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There is a lot to be said about the history of Allahabad city starting with it being a major city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh of India it is considered to be the holiest city in Hinduism and it is also considered to be the second largest city in India..Akbar who was the Mughal renamed it as Allahabad from the then not so used name Prayaga.It is located about 205 kms south of the state capital called Lucknow, it is the administrative headquarters of the Allahabad District. Allahabad was ranked as the 130th world’s fastest growing city in the year 2011.the native name of this city was Prayaga which means a place of sacrifice; it was given this name as it was believed to be the spot where Brahma offered his first sacrifice after creating the world. It is one of the four main sites of mass Hindu pilgrimage referred to as Kumbh Mela, with the other three being haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik.Its location that is at the Triveni Sangam has a great significance in the Hindu scriptures since it is situated at the confluence of holy rivers the great Genges, the famous Yamuna and the ancient Sarasvti river. The Allahabad tourism is quite considerable with Allahabad weather being one of the extreme types with annual range of temperature differing by around 12°C .The temperatures here vary from a maximum of 45.6°C to a minimum of 1.1°C.The weather of Allahabad is finest during the months of January and February, the annual rainfall is around 1935mm with the maximum waterfall being 914.7mm occurring in August and the lowest being as low as 68.3mm which happens in December. Allahabad travel and Allahabad tour is quite interesting as there are so many interesting spots that one can visit for both historical and religious importance Allahabad city tour is also intriguing as it is a serene place with many Ashrums and temples and the spiritually inclined can look for peace of mind at the shores of the Sangam, Hanuman Mandir and Patalipuri.There are several major tourists spot and festivals in Allahabad they include;

Kumbh Mela at Allahabad

Kumbh is the best time to get a glimpse of the Hindu rituals and culture; it is organized in every twelve years and so far the Kumbh that took place in the year 2001 was the largest human gathering ever marked in the whole world’s history. The Vedas contain the Laurels on the divine period of Kumbh making it the biggest Hindu festival. The Kumbh area is made up of temporary tents built on the flood plains for Ganga and Yamuna which are sprawled. During this festival it is only good to book hotels or tents in advance at least six months earlier since there are very high numbers of people turning up for the great festival .It is also good to be on the lookout during this festival since unfortunate stampedes occur. The 2001 Allahabad pilgrimage comprised of around 80-90 million heads. The next remarkable Kumbh will take place in January 2013 and the anticipated estimates of Allahabad pilgrimage is about 100 million

Allahabad Ganga Sangam

Allahabad Ganga Sangam is a must for the spiritually inclined individuals since they are dipped here.Sangam is a Sanskrit word for confluence which is a holy site for the Hindus. The reason why it is called Triveni Sangeam is because three rivers meet up here namely the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati which is believed to be flowing underground. At the time of chirning of sea by Gods and the demons few drops of holy nectar that makes the mortal immortal fell at four different parts of the subcontinent during the fight between the gods and demons over it. Billions of pilgrims, tourists and even holy men visit Prayag at the time of month long Kumbha for taking the holy dip and performance of religious rituals and ceremonies. Allahabad famous places to visit including tourist places near Allahabad and Allahabad tourist attractions are many like the Jhusi where people who want peace of mind and soul go, Kaushambi which is traditionally associated with the Mahabharata, Bhita which is an archeological site and many others like Tons river Aquedact, Upardaha lake, Lalita Devi Temple Bade Hanumanji Mandir and Muir college among many others.

The climate in Allahabad one of the extreme types with annual range of temperature differing by around 12°C .The temperatures here vary from a maximum of 45.6°C to a minimum of 1.1°C.The weather of Allahabad is finest during the months of January and February, the annual rainfall is around 1935mm with the maximum waterfall being 914.7mm occurring in August and the lowest being as low as 68.3mm which happens in December. Allahabad has the humid subtropical climate common to many cities in the plains of North India. It experiences three seasons the mild dry winter which lasts from December to February, severly hot dry summer and very hot humid monsoon. Temperatures here rarely drop to freezing point and it does not snow in Allahabad. The best time to visit Allahabad is between December and March when the mellow sun tots up as a pure delight for senses. It is so fascinating to wake up to find the sun and mist trying to play hide and seek, at midday it is the perfect time for jaunt as the city settles to pleasant low temperatures. Another perfect time to visit though it is not climate friendly is during winter in order to witness the famous Kumbh Mela festival, which takes place every year from the month of January and lasts until mid February.Kumbh Mela is the happiest festival in the region and it is during this time that there is the eye catching sight of an army of saints clothed in saffron robes waving religious flags and matching towards the ganges.

