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India is truly a much loved wildlife tourist destination and has pleasing hill stations, ideal natural beauty with misty, mystical and stunning forests. The stunning place Bandipur is not at all different from all these traits. Bandipur is placed at about 215 km away from Bangalore amidst the towering Western Ghat Mountains on the Mysore-Ooty highway. Bandipur is popularly renowned for the one of the most famous and the better-managed National Parks of India.  

Bandipur is a gorgeous tourist spot and measured as one of the best wild life sanctuaries in the country. A reasonable climate and abundant wildlife makes Bandipur an exotic paradise for wildlife lovers. Bandipur lies in the southern state of Karnataka and covers a forest area of 865 square kilometers. Bandipur is a breathtaking wildlife centre and used to draw the attention of many tourists inside and outside India. Bandipur is flanked by the Kabini, Moyar and Nugu Rivers which drain the region.  There are lots of seasonal streams flowing through the area.

Tourists visit this place to feel highly of the breathtaking beauty of nature and also to take pleasure in a quiet vacation far from the chaos of the city life. India's one of the best known tiger sanctuaries named Bandipur National Park is located at Bandipur. Bandipur is also inhabited by a variety of birds making it a unique destination, a must visit for a nature lover. Bandipur was the chosen site for Project Tiger.

Bandipur used to have a moderate and pleasant year throughout. The best time to visit Bandipur is from July to October. Bandipur is well linked to rail, road and air which makes journey to the spot so easy and delighted. The nearest airport from Bandipur is at Bangalore which is placed just about 215 km away. Mysore is the adjacent railhead that positioned at a distance of about 80 km away and is well attached to other main places and cities like Bangalore and Hassan. Bandipur is well linked to Mysore which is about 80 km away. Bangalore is sited just about 215km away from Bandipur and about 80 km away from Ooty.  

Main Sightseeing Attractions of Bandipur

Bandipur makes a great vacation spot with number of exciting things to do, like boating, fishing, bird watching and trekking on the visit to the Bandipur National Park. Safaris are the major attraction of Bandipur. Possessing a prosperous vegetation of flora, Bandipur has dissimilar types of bushes, trees and grass. As such the main attraction at Bandipur is the Bandipur forest where one can go into the jungle for a safari or a trek to the Nilgiri Mountains. There are other places in Bandipur which are definitely worth a visit. Following are some of the main sightseeing attractions of Bandipur;

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is placed in the Chamarajanagar district in Karnataka, India. The park is considered as one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India. The National park was established in 1931 with an intention keep in mind as to a protected reserve for tigers. It was built under the Project Tiger for the preservation of the tigers in their natural habitat. Bandipur National Park is one of India's best identified protected regions and is a significant Project Tiger reserve.

Bandipur National Park was established by the Maharaja of Mysore with a region of only 90 sq km. Later, it was extended to 800 sq km and was named as the Venugopala Wildlife Park. The park was re-named in the year 1973 when the Government of India took over this property, under the Project Tiger setting up it as a Tiger Reserve. The park is prominent as the home to around seventy Bengal tigers and over three thousand Indian elephants. Bandipur is a component of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.    

Bandipur National Park is projected as a dwelling place for wild animals like elephant, tiger, panther, sambar, wild boar jackal, squirrel, gaur, barking deer, langur etc.  One can see many varieties of birds in the park such as Robbins, jungle fowl, tits, bulbils, partridge’s warbles, peacocks, pigeons etc. The park offers a sight of various rare species of birds including resident and migrant birds. Flora of the forest in the park is teak, dindal, honne, matti, nerale, tadsal and bamboos. A number of tanks and streams are treating to the eyes of the tourists which are patently the water sources for animals.

Official Website: Bandipur National Park

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is a hill located in the Chamarajanagar district of the state of Karnataka, India. The hill is located at a height of 1450m and is extensively wooded.  Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is the highest peak in Bandipur National Park. It used to draw the attention of a large number of trekkers, pilgrims and nature lovers throughout the year. The hill is placed about 75 Km away from Mysore and is located exactly in Chamarajnagar district. The place is so called since it is enclosed in mist which is "Hima" in Kannada- the local language of Karnataka.

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is an undersized hill, in the center zone can be accessed by a small road through the village of Hangala north of the national park. The word betta stands for ‘hill’ in Kannada. There is a well-known Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta temple placed in the hill top. This temple was built by the Hoysala King Ballala during AD 1315. The temple is devoted to Gopalaswamy, which is one of the names of the Hindu God Krishna.

