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This is one of the best places to visit during Himachal Pradesh tourism.  It is a hill station located in Himachal Pradesh state of India. It is in a district referred to as Shimla. The hill station was used as a summer residence for the older Indian royalties. He was known as Maharaja Adhiraj Bhupinder.  This makes it a perfect Himachal Pradesh tourist residence, due to its richness in history and attractive sites. The hill station lies at an elevation point of above seven thousand feet above sea level.  This makes the hill station to experience a warm summer season and a relatively cold winter season.  The total area of the hill station is approximately at ten thousand eight hundred hectares (10,800 hectares).  The hill station is well connected to other major states of India. The Delhi and Chandigarh states are the best connected to the state of Himachal Pradesh.  Some of the best Himachal Pradesh places to visit are found at Chail hill station.  These are inclusive of the rich architecture of the area. The royally built houses are very attractive. The Chail sanctuary, military school and the cricket ground are the main tourist attractions.  Out The nearest airport is Delhi located at an approximation of a hundred kilometers from the Hill station. The Shimla airport is located at an approximation of about sixty kilometers away. The roads to the hill station are well connected. The road via Shimla is around forty five kilometers away. Kandagart and Kufri kilometers are forty kilometers away on approximation.

Chail Tourist Attractions

Chail Sanctuary

This is a perfect place to visit in Chail. The sanctuary was started in 1976 by the Maharaja royalties. The sanctuary lies at 100 km sq. it is covered with pine, oak and grassland vegetation. It is a protection center for some endangered animal species. The animals found in the sanctuary include mammals like leopards, goral porcupines, Rhesus Macaque and the Himalayan black bear. Others include the wild boar, the black nabbed hare and the Sumbar. Some of the birds found in the Chail sanctuary include the Chir birds. These are rare types seen mostly during the bird migratory seasons.  To access the hill station, one needs to use the main trekking routes.  The trekking routes include the Chail to Gaura route. Trekking allows one to view the great peaks and the cool breeze. The vegetation of grassland and the forests of pine and oaks are good for people trekking up to the sanctuary.

Official Website: Chail Sanctuary

Chail Palace

This is one of the best places to tour in Himachal Pradesh Chail hill station. The Palace Chail was founded in 1891. It was begun by Maharaja Royalties.  The Chail Palace is built on seventy five acres of land. It is located approximately forty kilometers from Shimla. The best method to travel is by using trains. This allows one to view the forested valleys around. The best sites within the Chail palace include the lawns, tennis courts, the badminton lawns and the cottages.  The surrounding cedar and deodar forests are a great site. Within the resort, fishing is a major activity offered to tourists. They also offer trekking through the major routes. The jungle retreat palace has the largest cricket play ground.  The former palace has currently been turned into a jungle retreat tourist destination. The jungle retreat Chail has orchards and tennis courts. It is decorated for royalty in each room.  The Chail palace retreat has over twenty rooms.
SidhBabaka Mandir

This was a shrine constructed for Sidh.  It was founded by the Maharaja. The religious center and shrine is highly esteemed especially by the local pilgrimages. It is attractive to tourist due to its rich history and religious factors.  The history of how it was founded and the extra-ordinary events that took place during its foundation attracts many tourists to the site. People also believe that the shrine is a major place for one to get their blessings. They believe that when one enters the temple, they are bound to leave with something in their hands. The other event that brings thousands of Hindu pilgrimages to Chail is held around this temple. The temple fair happens every month of June. It occurs on the second Sunday of each June. It attracts a lot of tourists every year. The shrine is ideally located close to the Chail palace resort. This eases the need for accommodation making it more ideal a destination.