Allahabad is located 135kms West of Varanasi and there is enough information on how to reach Allahabad. Since Allahabad is situated on the trunk train route from Delhi to Kolkata and from Mumbai to Kolkata it is well connected by rails. The city has four main railway stations that is; Daragang which is near the confluence of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna, Prayag which is near the University, Rambagh which is at the city centre and Allahabad Junction which is the main station. In addition there is a temporary railway station that travel agency in Allahabad  opens during important religious  festival functions in order to be able to control traffic congestion  as the pilgrim attend the functions, the station is usually called Prayag Ghat in order for one to be able to distinguish it from  Prayag. One could also use plane Allahabad Airport which is a military base with one room passenger terminal and one commercial flight per day and run by air India can get you there. The plane departs Delhi and arrives in Allahabad after a brief stop in Kanpur then it returns to Delhi but one has to wait for their any checked luggage after arrival. But it is better to fly to Varanasi or Lucknow as the airports her are serviced better. To go to Allahabad by bus is also easy as several buses operate from nearby cities and towns. One could also use a Taxi which one can book easily online and get great deals on taxis which are quite easy since the Allahabad city guide   provides various taxi websites include Savaari.com.getmecab.com and also clear carrental.com.

Best Hotels in Allahabad

Grand Continental Hotel

Grand Continental Hotel is one the best hotels in Allahabad it was awarded with the best Hotel award by UP Hotel and Restaurants Association on the occasion of golden jubilee celebration of UPHRA during the year 2005 Luck now Mahotsav.Located in Allahabad town this three –star hotel has been approved by the Indian government department of tourism with its comfortable and well fitted 41 rooms on two different floors Grand Continental Hotel provides a serene ambiance for total relaxation. With its combination of three-star elegance and well trained and hospitable staff the hotel comfortably  provides conference and banqueting facilities that are capable of business events, family and social gatherings including open air spaces that could be used for outdoor parties therefore the hotel is suitable for both individuals,families,couples on retreat and even executives on business trips. The facilities offered here range from accommodation with rooms having color TV and satellite transmission and Wi-Fi internet connection. There is also a multi-cuisine restaurant, 24hr coffee shop, safe deposit lockers, laundry services, and banquet and convention facilities, fitness centre, parking facility that can fit up to 300 vehicles, Led projectors, air conditioning,elevators,travel desk and doctor on call services,Amex mastercard and Visa are viable.

Official Website: Grand Continental Hotel

Hotel Milan Palace

Allahabad is referred to as the city of hospitality and one of its reasons for acquiring this name is the Milan Palace hotel. This is the first and foremost of all the 4 star hotels in Allahabad, it is located in the prime of Allahabad M.G Marg and it is quite a distinctive landmark that attracts anyone that comes to visit the Allahabad town. It is the grandest hotel here with 40 centrally well conditioned rooms which are categorized into Deluxe,Executive,Executive Deluxe and Presidential Suite .There are classy  facilities here that make you feel home away from home from the broadband internet access from all rooms ,corporate conferences that offers the greatest banquet in the whole of Allahabad, very well stocked bar/pub,24hrs coffee shop, same day laundry ,24hours room service, doctor who is always on call, a travel desk, currency exchange, shopping  mall where you could go for shopping. There are three executive banquets at Hotel Milan which have a capacity from 10 x 1000 Pax.Hotel Milan knows how to cater for any of your needs with utmost professionalism may it be a corporate affair, a marriage event, a social gathering or even a private dinner you can be sure of being in the greatest ambiance and having the very best service. The banquets are mainly Nupital, Rendezvous and round table.

