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Chandigarh is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the Indian sub-continent. Chandigarh tourist places are popular with not only tourists who visit it for pleasure, but also for business. The charm that Chandigarh inspires in the visitors who come to this wonderful tourist destination is exceptional and it has seen its popularity increase rapidly as a preferred international tourist destination. One of the best planned cities in India, Chandigarh boasts of inspirational architecture which is undoubtedly inspirational and captures the interest of the world. With popular architects such as Albert Mayyer, Mathew Nowicki, and Pierre Jeanneret having contributed to the design of the city’s architecture it is one of the major Chandigarh tourist attractions.

Nature lovers will especially find the city of Chandigarh an exciting and inspiring attraction. The gardens and parks in the city will surely offer the much needed relaxation especially for nature lovers.  For example, the famous rose gardens are one of the popular Chandigarh tourist places and they are bound to overwhelm any visitor with their stunning natural beauty. The other scenic tourist attraction is the Sukhana Lake, as it is offers an ideal and natural setting for any mood that a visitor may be experiencing. It forms a perfect background setting for a romantic date with a loved one, or an ideal location for sulking all alone. It may also be a perfect spot for sitting down and feeling natures lap, or an ideal place for you and your family or friend to enjoy a picnic. The Rock gardens are also a major Chandigarh tourist attraction which is popular as a place for nurturing your imagination.

The other thing that makes Chandigarh so popular is the fact that the city had been branded India’s cleanest city. The city’s cuisine also forms a major attraction as many come to try out and experience the variety of tastes that Chandigarh’s foods have to offer.

The Best Season to Visit Chandigarh

In order to fully experience and enjoy Chandigarh tourist places, it is important to know the best time to visit Chandigarh. The perfect time to visit Chandigarh is between November and March because during this season the weather is so pleasant and very favorable for moving outdoors. During this season, the daytime temperatures range between 20 to 30 degrees C. during the peak of winter in January, the minimum night temperatures may drop to 2 degrees C.

Another reason for visiting Chandigarh during this season is the Chandigarh Carnival which is celebrated with a lot of pomp, color, and show in November. Dramatic concerts, stalls that sell interesting items, music performances accompanied by entertaining dance shows form part of the entertainment menu of this colorful festival. In the month of February the Festival of Gardens in conducted and it is quite a breathtaking sight for visitors as the flowers are in full bloom.

Just like the rest of the cities and towns in the Northern Indian plains, Chandigarh is scorching hot in the summer, with temperatures hitting a blistering 44 degrees C at the height of the midday sun. There are hot and dry winds that blow during this season which runs during May and June, but some respite soon follows in July through September as the monsoons bring rains and cooler temperatures. Humidity levels are nevertheless at an all-time high during this period. Winters are generally very pleasant with the night time temperatures dropping to 2 degrees C which is great for cooling off after a hot day.

The Main Tourist Attractions in Chandigarh

Capitol Complex

One of the amazing and most popular Chandigarh tourist places is the Capitol Complex. It is arguably the most visited sites in Chandigarh and it is located is Sector-1. The Chandigarh Capitol Complex boasts of being the seat of Government of both Haryana and Punjab. It comprises of the Assembly, the Secretariat, and the High Court. The geometrically aligned concrete buildings that form the complex elegantly emerge out of the earth to form what can be termed as an architectural marvel or wonder.

The awesome architectural design of the Capitol Complex is credited to renowned architect and designer, Le Corbusier. According to the initial design of the complex, there is a planned fourth building to complement the three current edifices that form the Legislative assembly, the High Court, and the Secretariat. The fourth building is intended to be Governor’s Palace, the Raj Bahavan, or a Museum of Knowledge. However, these plans have not yet come into fruition but the attraction still stands as an awesome sight to behold. The three existing building of the Capitol Complex nevertheless stand majestically as a representation of the temples of democracy in a modern and free India.

On their first visit to the Capitol Complex, tourists are welcomed by the stunning Open Hand Monument which is centrally located within the complex.  The Open Hand Monument was also designed by the legendary architect who designed the entire complex, and this wonderful metallic sculpture also doubles up as the official Chandigarh emblem. The entire complex was built from the year 1951-1959 beginning with the High Court, followed by the Secretariat, and finally the Legislative Assembly.

