available or for a cheaper mode its either local train or city bus help one to go from place to place. Hotels in Aurangabad are from cheep too costly one. There are plenty of them and it makes it easy to fine one according to budget. It makes it a wonderful experience to see such a beautiful place in India with all the those one wants to see in his or her lifetime.

Aurangabad has all three climates divided equally. It is best to go to Aurangabad in winter rather than summer and rainy season. The temperature gets very hot during the summer because of pollution and the location of the city. It also has rainfall up to 700mm and makes it unfit to go at this time. It is classified under semi –arid climate and this place has a maximum of 40degree temperature during summer. This extreme heat is not tolerable for people in the cold climate and hence winter suits best for such people. The climate will be good and keeps the place well suited for outing and sightseeing. Rainy season is good for those who love dresses and for photographers who wish to take photos in the rain. The photos in such conditions seem very attractive. Archeologists find it safe to go there in winter as they get to see and search so many things, and if it is raining they cannot move further. This might stop them from doing their research. So it's best to do their job during the summer. Summer makes travel feel its hectic to travel in temperature at peek where as in the rainy season the roads may get blocked, which irritates the tourists. This time is unfit to travel as the luggage that needs to be carried might also increase.

After coming to Aurangabad, it is compulsory to go for sightseeing. It is a very attractive place and makes everyone to go for an outing. To begin with, Aurangabad has an imitation of Taj Mahal built by Shahajahan. This is built by Aurangazed in memory of his wife, it is called Bibi-ka-Maqbara. This was constructed after the death of his wife Rabia-ud-Durrani. It became famous as mini Taj Mahal of Deccan. It has a garden around it with ponds and fountain. Behind this is an archeological museum which contains all the things used those days from coins to weapons. The inscription about the architects and engineers of that time and the story behind the construction can be found here. Though the design of this resembles the Taj, but has poor imitation. It is said to be constructed by an engineer and designed by an architect. It is said that the marbles for the construction is brought from the pink city. Though it cannot be a complete mirror image of the Taj, it's also very beautiful. The mountain range behind sets as a perfect background for photos. This is built for the same reason as for Tajmahal but only Taj remained as a monument of love. This did not lose its rank as it is also equally famous. The marbles are still remained unaffected by pollution and this is not in the case of Tajmahal, so even if Taj Mahal looses its charm, this will remain as a reflection of Tajmahal. This makes it a perfect place to start our sightseeing.

How about going to a cave after looking at the photocopy of monument of love? If you are interested, Aurangabad has one of the finest caves in this world. This takes some time to reach but once you go there you might feel like going centuries back. The caves are filled with the story of people who lived there. It seems that it was originated by a group of Buddhist people. There are 13 caves in a row and they are divided into three groups. According to study from the archeologist, cave 1 and 3 is the only caves used by the Buddhist people and others are formed by either followers or has become naturally. There are inscriptions found on the walls of the caves and has many stories in it. This also shows the language used by these people to talk and to write. Ajanta caves are one of the famous caves and said to be a place of Buddhist monks. They used to make their pupils learn the art and culture of Buddhism here. Few British officers found out this cave on their way for tiger hunt. Ellora temple has a combination of Buddhist and Hindu culture and few Jain stupas too with 34 caves all together, with 12 caves of Buddhist, 18 caves of Hindus 5 of gains which shows the faith of all three religions. So going to this cave makes you feel great and teaches one to live peacefully in this mixed religious country. This is useful for explorers know the people of olden days.

Going to caves made you get an image of olden days, but to make it strong, Aurangabad has many museums which can clear all the doubts that is created in you after looking at the caves. They're about 5 to 6 museums in Aurangabad. Few are very famous like the history museum. It is one of the most famous museums formed by Dr. Gupta a historian and scholar of that time. He used to collect inscriptions from caves of Aurangabad to teach students and to make them understand. This habit of collection gave rise to this museum. Next comes the Shivaji museum built to preserve the coins, weapons, utensils and other things used by Shivaji. Shivaji is a great warior of Maharastra and hence this museum has a big sculpture of Mother Jagadamba offering the Bhavani sword to Shivaji.This sculpture is made up of bronze.It has 6 rooms that preserves 6 different groups of articles used on that time.Finishing with this you can go for state archeological museum where the manuscripts, inscriptions , coins and other things are kept from the time of Aurangazeb to till date to make understand the changes that took along with time.Next is Purvar museum, which has a collection of galleries like painting gallery,the beads gallery,Manuscript gallery, gems and jewellary gallery, folkart gallery,sculpture gallery, music gallery and art gallery.Going into this kinds of museums is very important. It shows the way and weapons used for war, the reason for war, the value of life and how they use to sacrifice their life for the country.

