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Kuttanad TourKuttanad Tour
Kuttanad TourKuttanad Tour
Kuttanad TourKuttanad Tour
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Kuttanad is a picturesque tourist attraction located in the state of Kerala, India. Kuttanad is a big region that belongs to the districts of Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam. It is a place renowned for its natural beauty and nature lovers throng here in high volumes. The beautiful region is home to a number of water-bodies such as rivers, canals, lakes and even lagoons. Generally places have a single river passing through them but Kuttanad is fortunate enough to have four rivers namely Pampa, Meenachil, Achankovil and Manimala passing through its land. Nature lovers and bird lovers flock to this place in huge numbers as this place has a number of breath-taking visuals and is home to a number of birds as well.

Best time to visit Kuttanad
The best time to visit Kuttanad is between October and March. During this period the winters set in and the temperatures are ambient and tourists find it the best time to visit this place. Kuttanad is home to so many water bodies and is also near to the sea so its basic climate is characterized by humidity almost through out the year. The weather is warm and clammy for most of the months and especially during the summer and the monsoon period. During summers, Kuttanad experiences a high level of humidity and hence people avoid visiting it, during that time. Summers last from March to May and temperatures range from 32 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius. Apart from being humid, it is very hot as well. The summer season is the worst time to visit this region. After the summers, we have the monsoon season which lasts from June to November. Due to the incessant rains, the humidity levels are still high during this period. Even though in the monsoons, the natural beauty of the region is breath taking yet it is not a good time to visit due to the humidity and due to the rains. Tourists’ movement around the region can be drastically affected due to the rains. Towards the end of the rainy season, the humidity levels cease to rise and dip i.e. in the month of October. Winters set in from November to March and this is the perfect time to visit this place, which is known as the “Rice Bowl of Kerala.” The months of December and January experience relatively cooler temperatures, which range from 21 degrees Celsius up to 32 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, this is the best time to visit this picturesque region, which is full of breath-taking natural beauty. The weather is also good during the winters and the tourists can explore the region in the best possible way.

Tourist attractions in Kuttanad

Vembanad Lake
It is one of the largest lakes in the state of Kerala and it is so huge that it spans numerous districts in the state. This lake has a number of different names too. It is known as Kochi Lake in Kochi and it is also sometimes known as Vembanad or Punnamada Lake in Kuttanad. The lake spans a length of almost 500 km and it is home to the Nehru Boat Race. It is a sight to behold to see so many snake boats or Kettuvallams on this beautiful lake, jostling for space. Travelers flock to see the Nehru Boat Race in huge numbers. Tensions run high when the race is on to see which boat/team will make it to the top and take home the honors. Vembanad Lake is a major tourist attraction and it is often the first place that tourists go to when embarking on their sightseeing tour.
Kuttanad Backwaters
The Kuttanad backwaters are very famous and they have their own fan following! Tourists love to take a backwater cruise on a boat and experience the natural beauty of the region firsthand. This region is one of the few places in the world where farming is done below sea level so it is a must-watch too, for many tourists. Kuttanad is known as the “Rice Bowl of Kerala” and the green paddy fields can be seen by the tourists when they take a cruise along the Kuttanad Backwaters. The other sights and sounds of the region – the humongous bird-life and the daily humdrum of the native people can also be seen while cruising along the backwaters. The beautiful backwaters are home to a number of villages and the cruise provides a unique insight into the rural life of the Keralites. Coconut Palm trees are also a common sight through out the region and especially along the coastline of the backwaters.

Temple Festivals
Kuttanad is a wide region that is spread over the districts of Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam. And in Alapuzha, temple-festivals are a delight to participate and experience. Tourists ought to note the schedule of the temple festivals before booking their tickets to this wonderful place. Alapuzha is a one of the few places in Kerala, which allow even non-Hindus inside their temples. Generally Kerala temples have very strict rules about who is allowed to enter their temples and who are not allowed and all such rules are followed to the T. In some temples in Kerala, the rules are so strict that women of menstruating age, despite being Hindus are not allowed inside the pious temple premises as they feel that such women are impure. So, Alapuzha temples are a delight to visit and they welcome everybody with open arms. During the temple festival the idol of Lord Krishna is carried on a long road journey by five elephants and the devotees walk besides the elephants and sing and dance to musical hymns. This temple is also very famous for its “prasad – rose payasam.” It is a sweet milk dish that is pink in color and is offered to all the devotees who come to the temple to pray.

Kuttanad is home to a number of beaches as well. It is a place well renowned for its beautiful pristine beaches. Marari-beach, located in Mararikulam is one of the most popular ones. Tourists love to go to this beach and just chill out and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. There are a number of shacks on the beach and they welcome the tourists and also provide a number of refreshments to them. One can just lie on a towel on the beach, sunbathe and drink a nice cocktail or one can indulge in water-sports and have a good time in the water. A visit to a beach is always good for the soul and especially if there are pretty sights all around. It is a hot spot for all the locales and the tourists in the evening time and there is quite a crowd till the night. Another popular beach is the ‘Main Beach’, which is located on the Western side of the town.

