Baratang Island

Baratang IslandBaratang Island
Baratang IslandBaratang Island
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Baratang Island is an island that is located in the Andaman Islands and they are spread across an area of just 238 square kilometers. It is one of the main constituents of the ‘Great Andaman’ group, which comprises of the ‘Middle Andaman’ and ‘South Andaman’ and the Baratang Island. The people who visit the Baratang Island are beach lovers and adventure seekers. There are a lot of opportunities for adventure sports in this area and the primary reason why it is one of the major tourist hotspots of all those who visit the Andaman Islands.

Best time to visit
Andaman Islands has a moderate climate throughout the year and hence tourists can visit the region mostly anytime during the year. However the ideal months to visit the region would be in the months of October to May. The temperatures range from 23 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year, hence making it one of the rare places in the world where one can visit anytime. The region sometimes has severe climatic conditions when it is ravaged by tropical storms, cyclones and tsunamis. Summers last from March to May and the only cause of concern in this time are the humidity levels, which can shoot up to 80%. However the region is still pleasant due to the presence of the sea breezes. The Monsoon season is in effect from May to August and it is also a good time to visit the region as new vegetation can be seen all around and the scenic beauty of the region is a sight to behold. However sometimes there can be heavy rains as well so please check the weather forecasts before embarking on a trip to the Baratang Island. The winter season lasts from December to February and temperatures are usually pleasant during this period too.

Tourist Attractions

Mangrove Creeks & Lime Stone Caves
This is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Baratang Island. The presence of limestone caves is a rarity in the world and Baratang Island is lucky to possess the lime stone caves. Tourists are required to obtain permission to visit the caves from the Forest Department. The journey to the caves takes one through the Mangrove Creeks and it is a novel sight. Tourists can hire small boats to ferry them across to the caves. Generally the cost of a one-way ride is around Rs. 100. The Limestone Caves are closed on Mondays so please keep that in mind while planning your holiday schedule. Since the limestone caves are a protected area so it’s a good idea to carry your own food and drink for the journey.

Mud Volcanoes
Baratang Island also boasts of Mud Volcanoes that which erupt once in a blue moon and squirt out mud, instead of lava. The area around the mud volcanoes has been cordoned off and it has become a major tourist attraction these days. The last time they erupted it was in the year 2005 and the scientists believe that their trigger point could have been the 2004 tsunami that had ravaged a huge chunk of the neighboring region. In all, there are only 700 mud volcanoes all over the world and the Baratang Islands is lucky enough to be home to quite a few of them. The natives of the region call the mud volcanoes as ‘jalki’. When the eruptions happen then the mud volcanoes emit out just gas and fountains of mud.
Parrot Island
This is one of the things to do, if one is visiting the Andaman Islands. A sunset over the sea itself is a sight to watch and at Parrot Island, thousands of parrots return to their nest in the Parrot Island at dusk. Thus this makes it truly a sight to behold. The breath-taking beauty of so many beautiful green and red parrots returning to their nests against the backdrop of the blue ocean and the gorgeous orange setting sun. One can certainly not miss out on this view, as you are sure not to see this beautiful and unique spectacle anywhere else in the world. Dusk itself is such a beautiful time and the background of the pristine blue ocean waters and the flaming orange sun add to the marvelous beauty of the Parrot Islands.
Jarawa Tribe Reserve
Jarawa Tribe is one of the most secluded tribes of the Andaman Islands. They have not been touched by civilization and live in their own primitive style in the Jarawa Tribe Reserve. In the earlier times, their population was good but over the years, with the boom in tourism and all, their numbers have dwindled. So the government has stepped in to protect them and in this endeavor they have set up the Jarawa Tribe Reserve. Tourists can obtain special permission and they can visit the Jarawa Tribe Reserve to meet the tribesmen and see how they live firsthand. Photography and/or making videos of the tribesmen may be prohibited so it is a good idea to obtain and secure all the necessary permissions before making a once in a lifetime experience of meeting the tribesmen.
 Adventure Tourism
Baratang Islands and the Andaman Islands in general have a lot to offer to all those tourists who have an appetite for adventure. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are two of the main and the most popular activities of all those tourists who want to meet the beautiful aquatic life up close and personal. Since all the tourists don’t know swimming beforehand so before snorkeling and scuba diving one needs to get acquainted with the special gear and take part in practice sessions, which are performed in a controlled environment. When the instructor is happy with your progress then only you would be allowed to scuba dive and/or snorkel. Going near the bed of the ocean and seeing all the beautiful fish and aquatic flora and fauna is a bewitching experience, which is simply unforgettable.
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Hotels and Resorts in Baratang Islands
Dew Dale Resorts
This beautiful resort is situated in the Sundergarh Village, Baratang Islands. It has been conceptualized and then developed with the aim of giving a boost to the ecotourism. The resort has 16 well appointed rooms. It also has a multi cuisine restaurant to cater all the taste buds of its guests. The reception personnel are very helpful and the resort has its own travel desk, which create customized tours for the guests to the major sights in and around the island.
Official website: Dew Dale Resorts

Sinclair Hotel and Resort
This hotel and resort is a luxurious property that was founded by Lieutenant Archibald Blair. It is now also used a base for the Indian Navy. This is the place to stay if one wants to engage in snorkeling and scuba diving, as the location of the resort is perfect for all such activities. One can also see an amazing variety of corals in this area. This resort offers breath-taking views of the Island also with also providing stress-relieving activities. A lot of pre-made packages are also available for the discerning traveler.
Official website:Sinclair Hotel and Resort

Sea Shell Hotel
Sea Shell Hotel is a luxury hotel that is situated in Port Blair, which is near Baratang Islands. Any tourist who is staying at the Sea Shell Hotel can also enjoy the breath-taking and natural beauty of the Havelock Islands from this location. This is the perfect spot for all those who want to mix business with pleasure as this hotel is centrally located in the heart of the city and boasts of conference facilities as well.
Official website:Sea Shell Hotel

Fortune Resort
This resort is primarily made out of ‘padouk’ wood and it is situated on one of the very last outposts of virgin rainforest Islands. The clear and pristine waters of the Bay of Bengal are visible from the resort and the tourists can relax in the beautiful surroundings of the resort and do sightseeing also simultaneously. Charles Correa has designed the resort and it is home to all the tourists who want a relaxed and tension-free vacation.
Official website:Fortune Resort
Peerless Sarovar Hotels and Resorts.
This hotel is located in Port Blair, which is situated at some distance from the Baratang Island. Tourists generally make a day trip to the Baratang Island and come back to stay Port Blair hotels as the staying options in Baratang Island are very limited. Peerless Sarovar Hotel and Resort is the only beach resort in the city and it is a huge property. There are numerous rooms as well as cottages and all of them have amazing views of the Andaman Islands.
Official website:Peerless Sarovar Hotels and Resorts
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Baratang Island 6.6 out of 10 10 user reviews. Baratang Island is an island that is located in the Andaman Islands and they are spread across an area of just 238 square kilometers. It is one of the main cons..