Rose Gardens

Another interesting and exciting tourist places near Chandigarh city is the Rose Gardens. Foe nature lovers, this attraction will surely blow your mind. These magnificent rose gardens hold the title of being the largest Rose Gardens in the entire Asian continent. The Rose Gardens in Chandigarh boast of approximately 1,600 varieties of roses that are spread over an area covering 27 acres. Not only does the Rose Gardens host roses, but also medicinal trees including behera, harar, bel, camphor, as well as yellow gulmohar and other unique and rare specimen trees that add flavor to beauty of these gardens. Walking in the rose gardens or simply relaxing while enjoying the sun, the cool breeze, and the scents produced by the flowers and unique trees is one very affordable activity that tourists may engage in.

The rose gardens also have quite some history. They were established in 1967, and they have been named after one of India’s former presidents, Zakir Hussain. The gardens were established under the leadership of Chandigarh’s first Chief Commissioner, the late Dr. M S Randhawa. The Rose Gardens play host to the famous Festival of Gardens which is an event that is recognized on the National Calendar of Fairs and Festivals. The festival is held annually during the month of October, and throngs of tourists arrive here to witness the various entertainments which are on offer. The rose gardens are surely a splendid sight to behold for any nature loving enthusiast, and during the festival the place comes alive with pomp and dance which further enhances the beauty of this magnificent attraction.

Official Website: Rose Gardens

Sukhna Lake

Another one of the interesting Chandigarh’s tourist places to visit while on vacation in India is Sukhna Lake. This tourist attraction is a 3 sq km rain fed manmade lake which was developed by damming a seasonal stream, Sukhna Chore, which flows down from the Shivalik Valley. The damming of this seasonal stream was actually done because the stream’s seasonal flow used to directly enter the lake thus leading to heavy siltation. In order to keep a check on the inflow of silt into the lake, a 2,542 hectare piece of land was reclaimed in the stream’s catchment area and it was put under natural vegetation.

The Lake is a major Chandigarh tourist attraction, and it is a place for people of all ages. During weekend, you can listen to melodious music performances by various artists who perform at the shores of the lake. The lake also forms a great picnic spot for family outings, and it is very peaceful for a place with many people. In the evenings, the place comes alive as outdoor concerts are performed on the lake’s shores till late in the night. Children will especially find the attraction fascinating anytime of the day as there are many things to do. Children can enjoy boat rides, toy train rides, and other kinds of water sports.

During the winter months, the lake plays host to flocks of migratory birds such as the Siberian Duck, Cranes, Storks, as well as numerous other species of migratory birds. Further, the lake is a protected national wetland.

Official Website: Sukhna Lake

Rock Garden

The other one of the most interesting and exciting Chandigarh tourist places to visit is Rock Garden. The Rock Garden is actually not a garden for plants but rather a garden that consists of art object. These fascinating art objects are nicely and elaborately designed by various artists using Industrial and urban wastes. Rock Garden consists of unique attractions that will surely make any visitor appreciate the importance of waste materials. The art objects in the garden are displayed in an area covering approximately 20 acres, and it is always filled with throngs of art loving tourists from both local and international destinations. Besides the art lovers, other tourists who frequent the Rock Garden are environmental conservationists. In addition, numerous artists from across the world frequently visit this site to sample this unique open air exhibition.

Credit to the creation of the Rock Garden is given to Neck Chand who is an inspector of roads in the engineering department of the Chandigarh Capital project. This attraction is without a doubt an extremely enthralling tourist spot in Chandigarh, and it offers visitors insight into the usefulness of recycling urban and industrial waste. Visitors who come to see this attraction also get a rare opportunity to see how waste may be usefully recycled and re-used in a creative pursuit. Besides enjoying the art, visitors also get the opportunity of learning various ways of re-using, reducing, and recycling waste from their homes, businesses, or offices. This attraction is surely a must see for eco-tourism enthusiasts.

Official Website: Rock Garden

Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley is also another one of the main tourist places near Chandigarh. Visitors from various regions in India love to flock to Leisure valley accompanied with their near as well as dear ones. Leisure Valley is somewhat like a garland of gardens that fabulously enhance the beauty of the whole Chandigarh City. This recreational facility stretches from Rajendra Park situated in Sector 1. The Leisure Valley gardens are frequently used by individuals from all social backgrounds and ages for leisure strolls, yoga, sun basking, and other physical fitness activities. Visitors who are nature lovers will also enjoy coming across the Bougainvillea Garden which is host to hundreds of stunningly beautiful bougainvillea varieties. In addition, a bougainvillea show is organized in the garden each year.