Running through Aurangabad makes you think about the olden days, their life and the way they lived. When the brain is pressurized, it is better to go and have a look at the fort of Aurangabad that will give a clear image of what they were actually leading their life. Daulatabad fort is one of the strongest and well preserved forts of India, which has a long story of many dynasties which were established at this fort. There are mechanical doors at all the entrances, to protect from the enemies. The fort is surrounded by water on all sides giving it a look of the island, where they used to live crocodiles so that no enemy can enter into the fort. This could keep the fort safe from invaders. Inside the fort has inscriptions on the stone walls of the fort, which might be a signal or code language for other soldiers. They had the script of their own and a language which is mostly Marati, later continued with Hindi and Urdu. The kings used to enjoy the culture of the dynasty and used to held fairs to improve its culture within the fort. They also used to construct towers or write an inscription every time they win a war. Chand Minar is one of the towering found in this fort which is said to be built by king Bahamani to celebrate his victory over Daulatabad. This shows that they used to go to war regularly and improve their territory time to time. They also celebrated their victory along with their subjects.

Meanwhile you can go to the nearby hotels and have something to eat and relax. Going to the past was an easy task while you are in such a place. But no shopping, only sightseeing does not make a trip complete. For this reason Aurangabad has a variety of items sold in its market. As Aurangabad is famous for cotton and silk textiles a list of markets selling clothes can be seen. They used to have shawls made up of silk and gold thread, but now the gold is replaced by cotton threads to make it a cheap one. The designs on the shawls upholds the art of Aurangabad, apart from this is paithani sarees with best pallu and design. Markets with things of bronze, ornaments of maraties and folk dresses are also available here. At the end of sightseeing, it is good to go to temples as Aurangabad has many temples like Khadkeshwara temple which is said to be one if the oldest temple. Next is a Greshneshwar temple with 12 jyothirlingas said to be self evolved and is basically the temple of Lord Shiva. It has much of Hindu style and no Muslim influence on the architecture when compared to those of that time. Bhadra Marathon deosthana comes next. It is a marathon temple with the history from the time of Ramayana. Other temples of interest are Newport Maharaj Mandir, Taleshwar temple, Goghanath Mandir and so it continues. But after days of sightseeing time to get some rest.

Best Hotels in  Aurangabad

The Meadows Aurangabad

The Meadows, Aurangabad is one of the best hotels in Aurangabad with a list of facilities. They are well known in Aurangabad and are tourist attracted place. It might find to be a bit costly for budget travelling people. There are eight different types of rooms available and this make one choose room according to their requirement. The hotel has friendly staff and rooms are spacious. The front desk has 24 hour service hence they are always ready to fix any problem anytime. They provide free airport transportation and a complimentary breakfast. They have spas, health clubs and conference halls that can be used for business purpose. A restaurant with fresh and clean food supply is available along with a separate coffee shop. They have a Jacuzzi, currency exchange, wedding services which make this hotel best suited for tourists. Bar and lounge is also available in this hotel sauna and doctor on call facility helps people have a relaxed stay.

Official Website: The Meadows Aurangabad

Hotel Windsor castle

Hotel Windsor castle also belongs to the same category. They are also well maintained hotel. As soon as you enter the hotel , it has a good car parking area, you will be greeted by the watchman on the door, The hotel is maintained in a good condition with an AC from reception to room. They have a restaurant with multiple questions, room service, safe place for children, with a garden where they can play and elders can relax. It has complementary breakfast and a cafe to make you feel relaxed. The swimming pool is also present where you can enjoy swimming with your children. Health club, doctor on call facilities are available .Few simple things laundry, currency exchange and luggage storage do not go missing in this hotel. Taking a room in this hotel helps you be relaxed all the time. Elevator or lift facilities are available all the time without fail, and the hotel has a generator to make sure all the electronic devices run for 24 hours.

Official Website: Hotel Windsor castle

Hotel Manmandir

Hotel Manmandir is a medium range hotel with a front office with friendly people. A good car parking facility in the busy area. It has all types of a room and one of the most important thing is that they have connected room facility for a joint family to stay. This makes it easy go and come from one room to another. This also keeps them together as they feel to be in the same room due to the connection. Apart from this, room is provided with microwave and budget travelers to luxurious type as it has all these facilities with a medium range of hotels. It's worth for money. Oven to heat and eat any food. This is a good thing for those who does not eat in the hotel. In this type of rooms , they can also cook the food they want by themselves. TV in the room is available, with a movie on demand facility. This helps you relax after going though sightseeing.

Official Website: Hotel Manmandir

Hotel Atithi

Hotel Atithi is one of the best hotels with all types of rooms. It has eye catching swimming pool in the middle of the hotel. Rooms are available as AC, non AC and with swimming pool view. This has a travel counter at the front desk where all the information about sightseeing places are available. The hotel provides all of the best facilities around Aurangabad. It might sound costly but is about medium range. They have good parking, complimentary newspaper, friendly front desk with 24 hour service. The hotel provides a good conditioned gym, medical facility, health club and spa so that one can feel at home. These facilities make for 24 hours and this one stay with improved health, get a good massage, improve your beauty and enjoy it.If you want a currency exchange, there is no need to go to the airport or some bank. The hotel also provides Currency exchange facility. The coffee in this hotel can be enjoyed as it has a separate cafe where you can sit for hours and take some time together.