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is home a variety of wild life with elephants being the most prominent of animals living here.  This is one of the rare places on earth where one will come across herds of wild elephants.  Gopalaswamy Betta located inside the forest is a well accepted trekking spot. The place, located just about 15 Km away from Bandipur, is vividly surrounded with lots of greenery which is very treating to the eyes. The tourists can anticipate a lot of fog in the region. The area enjoys a pleasing weather with cool winds blowing.

Official Website: Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple

The very renowned Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta Temple is situated near to Chamarajnagar District in Karnataka. The temple patently makes a significant element of the Bandipur National Park as well. Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple on pinnacle of the hill was put up by the King Chola Ballala during AD 1315. Soon after, the Wodeyars of Mysore who were passionate devotees of Lord Venugopala displayed intense interest in maintaining the hill temple. The temple is devoted to Gopalaswamy, which is one of the names of the Hindu God Krishna.

The Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta Temple is 700 years of old and the view of the temple especially from the top is breathtaking one.  The temple is located at about 1,454 mts above sea level.  This peak is enclosed with mist nearly all around the year. Therefore the name Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, meaning a ‘Hill devoted to Gopalaswamy which is covered with mist’ in Kannada. The lands near the temple are sanctified with rare array of flora and a vastly handy store of Medicinal Plants.

The Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta Temple vividly makes available picturesque views of the surrounding hills and valleys to the visitors. The visitors may also observe the spectacular sunrise and sunset from the top of the hill near the temple. Together with the temple, observing groups of elephant is also worth watching for the tourists. Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta Temple is obviously one of the best sites possessed by the Bandipur city. Every year lots of people used to visit the temple not only with the pilgrimage intention but also due to its surrounding beauty.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary lies on the northwestern side of the Nilgiri Hills in Nilgiri District. The wildlife sanctuary is placed about 150 km north-west of Coimbatore in the westernmost part of Tamil Nadu, on the interstate boundaries with Karnataka and Kerala states in South India. The sanctuary currently declared as a Tiger Reserve. Mudumalai means 'first hills’, is one of the initial wildlife sanctuaries set up in India. The sanctuary is separated into 5 ranges like Masinagudi in Karnataka, Thepakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi and Nellakota.

Mudumalai is a home to many wild animals, exotic birds and reptiles. The location is best suited for nature trip. The Sanctuary patently ranks among the top in the visual beauty of its changing seasons. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary draws thousands of nature lovers and wildlife devotees for its prosperous range of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is renowned for its huge herds of elephants. The sanctuary houses a large range of reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, common krait, bamboo pit snakes, turtles, frogs and amphibians. Acknowledged for its avian population, the sanctuary consists of rare species of resident as well as migratory birds. There are said to be as a minimum 266 species of birds in the sanctuary, including seriously endangered species like the Indian White-rumped Vulture and the long-billed vulture.

Langur, bonnet macaque, tiger, leopard, wild dog, hyena, jackal, sloth bear, elephants, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, Indian muntjac, mouse deer, wild boar, rodent and flying squirrel are part of the wildlife in Mudumalai. It has a wealthy bird life that includes Malabar trogan, Grey hornbill, crested hawk eagle, crested serpent eagle, etc.  The best time to visit the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is from February to June.

Official Website: Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Safari In Bandipur

Bandipur is a best known spot for the safari. The blissful natural world of Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India makes it a paradise for safari lovers. The backdrop of picturesque Nilgiri or the Blue Mountains makes the wildlife habitat of Bandipur the most sought after holiday destination in the world especially with the intention to have stunning safari.

Safaris are carried out in well-protected buses, jeeps and also on elephants within the Park. Elephant safari is the best and most thrilling choice to get at close proximity to animals. The visitors can take pleasure in safaris twice a day, once in the morning and then during the evening. The Bandipur National Park can be explored by jeep safaris and car rentals. Park management authorities used to make available van safari, elephant safari and jeep safari. The safari manages patently on dissimilar time periods starting from sunrise to sunset. In order to observe the wildlife, March to May is the best time as the animals appear in the open and gather at the water bodies.
Bandipur is a tourists' heaven from April to October. During summer, the backwaters of the Kabini Reservoir give the best chance to the tourists to watch large mammals, in particular the elephant and the gaur. The best time to spot elephant herds is in the rainy season usually from June to September. The animals that one sees commonly during their safari are deer, antelope, peacocks and elephants and tigers. The forest division also arranges group treks within the park guided by professionally trained guides. While planning for safaris within the park, it is best to make reservations beforehand as there is at all times a rush.