Official Website: Hotel Milan Palace

Hotel Ajay International

Hotel Ajay International is one of the most economic , cheap hotel in Allahabad that is conveniently located .Fully approved by the government’s ministry of tourism it is located in the locality of Dares number one which is just 200 meters from Agra Fort railway Station City side exit. The good thing about this hotel is that their motto is to provide affordable, economic, basic and comfortable aesthetically pleasing accommodation to any common man with personalized services and to have an enriched personal experience. They provide homemade hygienically safe, typical North Indian spicy and non-spicy veg cuisine that can be customized as per ones and personal budget. For travelers who arrive late at night by trains or those who travel very early by trains from Agra Fort railway station can stay at the hotel comfortably since it is very near. Trains to different parts of Allahabad and the entire India region ply nearby this hotel.sAnother great thing is that one could take pick up service from the hotel on very nominal charges to save time and avoid any inconveniences caused by touts. they provide spacious, clean and well furnished rooms categorized into Single bed room, Single bedroom AC, Double bedroom, Double bedroom AC and Family Room STD.The facilities in this hotel include AC and Non Ac rooms, running hot/cold water, cable T.v, laundry service, doctor on call, air/railway reservation, generator for power back up, internet access, room service and also online booking.

Official Website: Hotel Ajay International

Hotel Prayag Inn

Hotel Prayag Inn is one of the good hotels in Allahabad, established in 2010 and located on Noorulla Road right opposite the petrol pump near Khuldabad Thana in Uttar Pradesh. This is where you can experience unique expressions of traditional Indian culture and hospitality and while you are here you will be offered a full range of amenities and services found in best hotels in Allahabad city .Hotel Prayag Inn offers comfort and convenience since it is situated just 2.5kms from the bus station civil lines, 1km from the Allahabad Railway station and 10km from the airport. About 7km away from the Sangam ,Allahabad and a short stroll from the main bazaar this hotel is an ideal place for your stay and relaxation after a long day of business or even sightseeing around the busy Allahabad city. Guest who visits this hotel cannot help but just marvel at the indulgently lavish décor and the artistic pretty designs. Modern elegance is topped with high quality ceilings that catches eyes and draws one to picture windows where views of Sangam are actually breathtaking. Hotel Prayag In provides the finest personal Service and facilities which include, specially designed black out curtains to keep out light, air-condition luxury rooms with hot/cold running water, Sip and Deep Restaurant, 24 hr room service, banquet hall that can fit up to 250 people, conference hall that can fit up to 30 persons, 24 hrs satellite transmission, laundry services, doctor on call, travel desk and 24 hours room facility.

Official Website: Hotel Prayag Inn

Hotel Yatrik

Hotel Yatrik is located in the middle of the business and commercial center of Allahabad which is just 8kms easy drive from the airport and only 2kms away from the rail head. This hotel is a great landmark on the wide street and it spreads over an acre of lush green land and it spells a luxury to anyone visiting from its spacious charming lobby to the good-looking floors beautified by indoor plants. The Governor of UP awarded hotel Yatrik for being the best ECO FRIENDLY hotel in Uttar Pradesh. It has the finest maintained gardens in Allahabad and its inner quad has a swimming pool to cool oneself in the middle of creepers and exotic plants with variety of palms and bamboo grove that beats down the tiredness of a busy day. The hotel has spacious lounges and galleries that not only spell luxury but also add to the pleasure of spending a quiet time right in the heart of this ancient town. The beautiful décor that includes some of the most carefully chosen works of Indian art and luxurious sofas and chairs that brings a unique charm. The services here include a conference hall that can hold a capacity of 125 people where different occasions can take place conference aids on request, lush garden where one can relax and admire nature, an exciting ideal restaurant, 24 hr room and telephone service, laundry service, doctor on call, fax and secretarial service.

Official Website: Hotel Yatrik

El Chico Restaurant

This is a Swish owned restaurant that serves reliably Indian cuisines as well as other continental dishes like the Chinese and Japanese. The fish in here range from sushi to tuna which are so sizzling and it is a must for anyone travelling to the region to sample it out. Snacks are pocket friendly, ranging from Rs 15 to Rs 45. Diners are treated to exquisite savory desserts like cheesecakes and ice creams after the meals. The meals are mostly three to four courses. Located on the MG Marg Civil Lines, in the heart of Allahabad, this joint open for breakfast at 9am and closes just before midnight. Unlike so many other restaurants in the area, El Chico boasts the nearest proximity to the Wheeler’s bookshop. The biggest and fully stocked in Allahabad. Diners with an interest in reading can walk to buy whatever material they choose and get back to the restaurant where they can relax while reading. This place has a considerable ambience which indeed can be appreciated.