Cricket Ground

This is the first and highest cricket ground in the world. All people from India and other countries travel to visit this cricket ground. Its history points back to the 1890s’. It states that the Maharaja of Patiala built this pitch during his summer stays in the region.  
The pitch stands at an altitude of approximately 7,500 feet to 8,000 feet high. The main games played on this ground include polo and cricket. The pitch is surrounded by a great beauty that is much attraction to tourists. The surrounding towns like Shimla are well viewed from the elevated ground. One can also enjoy a cool breeze. The pitch is a very relaxing ground. This is because it is surrounded by oak, deodar and pine forest from all sides. It is also very well maintained. Though currently the ground acts as a military school, many tourists still flock Chail to see it.

Best Time to Visit Chail

Chail could be described as an all year round destination. This because the hill station provide tourists with activities in each season.  The main seasons experienced are three. These are the summer, winter and the monsoon. The summer occurs between March and May. It is characterized by the friendly breeze and warm but not scorching sun. Some of the best activities to enjoy include the outdoor activities and the flower fairs. The winters are characterized by low temperatures that are freezing at times. The season is between the months of October and February. It is ideal for snow viewing. The Monsoons should be avoided. They occur between June and September. They are characterized by heavy rains and limit one in the activities to engage in.

Accommodations, hotels and other services available

Chail has the best and most outstanding hotels and resorts. The Chail villas is one of the most frequented accommodation center for many tourists. The resort has several deluxe, cottages, luxury tents and supper executive cottages for tourists. It is modernized with current technology facilities in all rooms. The hotel offers local and general Indian cuisines. It offers services for laundry, spa and treatment, steam rooms and sauna centers and also baby sitting. It gives a great view of the surrounding hill station sceneries. The other major Chail hotel is the hotel palace Chail. The Palace Chail was founded in 1891. It was begun by Maharaja Royalties.  The Chail Palace is built on seventy five acres of land. The best sites within the Chail palace include the lawns, tennis courts, the badminton lawns and the cottages.  The surrounding cedar and deodar forests are a great site. Within the resort, fishing is a major activity offered to tourists. They also offer trekking through the major routes. The hotel offers major services like laundry, room services and Indian cuisines. The other major Chail hotel is the Tarika Jungle retreat. This retreat center is at n altitude of above seven thousand feet high. This elevation makes it great for viewing the Chail hill station. It has the major room services, spa, beauty center and film processing facilities. The Chail hotel has a multi-cuisine, a bar and coffee shop. Some of the major activities to engage in while in the many Chail hotels include river rafting, fishing, treks and jogs, horse rides and other outdoor games like cricket and polo.