Important Hotels of Bandipur  

Hotel options in Bandipur are plenty. Being one of the leading tourist destinations in the country, Bandipur is well set up with many accommodation options. The accommodation options at Bandipur include rest houses, forest department dormitories, jungle homes and KSTDC cottages. The tourists can come across resorts and star hotels as well in Bandipur. Most of the hotels in Bandipur are located along the border of the forest. A few of the important hotels of Bandipur are as follows;

Bandipur Safari Lodge

Bandipur Safari Lodge is located at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. The lodge is placed on halfway down the Mysore-Ooty road close to the world-renowned Bandipur National Park. Bandipur Safari Lodge is located on Mysore - Ooty Road. The lodge is situated just about 170 km away from Coimbatore Airport. The nearest railhead is Mysore Railway Station, which is 80 km away from the hotel premise.

Bandipur Safari Lodge patently makes available pleasant and comfortable stay for the guests. The lodge has 12 well appointed and spacious rooms. The hotel provides sightseeing packages to the tourists. The major specialty of Safari Lodge is its wildlife expeditions into the Bandipur National Park. Safari Lodge specializes in serving a delicious buffet of South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese and Continental cuisine to its guests. The lodge also put forward for the guests both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.  The facilities like Doctor on call, Travel desk, Car rental, Car parking and Laundry service are also available at the lodge.

Official Website: Bandipur Safari Lodge

Windflower Bandipur

Windflower is a resort placed at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. The resort is located near to the Bandipur National Park.  This property features cottages with covered sloping roofs. Together with the activities like elephant rides, trekking into the forest with the assistance of local guides, and bar-be-cue evenings, the resort organizes morning and evening jeep safaris into the wildlife sanctuary. The resort is placed at a distance of 220 kms from Bangalore and 80 kms from Mysore.

The hotel makes certain comfortable and harmonious stay to the guests. All room are fully-furnished and prepared with all basic facilities like television, bathroom amenities etc. The resort offers 15 rooms with verandas and lots other amenities. The resort has a multi-cuisine restaurant that vividly serves delicious and flavorsome dishes to its guests. The additional facilities of the resort include laundry, library, conference facilities, beer bar, indoor games, wildlife audio visuals shows, swimming pool & doctor on call.

Official Website: Windflower Bandipur

Country Club Bandipur

The Country Club Wild Life is Resort that makes available comfortable stay for the guests than a three star property. Country Club in Bandipur wildlife sanctuary is a resort of an unusual sort. The resort is situated just around 4 km off the Bangalore-Ooty Highway. It is a remarkable resort that is nestled in the delightful Mangala Valley and surrounded by the lush forests that are home to the most exotic wildlife and plants.

The Country Club makes available comfortable and contented accommodation to the tourists. The rooms of the resort are well furnished and spacious as well. The accommodations of the resort are well stashed with luxurious as well as modern interiors. The facilities provided at The Country Club Wild Life Resort consist of a library and a conference hall for business reason. A safari, roller blading, multi-cuisine restaurants which serve some of the finest global delicacies, a swimming pool, cricket nets, billiards and an ayurvedic massage session are other facilities.

Official Website: Country Club Bandipur

Tiger Ranch

Tiger Ranch is a beautiful resort situated at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. Tiger Ranch is located next to the popular Bandipur National Park. The resort can be found at a distance of 65 KM away from Mysore, 220 KM away from Bangalore and 170 KM away from Coimbatore. Located in the middle of a dense bamboo grove, Tiger Ranch is an exclusive wildlife eco-resort.  The tourists can have the magnificent sight of Deer, Sambhar, Elephant, wild Dogs and Tigers from the resort.

Tiger Ranch resort patently has comfortable rooms with modern amenities for its guests. Tiger Ranch is a perfect resort for wildlife lovers. The resort has bamboo attached cottages with reasonable amenities. Tiger Ranch has a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves scrumptious food in a satisfying ambiance. The further amenities at the resort contain 24 Hours Room Service, Bonfire, Cycling, Elephant Ride, Games Room, Hot & Cold running water, Jungle, Trekking, Laundry and Nature walk.

Hotel Vana Vihar

Hotel Vana Vihar is situated at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. It is beautiful hotel that offers diverse facilities for comfy of the tourists. The journey to the hotel is so easy and effortless since it is well connected by rail, road and air.  The hotel is bounded by many of the sightseeing attractions of Bandipur. Vana Vihar hotel is well attached to the Indian wild life sanctuary Mudumalai and Bandipur national park. Surrounded by beautiful hillocks the hotel is certainly best suited for nature trip and adventurous trips.

