Loutolim Tourist Attractions

LoutolimLoutolim Tourist Attractions
LoutolimLoutolim Tourist Attractions
LoutolimLoutolim Tourist Attractions
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Goa, the very name is synonymous with fun and frolic. You will be able to see long stretches of beautiful sunny beaches and majestic churches, some of which are hundreds of years old. Owing to its proximity to the Western Ghats, Goa has been described as ‘The Golden Goa’ or ‘Rome of the East’ by Portuguese conquerors. In fact a traveller even remarked that a person who has visited Goa need not visit Lisbon, and Lisbon was one of the biggest Portuguese cities of the time. Not only is Goa a tourist destination for foreigners, but it is also frequented by domestic Indian tourists as well. Loutolim is a small town that is located in the Salcette Taluk of South Goa. The word Loutolim arising from Lovótollem, is coined from a combination of the words Tollem (pond in Konkani) and a grass, Lovó, found growing in plenty around the pond. Legend has it that Goud Saraswat Brahmins founded the settlement of Loutolim when they came to Goa from Northern India. There are several places of tourist interests in and around Loutolim. Some of them are Casa Araujo Alvares, Bigfoot Cross Museum, Ancestral Goa theme park and Miranda Mansion. The Ancestral Goa is a theme park that is built in a nice style. The largest known laterite sculpture can be seen here. Miranda Mansion which is a mansion that is owned by affluent families like the Mirandas is available for public viewing. Casa Alvares is also a popular attraction which was the home of erstwhile rich Portuguese colonial families. These wonderful houses are remnants of a bygone era and add to the tourism experience in Goa.
How to reach Loutolim:
By Air:  Loutolim does not have an airport. There is an airport in Dabolim which is an international airport. This airport is well connected to all other airports in India and to several important cities in the world. You could take the cabs or buses that ply from Dabolim to Loutolim. The distance is 22.2 km and it will take you 28 mins.
By Rail: The most important railway station in Goa is in Madgaon Junction. Since this is a main junction on the Konkan railway, all trains stop here.  You could take a taxi or buses that ply from Madgaon to reach Loutolim. The distance is just 9.3 km and will take you only 16 mins
By Road: Loutolim is well connected by road to all parts of the state and country. There are national highways that pass through the state. There are frequent buses services and taxis are aplenty.
Best time to visit Loutolim:
The best time to visit Loutolim is between late October and early April. This is when Goa is at its most pleasant.
Tourist attractions in Loutolim:
There are many places of tourist interest in and around Loutolim. Some of them are Casa Araujo Alvares, Bigfoot Cross Museum, Ancestral Goa theme park and Miranda Mansion.
Casa Araujo Alvares: The Casa Araujo Alvares is a majestic mansion that today wears her antiquity proudly. The place speaks stories of the generations of people who have lived here. It is a classy destination and is today a museum that displays artifacts from a bygone era. A visit to this museum will give the visitor a glimpse into the life of people of the past and how they lived here. It is truly a visit to the past.
Bigfoot Cross Museum: The Bigfoot Cross Museum that is located in Loutolim is a rather unique destination. This museum displays more than a thousand crosses from various parts of the world. 1062 crosses from various parts of the world of different kinds are classified into 80 categories and housed in individual cases made of glass. A book that elaborates the evolution of the symbol of the cross is also kept for sale here. A visit to this museum will give you an idea of the evolution of the Cross which today is the symbol of Christianity.
Ancestral Goa theme park: the Ancestral Goa theme park is a first of its kind theme park in India. It is spread over nine acres of land and has showcases Goa and its culture. Ancestral Goa is a sojourn that will take you back in time. It has the honor of housing the largest laterite sculpture of Mirabai, the devotional poet and saint and also, the Big Foot Cross Museum that has on display thousands of crosses from all over the world. Ancestral Goa enlightens you about the fact that there is much more to Goa than just parties and beaches, Goa is a land of many mysteries and a multitude of color.
Miranda Mansion: This is yet another amazing property in Loutolim Goa. The magnificence of Goan interiors can be seen in the exemplary finishes and the choicest collection of furniture, furnishings and furniture. The interiors are dazzling with Bavarian chandeliers that hang from the ceilings and Chinese porcelain that adorn the English furniture in Goan houses; a testimony that Goa's trade embraced several continents and a ancient placard of modern day globalisation
Hotels and accommodation in and around Loutolim:
There are several hotels and resorts in and around Loutolim that are suitable for travelers of all budgetary requirements and preferences. They are Rahi Coral Beach Resort, Nanu Beach Resort,
Villa Verde, Pearls Oceanique Resort, Casa Susegad and Verna Hotels.
Rahi Coral Beach Resort: The Rahi Coral Beach Resort is a nice place to stay with peaceful surroundings. Fully furnished and spacious rooms are offered to the guests with all modern amenities. The food served in the Rahi Coral Beach Resort is very good and the staff are very courteous.
Nanu Beach Resort: this is a 3 star property that is located in Betalbatim. The hotel offers facilities like open air multi cuisine restaurant, two conference room and swimming pool and a health spa. The rooms are well appointed with all  modern amenities. The food served in this hotel is also very good.
Pearls Oceanique Resort: this is a 4 star property for the traveler who needs some luxury. The resort is spread over a wonderfully landscaped garden and offers well appointed rooms. The food served is also par excellence. The staff is well trained and will go out of their way to make your stay comfortable.
Royal Palms: The Royal Palms has been designed in a colonial style with attractive facades and balconies. There are landscaped gardens which feature the palm trees that give the resort its name, this resort is situated very close to Benaulim beach. The rooms are well appointed and the food is excellent.
The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino: This is a five star property and is situated right on the Varca Beach itself. The resort offers a fantastic view of the Arabian Sea. The rooms are well appointed and the food that is served is very good as well. the staff are also very courteous and will make your stay very comfortable.
Rococco Ashvem: The Rococco Ashvem is owned and operated by an expatriate Englishman. It is a boutique resort that combined western standards with eastern hospitality. The property is located right on the beach and offers the best accommodation in Goa. The rooms are well appointed and the food is also of very high standards.

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    Goa is good in hospitality Dec 15, 2013 by Dharshini
    The resorts in Goa are superb for their warming hospitality. They really do a good job. The resorts got natural atmosphere. The greenery is soothing that makes us feel so cool. Even during time we can enjoy the dazzling stars around the sky. I had a wonderful experience staying in Goa. It is a... More
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    Goa Loutolim trip Dec 14, 2013 by Wilsent
    Goa is a very good place for tourist and an enjoyable destination. The place is equally good for sightseeing as well as shopping. There are excellent restaurants were we can have variety of food according to our taste. I enjoyed tasting new taste of there specialty. I had seen a huge number of... More
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    Lovely Loutolim Dec 14, 2013 by Binu Kumar
    Loutolim is a small beautiful town in the Salcette Taluk of South Goa. There is a lot of places to visit in this tourist destination. The very famous places are the Casa Araujo ALARES, Bigfoot Cross Museu, Ancestral Goa theme park and the Miranda mansion. The Ancestral Park is something that I... More
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  • I had visited Loutolim five months back with my friends. It was so amazing place with colorful atmosphere. The town of Loutolim is located round 10 Kilometers away from Margao. We first reached Margao and then we made our journey to Loutolim. It was really great to see the surrounding beauty... More
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Loutolim Tourist Attractions 8.2 out of 10 4 user reviews.   Goa, the very name is synonymous with fun and frolic. You will be able to see long stretches of beautiful sunny beaches and majestic churches, some of wh..