Houseboats are a must thing-to-do while visiting Kuttanad. A houseboat is basically a boat that has been converted into living quarters and they stay afloat on the various water-bodies that Kuttanad is famous for. It is a delight and a very different experience to stay in a luxurious houseboat, which is lodged in a water-body. The boats can also take the guests for a nice cruise along the coastline and the tourists can take in the natural beauty of the region while lounging around in their room on a houseboat.
Other Attractions:

•    Ramankarry
•    Kaipuzha
•    Edathua
•    Mampuzhakkary
•    Neelamperoor

Hotels and Resorts in Kuttanad
Triveny River Palace
It is a beautiful resort that is located near the Pampa River. It is a tastefully designed and decorated resort with ample use of wood and other materials. The resort offers modern amenities like free high speed Internet, room service, swimming pool etc. The river flows close by and it is quite a sight to behold.
Official Website: Triveny River Palace

Granary Riverside Inn
The Granary Riverside Inn is also located on the banks of the river Pampa and is a beautiful place to stay and just unwind. The inn offers all the modern amenities despite the whole resort having an old-world charm to it. It also offers corporate bookings for business meetings and conferences.
Official Website: Granary Riverside Inn
Punnamada Resort
This beautiful and happening resort is located on the Vembanad Lake. It is a resort that is well known for its warmth and hospitality. The scenic location of the resort is breath-taking and the best fact is that the resort is well equipped with all the modern facilities that we are so used to, these days.
Official Website:Punnamada Resort

Tharavad Heritage Resort
This resort has a distinct old-world charm to it and is a must on your list if you are looking for an authentic stay in an old heritage villa. Despite being a heritage property, it has been conserved and maintained well over the years and the service of the place speaks for itself.
Official Website:Tharavad Heritage Resort

Emerald Isle
This is a resort with a difference, as this place is actually a home stay, though a luxurious one in a farm! If one wants to experience the warmth and the hospitality of the Keralites then this is the place to stay. The difference in cultures and the luxurious architecture of the place will enliven your senses.
Official Website:Emerald Isle
Other Hotels:

•    Hotel Royale Park
•    Tamarind KTDC Easy Hotel
•    KTC Guest House
•    Kayaloram Heritage Lake Resort
•    Wayside Inn

  • jeejo's picture
    Kuttanad is superb Dec 04, 2013 by jeejo
    Kuttanad is a wonderful experience for me. The culture over there is amazing. They perfume some typical arts to make the guest enjoy their culture. We visited many places which are temple, Vemband lake, resorts and so on. I enjoyed the resorts over there. The resorts are well established,... More
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  • Sunisha's picture
    Houseboating in the lake Dec 04, 2013 by Sunisha
    It is marvellous to ride in the houseboat, it was our first experience in the houseboat. I was so excited when the boat starts. The boat moves through the Vembanad Lake at a normal speed which is good to enjoy the side seeing. The mild wind gives a cool feeling to our mind and body. I found very... More
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  • Vrintha's picture
    Kuttanad is amazing Dec 04, 2013 by Vrintha
    I had a wonderful trip to Kuttanad. I enjoyed the place as well as the people over there. The Kerala is really a God own Country. I enjoyed the hospitality of people over there. I enjoyed the food made by Kerla People. The Kappa and Curry and duck curry is so good, it is really tasty. The cool... More
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  • Tapesh Ambar 's picture
    Absolutely Beautiful Vembanad Lake Sep 21, 2013 by Tapesh Ambar
    The journey in house boat is an unforgettable experience!  It was very good memorable voyage with my family and kids. They made very fine tasty food and we purchased big prawns. They explained everything and we are planning to go again with other family group in the month of December.... More
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  • Edward Thom's picture
    Relaxing experience at Kuttanad Sep 05, 2013 by Edward Thom
    It is very good and worth visiting. I really like Kuttanad backwater, as I too like by enjoying the boating through backwaters, it was excellent. In my opinion, the backwaters of Kuttanad are best enjoyed on a houseboat. The scenic beauty will cool up your mind and the breeze will cool... More
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    Enjoyable visit to Kuttanad in Kerala Jul 05, 2013 by mathew jeckup
    It was a surprise visit to Kuttanad with my friend in the way to Cochin. We went to kuttanad just to see our old classmate Justin and kuttanad is his hometown... It was my first time visit to Alappuzha and we can see a breath taking beautiful places in Kuttanad. It was really an amazing place... More
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    Vembanad Lake: Great Experience Jun 28, 2013 by rasheed
    A trip to Vembanad Lake and the backwaters of Kumarakom on a houseboat is really an experience that a traveler to Kerala shouldn't miss. In the evening, you have adequate scope for taking unbelievable photos. Because of the play of colors in the sky at sun set. I might recommend booking an... More
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  • Ernest S. West's picture
    Excellent Location at Kuttanad Jun 06, 2013 by Ernest S. West
    I have been to Kuttanad 2 times with my friends. I like more, the backwaters of Kuttanad. It is enjoyed on a houseboat.  Sitting on a houseboat and see the paddy fields, it’s amazing view.  I like very much. And the cruises on the house boat, it’s give a delicious, tasty... More
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Kuttanad Tour 7.2 out of 10 10 user reviews. Kuttanad is a picturesque tourist attraction located in the state of Kerala, India. Kuttanad is a big region that belongs to the districts of Alapuzha, Pathanam..