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Daman is a small region between the State of Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Arabian Sea in India. Daman has a rich and varied historical heritage. It is blessed with awesome best natural resources and also possesses an amazing beauty. This continent, solitude and paradise has about 12.5 km coastline along the Arabian Sea. The attraction spot in Daman includes majestic fort, historic churches, beaches, coconut groves, Casuarinas windbreaks, tranquil seashores, heavenly beaches, easy availability of liquor. It is also a place for people who want to spend their vacation to a nice and quiet place away from their homes and noisy cities.
Best Time to Visit Daman
There are three main seasons in Daman calendar cycle which are summer, monsoon and winter. Summers which is the first season is between March and May with temperatures ranging from 26 to 39 degrees Celsius. This season is preferable for those people who would want to go site seeing to view wonderful and amazing features and historic events without hinderance caused by weather. During the day temperatures may rise and become very hot but the nights are normally pleasant and cool because of the Arabian Sea that blows cool sea breeze during the nights. The next season is monsoon, which is between from June to October. For most people this season is ideal for experiencing the idyllic bliss of the city. There is heavy rainfall which lends a resplendent look to the entire landscape, making Daman look more striking than ever. The last season of the year which is winter lasts from November to February; it is suitable in and pleasant perfect for a day out on the sandy beaches.
However, if you want to experience the exotic locales and make the most of your stay, then it is advisable to that you plan your trip anytime between the month of October and May when the temperature is fairly pleasant. Apart from the blissful weather conditions, you get to participate in the festivals celebrated during the season which helps you to experience the cultural side of the region. The famous Nariyal Poornima solemnized during September-October welcomes the commencement of fishing season and is one of the important celebrations of the city.

Tourist Attractions in Daman

Moti Daman:
Moti Daman was once occupied by the Portuguese colonial rulers and is found to be the oldest places in Daman. The walls of this fort are quite large and are surrounded by a moat. The fort has been built in the shape of a polygon with over 500 ft high projections. A new Hilsa Aquarium has been constructed within this Moti Daman Fort, which is popular for the submarine boat ride and exotic fish. There is also a Governor's Palace within the fort that has a carved stairway and ornate chandeliers.

Jampore Beach:
Jampore Beach is a famous picnic spot and situated near the Gujarat border near the southern part of the city of Daman. The beach is after for swimming and is secluded. The beach is approximately 6 km from Daman. It also connects all major cities and towns through airways and railways and national roadways. The ideal time for visiting this beach is from September through May, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Collector Office:
This is spectacular Old Portuguese building which was once under the regime of the Portuguese rulers. It is an attractive structure to visit and see the unique Gothic architectural style associated with the Portuguese architectural design. At present, the structure harbors the Office of the Collector and the District Magistrate of Daman inside this building

Mirasol Water Park:
This is an amusement park situated seven kilometers from the famous Nani Damn close to the Taxi Stand. It is well recognized by visitors for the amazing rides and boat rides.

Nani Daman:
Nani Daman is a popular tourist attraction, which is situated close to the Gandhi Park and the Nani Daman Jetty. This region comprises a Nani Daman Fort, several churches built in the Gothic style and a lighthouse. There is a gateway at this fort which faces the river, which is also overlooked by a statue of St. Jerome. There is a fish market below the fort nearby which, neatly anchored fishing boats can be seen. This fort has over 3 bastions and 2 gateways that lead to the nearby Church of Our Lady of the Sea and the Lady of Remedios Church.  An old cemetery is located just next to these churches. A lighthouse is situated in Nani Daman, which provides a beautiful view of sunset. Tourists can also visit the old Jain Temple located within Nani Daman, which features 18th century glass murals and paintings.