Chail Official Government Website

Chail Government Tourism Website

Chail at Wikitravel

  • Gregory Davis's picture
    Good sight viewing place Sep 05, 2013 by Gregory Davis
      This is a very good tourist place at Himachal Pradesh. It is too high but beautiful place…. Awesome seen ….As it near to the Shimla the climate is same as there. And in my view it is good to visit Chail tourist place for a short holidays. Been to Kali Mata ka Tibba only... More
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  • John LJackson's picture
    Air from Nature:Good experience Aug 29, 2013 by John LJackson
      Chail is one of its kind place and very quiet and full of natural beauty.....It’s a small place with small market no one there to disturb. It’s a ideal place for nature lovers no crowd ,pure nature around and also nearby shimla and kufri .But its better if one go with a... More
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  • Craig Long's picture
    Trip to Lover’s paradise, Chail Jul 28, 2013 by Craig Long
    I had an opportunity to visit the lover’s paradise with family members in the last summer. It is a nice place for tour. There is a temple situated at mountain peak namely Kali Ka Tibba. From there we felt a peaceful moments at least for some times. The whole trek to the sanctuary provided... More
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  • Amritha Narayan's picture
    Road trip from Shimla to Chail Jul 03, 2013 by Amritha Narayan
    I have just been planned to visit Chail when I was there in Shimla. Since around 40 to 45 Kms I didn’t waste a single minute. By road, exploring the gorgeous nature by the side of the way, I have moved towards Chail. It was an extraordinary and unforgettable one. When reaching Chail, I have been... More
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  • Steven D. Goodwin's picture
    Chail Paradise Jun 29, 2013 by Steven D. Goodwin
    My wife and I had been to Chail as a honeymoon couple 4 months ago.  It is very gorgeous place on the top in Chail hills. This is a very passive temple on top of a hill and is significance visiting. The temple was attractive and the small lawn in front of the temple was very striking.... More
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  • Dexter Young's picture
    TRIP TO SPECTACULAR PALACE AT CHAIL May 22, 2013 by Dexter Young
    Last month me and my family decided to plan a tour to chail for enjoyiing the tourist attractions at chail. We stated our trip from the fantastic palace namely Chail palace. It is the famous attraction of the chail. It is a exact mirror image of the Maharaja’s showy personality. The palace... More
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  • Jathin's picture
    Amazing SidhBabaka Temple Apr 10, 2013 by Jathin
    It is one of most memorable trip in my life. I had an awesome experience with the trip to SidhBabaka mandir. It is a shrine constructed for Sidhs situated in Chail of Himachal Pradesh. Touring the temple is a journey through attractive and diverse history. We enjoyed a lot by visiting this... More
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  • Saurav Gupta's picture
    Highest Cricket Ground of India !! Apr 10, 2013 by Saurav Gupta
    Must see for cricket fans as it's the world highest cricket ground, well its unlike any other cricket ground but being the highest is what makes it different. Youngsters who will just scream in thrill to feel the pitch at 7500 ft. An ancient tree, a sudden chill in the air, plus the huge... More
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  • Shikha S's picture
    Worth visiting Chail palace Apr 10, 2013 by Shikha S
    It’s a wonderful hill station for all nature lovers.   I have visited there on last week with my cousin. We loved it and checked-in at The Palace next morning.  We really surprised with Chail Palace there. It has a truly regal setting with spectacular views. A wide variety of... More
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  • Nandini's picture
    Chail visit Apr 10, 2013 by Nandini
    It’s a heritage place built by maharaja ranjit singh for his summer vacations and Himachal govt is doing its best to make people feel royal over there. Chail is good place to visit. it is very near to Shimla and good for short holidays to make your trip unforgettable. The place was very... More
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  • Saravanan's picture
    Chail is delightful Apr 03, 2013 by Saravanan
    I have been to Chail for several times, it is really gorgeous. Chail is place, it got some kind of a beauty in that small beautiful mountains. This time when I have gone there, I noticed many hotels come up with ample an idea which helps the customers to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is not... More
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  • balabhadkar's picture
    Chail is good for nature and food Apr 03, 2013 by balabhadkar
    Chail is situated in Himachal Pradesh and it is a town with silence. I went over there for a short holiday. Even though I have spent a days, I really enjoyed it. On the way to Chail there is a small stream, there we can have food. It is a local restaurant; they arranged the seats in a very... More
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  • Manojsha's picture
    Chail is an amazing experience Apr 03, 2013 by Manojsha
    Chail was an awesome experience, for one who loves to chill out can have lots of fun.  This is the best destination to overcome ones worries and refresh the mind. It got a really wonderful sight. The greenery and the mountains are the special attractions. And it’s really wonderful to... More
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  • ParthSharma's picture
    A tour to Chail.... Jan 31, 2013 by ParthSharma
    Chail is a small town and a wonderful place which is situated at around 2100 meters above sea level. It’s the best place for those who needs to relax and stay out of tension and for those who likes peace and calmness.. There are many interesting places to visit such as Chail Palace, Kali... More
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  • Prijith's picture
    My amazing journey in chail Jan 29, 2013 by Prijith
    I visited chail last year with my friends. We were approximately 6 members in my group. We visited so many places in India. But chail is really amazing place like a heaven on earth. It was a dreamful journey in my life. Chail is located in Himachal Pradesh and just around 49 kms from Shimla. We... More
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Chail Tourist Places 6.9 out of 10 15 user reviews. This is one of the best places to visit during Himachal Pradesh tourism.  It is a hill station located in Himachal Pradesh state of India. It is in a distr..