Official Website: El Chico Restaurant

Friends Restaurant

Living up to its name, the friends’ restaurant is bright, fun and slim line restaurant which also serves as a café. It appeals mostly the younger generation in their 20s. This does not mean that other patrons are not allowed in though. Those young at heart can find it suitable. Fond in the Sadar Patel on Marg mains, friends open from 10 in the morning till 11 at night. When walking in one gets aroused by the aroma of fresh coffee which is their signature in the area. Coffee is imported from South America and Africa, the best in the world. An expansive array of vegetable and non vegetable international cuisine, fill the menu. This is because of its targeted diners who are so adept at maintaining their weight. Tandoori and sizzlers are some of the food on the menu. A range of pizzas like pepperoni and barbeque are served for desserts. The place defines hospitality in its context. Though small, the service is given with a smile impromptu. This is what makes friends a place of just laying back in the company of a friend or family and enjoying. To top that up, they review every response from a customer.

Hot stuff Restaurant

It’s on 21-c, Lal Bahadur Shatri Marg, in the Civil Lines of Allahabad, it is considered by many to be the pioneer of fast food in the region. The value of food made and the service have been rated above excellent by the India’s hotel and restaurants’ board. It’s the first self-service restaurant in the city. It’s a typical Delhi-style Nirula but if it served south Indian cuisine as well. Hot stuff has never been known to disappoint even after the entry of world class fast food joints like McDonalds and Dominos. The service is swift, though noisy because of the students who frequent the place. The price is pocket friendly yet it has been around for more than quarter decade. Most of the food is western, like the pizza and burger catalyzed by the need to advance but what is loved by the native locals is their unrivalled Indian fare. It is believed to have been passed on since the inception of the place in the late 80s.

Shahenshah Restaurant

Located at Mahatma Gandhi Magh, this is one of the 6 restaurants in Allahabad that serves the best of Indian divine cuisine and a bit of oriental treats. Found on the north-eastern of Allahabad, it has a unique setting of several half open-air stalls with high corrugated iron roofs set outside on the pavement. Plastic chairs and tables are arranged in every stall where cooking or frying is done after orders are placed. The place is normally crowded, mostly by the locals which makes it ideally for tourists who want to interact firsthand with the Indian culture. Food here is not served on plates like most restaurants but on chop boards and trays. It is not recommended for the fainthearted because of the method of serving and the overcrowded pavement but the food is delicious and the service is good. It’s not an impecunious place, that should be noted. Flaky bread rolled in ghee, popularly known here as paratha, is the locals favorite. Menus like cracking dosa and a variety of pizzas are on course all day. The diversity seen here is what makes shahenshah attractive. Lunch times are usually packed with the Chinese ordering their dishes together with other Indian locals.

Khana-Khazana Restaurant

Situated on Sardar Patel Marg Civil Lines of the Grand continental, it seats north of Allahabad next to the famous Ashok Nagar. Khana-Khazana is mostly a fast food restaurant. It doubles up as a snack bar selling from cheese burgers and sandwiches during the day to tandoori kebabs and Bengali fish curry by night. The Italian pizza made here is like a flow of a river. From the time it opens its doors at 10am, people are already waiting to order their pizzas which take 20-30min. the place comes to life in the evening with intriguing arrays of both Indian and Chinese dishes are on offer. Indian is a place of spices and it is in the evenings that people enjoy meals cooked in paprika and its sauce. The contrast of both meat and vegetable is evident in that aubergine platter, a vegetable delicacy is served. By the time the place closes at 11pm in evening, the aroma that emanates from the cooking at Khana-Khazana has filled up the air in Allahabad. Transportation to the visitors’ accommodation is abundant because of the readily available rickshaws. With an average of $10, food and transport is guaranteed from the restaurant to anywhere in a 5 km radius.

Allahabad Official Government Website

Allahabad Government Tourism Website

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Allahabad Tourist Places 4.9 out of 10 14 user reviews. There is a lot to be said about the history of Allahabad city starting with it being a major city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh of India it is c..