Another enticing tourist attraction within the Leisure Valley is Zakir Rose Garden which can be found in Section 16. Zakir Rose Garden is very popular with tourists who come to Leisure Valley, and besides the over 1,600 varieties of rose flowers that the garden boasts of, tourists can get a rare opportunity to sample the 17,000 varieties of other plant species. While at Leisure Valley, visitors may also visit Shanti Kunj Garden which is popular among tourists as well as locals for its streams, pools, and trees. The garden is especially designed to create the ambience of a Japanese Garden, and it is particularly very ideal for yoga and meditation. It is specifically ideal for tourists who wish to get away from the noisy buzz of the more frequented tourist attractions within Chandigarh.

Official Website: Leisure Valley

City Center Sector 17

Another one of the must visit Chandigarh tourist places Chandigarh’s City Center. It is the main commercial and shopping center of Chandigarh and its large commercial complex can be termed as a pedestrian’s paradise as it comprises of four major pizza’s which meet at Chowk. It is here that you will see people from all walks of life and all ages mingle as they run through hectic business engagements, relaxed window shopping, and also crowd gazing within the vicinity of the fountain in the main square. Numerous departmental stores and air-conditioned showrooms cater for the shoppers’ needs. During the weekends, the government emporia, numerous shops and shopping stalls, coffee houses, eateries, pubs, and bars will surely keep any visitor engrossed in entertaining delights.

Chandigarh City Center can be accessed through various ways including by road, air and rail from anywhere in the major cities in India. The Union Territory is adequately served by an elaborate road network, and two major highways link the region to the rest of India. Several buses run by the State Road Transport Corporations link Chandigarh with other major cities and towns of the neighboring states. The railway station is only 8 kilometers from Chandigarh City Center, and two trains operate two train connections each day between the city and Delhi. There is also a train service to the city of Mumbai, and there are buses to pick visitors to and from the railway stations. Chandigarh’s airport is only 12 kilometers from the city center and several major Indian airlines connect Chandigarh to main cities in India. There is also a tourist information center at the airport.

Thunderzone Fantasy Park

Another one of the amazing Chandigarh tourist places that is a must visit for anyone visiting Chandigarh is Thunderzone fantasy park. The fantasy park covers an area that is approximately 30 acres, and it is endowed with the most picturesque landscape that you can imagine. This attraction boasts of exciting as well as thrilling rides, an amusement park, and a modern state of the art water theme. The park offers an extensive variety of exciting rides including octopus, swinging chairs, Cater Pillar, Columbus, Striking Cars, SunN Moon, Spalsh, Mono Junction, COBF Music Bob, as well as Wet Park.

This park is quite scenic and it offers an absolute amusement package for the entire family. In addition, Thunder Zone boasts of the most sophisticated and modern state of the art equipment. The most thrilling attraction in the attraction is the Waves-n-Swings, a special pool that is designed to simulate the real waves of the sea. The water slides which are rather glitzy and straightforwardly skim in the water make a large splatter which allures both adults and children to try it out. There is a wet park which is complete with a synthetic lake as well as water rides, and it is a real crowd puller. Besides these exciting physical activities, Thunder zone also boasts of clean and classy restaurants where visitors can sample some of India’s favorite delicacies. Some of the restaurants within the fantasy park include Meal on heal, Pizza Zone, and Eats.

Official Website: Thunderzone Fantasy Park

The Government Museum and Art Gallery

The Government Museum and Art Gallery is another top Chandigarh tourist places. This popular tourist attraction is very popular with art lovers not only from India, but also from all over the world. It was initially created as a building for housing a museum by the legendary architect Le Corbusier, and it began operating as a museum on the 6th of May, 1986. The untiring contribution of the Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh at the time, the late M. S. Randhawa, in the development of this attraction cannot be overlooked as he was very instrumental in the creation of this wonderful place.

The museum boasts of the largest collection of the world renowned and popular Gandhara Sculptures after the museum in Lahore, Pakistan. This marvelous arts paradise also boasts of a library consisting of approximately 4,600 art books as well as references of arts and associated subjects. Due this fact, the attraction doubles up as a very resourceful educational facility for art students and scholars. The art galleries in this attraction are classified in two sections. The first section is made up of the Gandhara and Hindu Sculptures, and the second section comprises of miniature paintings. In addition, you can search for paintings according to Religion as the paintings are separated into 3 categories-Buddhist, Mohammedan, and Hindu, and one is sure to find a very exhaustive variety of paintings in this section. The attraction also features a Contemporary Arts Gallery, and a Decorative Arts and Coins Collection.