Official Website: Hotel Atithi

Hotel Amarpreet

Hotel Amarpreet impress you at first sight. How do you feel when a car is waiting for you at the parking on airport? This comes true if you book Amarpreet. They can be booked both over the phone and online. They have a very good parking facility for your car with security that cares for you and your car. Greeted by the doorman you can go directly to the front desk which is a 24 hour service, where you get the key for the room booked and if its morning you are invited for a complimentary breakfast too. The lobby has newspaper arranged in a polite manner and a travel counter which provides the sightseeing regions, travel guide, instructions, and best mode of transport from the hotel. This information helps you to plan your visit according to the time you have. After collecting this information you can go to the room of your interest.

Official Website: Hotel Amarpreet

The President Park

The President Park hotel in Aurangabad is best suited for those who enjoy life. It is a beautifully built hotel with different kinds of rooms available for a comfortable stay. They have a good conference hall with arrangements like U-shaped table, chair and AC, and a party hall suitable to fit around 80 people at once. This helps those who want to make a party in the hotel or to hold a business conference within the hotel. The hotel impresses the businessmen and hence raises the reputation of the company. Apart from this is the eye catching restaurant. It is spacious, beautifully decorated with lights, lava lamps and light background music, a perfect place for newly married as it creates a romantic environment. They have swimming pools, neat and tidy bathrooms that give you the option for bathing too. They have laundry facilities for your clothes and dry cleaning if you want. They are loaded with health improving facilities like gym with best equipments, spa and health club for ladies.

Official Website: The President Park

Lemon Tree Hotel

Lemon tree hotels are one of the best hotels of Aurnagabad. With various types of rooms that are available according to the need and number of people going as tourists or for business purpose. This hotel has very spacious rooms and in affordable rates. It is situated in a place with good sightseeing . Being near the airport is an added advantage of this hotel as most of the tourists prefer three rooms to be near to the airport so that it is easy for them to travel. It also connects to other means of transport like bus and train. The hotel is maintained in good condition and gives good care of its customers with well equipped gym and a trainer for it. It also helps with massage and health center. To make it more interesting , it has many indoor games like snooker, table tennis and other games that might refresh you for all the wandering around. They have this facility for free with no extra charges on the bill. They have a big swimming pool with clean and maintained water. The place in and around the pool is also maintained very well. They have very attractive lobby and the reception with well trained staff and room keepers. All these things make it very peaceful stay in Aurangabad, which helps you go to all the sightseeing places and relax before departing to your place. The hotel gives time to check out but they will allow few minutes more and help you in packing.

Official Website: Lemon Tree Hotel

VITS Hotel

VITS is a hotel in Aurangabad and famous for its eye catching building. Everyone feel like going into the hotel and see it from inside as it is so attractive. The hotel has the facilities that are also attractive and all this that suits your need. With hundreds of rooms, choosing the one you need might be a bit hard in such a hotel but it provides you with all the information you need. It deals with everything that is in and around Aurangabad. They have internet access with wifi and you can use your laptop. They have quality rooms , well maintained and worth for money with laundry facility , swimming pool and well fitted bathroom and toilets. They have a good restaurant with multicusin that makes you eat the dish you like and taste new dishes too. This dishes share the taste of food all around the world. The management is very friendly and respect their guests.

Official Website: VITS Hotel

Hotel Rama International

Hotel Rama International has more than things you need. It has all those you expect in a hotel and even more. It has a beautiful building with hundreds of rooms and choice for rooms. Though the hotel is a medium range one, it is no less than a luxury hotel. Every room is imaginatively designed and furnished with the best thing to make it 100% luxurious and more attractive. The rooms are well planned and has beautiful hangings on wall, lights are of many kinds, designed fan and AC , king size bed with Dewan cot for extra comfort. They have a restaurant with affordable multicuisin dishes that served hot and are tastier too. They have room service even for food. They have safer areas for kids, gym for those who wants to do morning exercise with walkers and other equipments, health club to improve health, spas to make you feel relaxed and beauty parlor for women who wants to increase their external beauty

Official Website: Hotel Rama International


Last but not least comes the 5 star rated luxury Ambassador Ajanta of Aurangabad. This is the most beautiful hotel of all that is built in a large area with multiple facilities. There are about 8 to 10 varieties of room. They have multi cuisines from a list of countries like Continental, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, European, Chinese, Japanese, South Indian, Tandoos, and junk food all vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that you can have. This dish is worth tasting once in a lifetime. Apart from this is the facilities in the hotel. Shopping for gifts can be done within the hotel as it has gift shops in it. They have facilities like room service, laundry, swimming pool , centers for exercise like gym, health care things in a health club, spa to relax. For business they have multiple party halls, multiple conference rooms which one has to choose, with internet and wifi facility that makes it very famous.

Aurangabad Official Government Website

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Aurangabad Tourist Attractions 6 out of 10 9 user reviews. Everything does not attract every one in this world. It is individual specific. But there are places in India which suits the taste of every human being. These ..