Hotel Vana Vihar patently makes available contented and comfortable stay for the tourists. The accommodation at the hotel is in cottages. The cottages are well appointed and spacious. The cottages are also well equipped with almost all the modern facilities. The hotel has an admirable restaurant that offers delicious and healthy dishes to its guests. The hotel also provides the facilities of Jungle safari, Bone fire, Swimming Pool etc.

Ambuja Farms

Ambuja Farms is remarkable resort placed at Bandipur in the sate of Karnataka, India. The resort is well placed near to rail, road and air which make journey to the spot so easy and fun. The resort is placed just about 225 Km away from Bangalore International Airport, 60 Km away from Najanagudu Railway Station and Less than a Km away from Mangala Village bus stand. Ambuja Farms located at the eastern edge of Bandipur national Park.

Ambuja Farms is purely a private farm house cum holiday home which is acknowledged by the Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka. Ambuja Farms makes available contented and comfortable accommodation to the tourists.  Cottages and luxury Bamboo dormitory at the resort will look after your needs considerably.   The resort serves simple and tasty food for the tourists. The additional facilities at the resort are Travel Desk, Sight Seeing Tours, and Doctor on call etc. The resort assures quality and service best in its kind.

KSTDC Mayura Prakruti

KSTDC Mayura Prakruti can be found at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. One of the finest hotels in Bandipur, KSTDC (Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation) Mayura Prakruti, is placed among many of the sightseeing attractions of Bandipur. The hotel is situated near to Bandipur National Park.  The hotel is situated on the Mysore Road and just three km away from the Bandipur National Park. The adjacent airport to the hotel is at Mysore which is almost 80 km away and nearest railway station is at Nanjungud which is 55 km away from the hotel.

KSTDC Mayura Prakruti makes available comfy and contented accommodation for the tourists. The hotel has 8 rooms and each of the 8 delightful cottages at the hotel is a true example of comfort. All cottages are spacious and stylishly appointed. The cottages are filled with modern amenities as well. The hotel has a restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The facilities like Travel desk and Car rental are also available at the hotel.

Dhole's Den

Dhole's Den In placed at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, Kerala. Dhole's Den is an eco friendly Lodge and luxurious gateway to the Bandipur National Park. The hotel is well linked to rail, air and road. The lodge is placed just about 90 km away from Mysore, and 79 km from Ooty. The adjacent airports are Mysore which is just 80 km away from the hotel, Bangalore 220 km away and Coimbatore 168 km away. The hotel is situated near to many of the sightseeing attractions of Bandipur. The hotel is placed around 19 km away from Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and 110 km away from Nagerhole National Park.

Dholes Den is a gorgeous eco-friendly safari lodge offering contented accommodation with standard amenities. Dholes Den offers 5 rooms categorized into 2 deluxe rooms, 2 Bungalows and 1 Suite. Dholes Den provides facilities such as yoga and meditation centre, lawns, gardens, in house multi cuisine restaurant, laundry service, travel desk, library, guide service and bonfire.

Official Website: Dhole's Den

River Tern Jungle Lodges & Resort

River Tern Jungle Lodges & Resort is positioned in the center of the Western Ghats of Chikmaglur district in Karnataka. The resort is patently bounded by the lofty hill ranges of Babubudangiri. The River Tern Lodge is an ideal combine of nature and wildlife. It is situated on a small hill and obviously at the border of the charming Bhadra River. The resort is placed well among many of the sightseeing attractions of Bandipur and it is adjoining the northern boundaries of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Some of the packages of the resort contain Jeep Safari into the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Boat Ride, Bird Watching, Forest Entry Fees, and Water Sports. The River Tern Lodge has around 24 double bed accommodations with comfortable interiors to ensure more comfy to the tourists. The resort provides the guests an admirable dining area and offers South and North Indian dishes. An option of both vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian is available.

Official Website: River Tern Jungle Lodges & Resort

Casa Deep woods

Casa Deep Woods is located in the heart of Mudumalai Forest. The resort is a perfect example for a luxurious and eco-friendly Getaway. The resort offers accommodation into cottages. The resort has 20 Cottages with many of the modern amenities. The resort has a good choice the transportation. Coimbatore Airport is 150 kms away from the hotel and Mettupalyam Railway Station is 45 kms away from the hotel.

Casa Deep Woods organizes for treks and jungle safaris as well as adventure sport activities. The hotel has an in-house restaurant which serves a variety of cuisine. Recreational activities on offer are indoor games, hammocks and a tree house for children to play in. The facilities like mountain bikes, conference and Banquet facilities, laundry service, hot and cold running water, tea & coffee maker, doctor on call and travel desk is also available for the convenience of guests. The hotel also accepts all major credit cards.