Hotels in Daman
Hotel Sovereign:
Hotel Sovereign features a restaurant. Room service is available. Additional property amenities include laundry facilities, Guestrooms. All guestrooms at Hotel Sovereign feature air conditioning.
Official Website:Hotel Sovereign

Hotel Gurukripa:
Hotel Gurukripa features a restaurant. Room service is available. Additional property amenities include laundry facilities and Guestrooms. All guestrooms at Hotel Gurukripa feature air conditioning.
Official Website: Hotel Gurukripa
Hotel Brighton:
Hotel Brighton is Sea Facing, situated on M. Marg, the exotic locations that are blessed with sun, sand & sea. Due to their Locational advantages, they offer excellent potential for tourist attraction.
Cidade de Daman Devka Beach Resort:
The Cidade de Daman Devka Beach Resort is set within a quick walk to the town centre and features a fitness centre and a swimming pool. The Cidade de Daman Devka Beach Resort provides free parking. The resort is situated less than 10 minutes' drive from Daman Airport (NMB). If health and wellness is a concern while travelling, you'll be happy to know there's a fitness facility on-site.

Hotel Ocean Inn:
Hotel Ocean Inn is an amiable hotel, located strategically in Devka Beach touching to Arabian Sea. It is well situated in proximity to both, Railway and Bus station Main gate easier to be discovered.
Official Website:Hotel Ocean Inn
Some other good hotels in Daman for your reference
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  • Muktha Verma's picture
    Weekend trip to Daman Oct 21, 2013 by Muktha Verma
    This weekend I went to Daman with my friends. Daman is nice place .It has a historical background. It has many beaches. Devaka beach is a rocky beach. More
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  • Kyle MSigler's picture
    Daman is the Safe place with family Sep 26, 2013 by Kyle MSigler
    I stayed in Daman three days. I think it is enough to visit the places in Daman. I like very much because here crowd is less so we can enjoy. I felt several similarities between Goa with Damn. They have similar history, the sand sunny are same. But this place good there is some other... More
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  • Kimberlee Dale's picture
    Nice trip to Daman Aug 01, 2013 by Kimberlee Dale
    For enjoying the weekends, Daman is the right place that I felt. Daman has a tolerable extend of vacation spot, not exceptionally gathered, and yet riddled with rocks which can pick your feet. There are steed rides accessible, but only... More
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  • Inadvertently, I come to know about this place while I was searching on internet to pick up a place to spend leisure time, soon after my exam completed. What I most like this place is the attitude of the people over there, because they know how to behave before a tourist who doesn’t... More
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  • nikhil vasudav's picture
    Daman provides various sea food items Jun 14, 2013 by nikhil vasudav
    Why I did chose this place as my holiday vacation with my family, I am always have a desire to experience the finger liking taste of an exquisite variety of sea food that is available only on the sea seashore of Daman because I tasted once from here. We can have sea foods in fare prize that... More
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  • Sudheshkumar's picture
    Daman is a best option to spend holidays Jun 14, 2013 by Sudheshkumar
    I could say that Daman is a fine and fair option for the people those who want to enjoy their holiday with beaches, majestic forts and abundant greenery after a long period of hectic work and life. I didn’t have any idea about this place until I got information from a tourist. I wouldn’t expect... More
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  • Soman's picture
    Places to visit in Daman tour Jun 13, 2013 by Soman
    This was an added attraction for my Mumbai trip. I have never been heard much of the spot Daman. It was so beautiful spot for my tour, so rich with beautiful Devka beach, St. Paul Church, Moti Daman, Nani Daman, sunset point, Diu Fort, Nagoa beach, etc. I have been experienced lots of wonderful... More
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  • It was my visit to Daman with my friends in last November. It’s a very nice place with great atmosphere. One can visit this place to get relief from the stressed atmosphere. It was amazing to see the natural beauty of the surrounding there. Many places of attractions are there in Daman. I... More
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  • Richard Fenner's picture
    NICE ATMOSPHERE OF JAMPORE BEACH AT DAMAN Jun 05, 2013 by Richard Fenner
    I had visited the Jampore beach of Daman before two months with my friends. It was a nice experience for us. I think it’s the only one neat beach in Daman. The reason that adds tourists to the spot I felt is the accessibility of huge sea seashore throughout low tide. The water recedes to a... More
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Daman 7.3 out of 10 9 user reviews.   Daman is a small region between the State of Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Arabian Sea in India. Daman has a rich and varied historical heritage. It is bl..