Top Premium Resort of Bandipur

Serai Bandipur

The Serai Bandipur is luxury resort situated in the state of Karnataka, India. The resort is a 35-acre property. The resort is located 246km away from Bangalore and next to the Bandipur National Park. Mysore city is the adjacent railway station to the Serai Bandipur. Bangalore airport is near to The Serai Bandipur. The resort is placed among many of the sightseeing attractions of Bandipur; hence the resort makes available sightseeing packages to the tourists for their comfort.

The resort puts forward comfy and satisfied accommodation to the tourists The Serai offers accommodation ranging from huts to residences that have spectacular views of the Nilgiris. The property provides a delicious spread of traditional and international dishes at the in-house restaurant. Jungle safaris, nature walks and bicycle trails are a few of the activities that can be benefited from the resort. The Om Spa offers a unique combine of Indian and International treatments.

Official Website: Serai Bandipur

Cicada Bandipur

Cicada Resorts is placed at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. Cicada Resorts is truly a part of a group of wildlife resorts.  A reside in this resort will patently offer a chance to observe the exceptional wildlife of India and can enjoy the many comforts of a luxury resort as well. The tourists can find true luxury, hospitality and comfort at Cicada Resorts. Cicada Bandipur is situated very near to the Bandipur National Park. The resort houses a massage and therapy center.  Wildlife safaris can be taken in the resort’s jeep.

Cicada Resorts at Bandipur provides modern amenities. Resort makes available best accommodation services and abundance of services for perfect relaxed accommodation. The lodging is of high standards, and each room is spacious and well furnished with well detailed living standards. Rooms are categorized into 18 Lodges, 4 Log Huts and 3 Tents. In-room facilities contain telephone, tea & coffee maker, heater, balcony & sit-out and an attached washroom with hot and cold water.

Official Website: Cicada Bandipur

Tusker Trails Bandipur

Tusker Trails is an exclusive wildlife resort located at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. The resort is located close to the Bandipur National Park. It is situated on a seven acre plot of land and offers lots of modern amenities for the comfy of the guests. The resort is placed just around 5hrs drive from Bangalore. One of the well furnished resorts in Bandipur, Tusker Trails is identified for its perfect hospitality and extreme level of comfort and luxurious stay.

Kept with fine accommodation facilities the resort is a perfect destination since it gives a perfect feel of rural and forest ambience. The cuisines offered by the resort have long menu with foods ranging from Indian, Chinese and Continental. The additional facilities of the resort include laundry, 24 hours power back up, television, library, conference facilities, beer bar, indoor games, wildlife audio visuals shows, swimming pool & doctor on call.

Bush Betta Wildlife Resorts

Bush Betta Wildlife Resorts is placed at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. The Bush Betta Bandipur is a deluxe wildlife resort and offers luxurious accommodation for the tourists. It is a 4 star resort in Bandipur. The resort offers Sightseeing tour packages to the tourists. The resort also makes available the amenities of Jungle safari, Jeep safari as well as Wildlife safari.

The cottages at Bush Betta are a real example of luxury and comfort. The resort provides modern amenities and rich decoration, each cottage comes with a terrace. The room facilities at the cottages contain Attached bathroom, running hot and cold water, AC, Bathtub, Courtyard, Fireplace and Room service. The dining hall at the resort offers a sumptuous spread of Indian, Chinese and South Indian cuisine.  The additional amenities at the resort are camp fire, swimming pool, elephant ride, health club, bonfire, internet  access, ISD & STD, trucking, bar, safaris, open air auditorium, doctor on call and Travel desk.

MC Resort

MC Resort is situated at Bandipur in the state of Karnataka, India. The resort is suitably placed near to Bandipur National Park. The resort is placed well liked to Road, rail and air. The resort is situated just about 70 km away from Mysore Airport and railway station. The resort is placed well among many of the sightseeing attractions of Bandipur.  M C Resort provides sightseeing packages, jungle safari, bird watching and trekking amenities to the guests.

The adjacent places contain Bandipur National Park, Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, Mudumalai and Ooty. M C Resort has 20 Standard rooms and 3 AC Suites. The AC Suites consist of 4 beds with the front and back sit out overlooking the forest. The in-house restaurant of the resort provides South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. The further amenities in M C Resort consist of conference hall, swimming poll, indoor and outdoor games facilities, play ground and camp fire.

Official Website: MC Resort

Bandipur Official Government Website

Bandipur Official Government Tourism Website

Bandipur at Wikitravel


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Bandipur Tour Packages 6.5 out of 10 14 user reviews. India is truly a much loved wildlife tourist destination and has pleasing hill stations, ideal natural beauty with misty, mystical and stunning forests. The stu..