Official Website: The Government Museum and Art Gallery

Chandi Mandir

Another one of the must see Chandigarh tourists places to visit is Chandi Mandir. This is one of the tourist places near Chandigarh where visitors can get a chance to learn something about India’s religions. This attraction is actually a famous temple that is located approximately 15 kilometers from the City of Gardens. Chandi Mandir is a famous temple that is dedicated to the goddess of power, Chandi Devi. According to Hindu religion, the temple is actually a Siddh Peeth, which means that this is a place where people believe that dreams do come true. In addition, most visitors will be surprised to know that the city of Chandigarh was actually named after the Chandi Mandir Temple. This tourist attraction is a definite must see for any culture loving visitor.
Visitors will also find this attraction rather fascinating as they get to learn more about Hindu religion. Located near the banks of the River Manahadi, the temple is popular due to the Durga Puja Festival and the Kali Puja Festival which are held annually at the temple. The former festival, Durga Puja, is conducted for 16 days and it is believed according to Hindu Religion that the goddess Maa Katak Chandi sits and rules at the heart of the city of Chandigarh. The deity is represented by a statue of a woman with four hands holding a noose (Paasha), a goad (Ankusha), gestures that dispel fear (Abhaya), and grantin boon (Varada). The goddess Mandi is worshiped everyday as the universe’s queen (Bhuvaneshvari) by the Sevayatas who belong to Utkala Brahmins.  

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum is one of the most amazing tourist places near Chandigarh. It was established by K. Shankar Pillai, a popular political cartoonist (1902-1989). The museum is an ideal tourist spot for art lovers as the doll museum boasts of having one of the biggest collections of costume dolls all over the world. The museum is housed on the first floor of the Children’s Book Trust building in Delhi. The museum is divided into two sections which have more than 160 glass cases, mounted on the walls. Exhibits from the U.K. and European Countries, the U.S., Australia, Commonwealth of independent States, and New Zealand are held in one section, while another section displays exhibits from Africa, other Asian states and the Middle East, and India. In addition, the museum has a special exhibit display of a collection of more than 150 varieties of authentic Indian costume dolls which are produced at an adjacent Dolls Workshop.   

The dolls that are produced at the Dolls Workshop, which is attached to the dolls museum, are either sold to Indian Museums or collectors, or they may be exchanged for gifts that the museum gets from abroad. Each one of the handcrafted dolls has beautiful physical attributes, as well as dressings and jewelry that represent individual personality. The award winning dolls boasts of the First Prize-Golden Peacock Feather in 1980 in Poland, Cracow at the Dolls Biennale. Shankar was inspired to begin collecting dolls after receiving a doll from a Hungarian ambassador during the early 50’s, which was supposed to be offered as prize at the Shankar’s International Children’s Competition.

Hotels In Chandigarh

Taj Chandigarh

Taj Chandigarh is a very popular, if not the most popular hotel in Chandigarh. The hotel is famous for providing quality accommodation services in Chandigarh. The hotel is part of a chain that extends to over 50 properties worldwide. The hotel appeared on Chandigarh’s hotels landscape in 2005. It is very conveniently located within Chandigarh, and the fact that it is within walking distance from the city’s main shopping district, and also close to the Rock Garden, the lake, as well as the Rose Garden makes it a perfect accommodation for visitors who go to visit Chandigarh tourist places.

The hotel boasts of 149 rooms to select from and with a five star rating, guests are sure to be treated to a world class service. The rooms are fitted with modern amenities including air conditioning, cable television, bath tub, coffee and tea maker, internet access, and a minibar among other convenience amenities.

Official Website: Taj Chandigarh

JW Marriott Hotel

The JW Marriott Hotel is a rather recent player in Chandigarh’s hotel landscape. It welcomed the first guest in 2011, and it is currently ranked second out of 103 hotels as the most popular hotels in Chandigarh. The hotel is famous for its comfort, 5 star rating, and modern amenities. It is also conveniently located in Chandigarh as it is not far from the city center and some popular Chandigarh tourist places. The JW Marriott is a perfect accommodation style for tourists who are conscious about class, service, and convenience.

The JW Marriott Hotel also offers attractive accommodation rates, complemented by quality. Guests have the option of choosing several accommodation styles including 35 Executive Club suites, 4 luxury suites, and a presidential suite. Additional amenities to ensure the guest is comfortable include air conditioning, minibar, coffee and tea maker, bathtub, internet access, no-smoking secure, and cable TV among others.

Official Website: JW Marriott Hotel

Sunbeam Hotel

Sunbeam Hotel, Chandigarh is a comfortable accommodation option for tourists who go to visit Chandigarh tourist places. The hotel is ranked as the 3rd most popular hotel in Chandigarh. It is a comfortable hotel with 3 star rating on accommodation facilities and service. The hotel is also very affordable and it is ideal for budget tourists. It is conveniently located within Chandigarh city so guests at the hotel can easily get an opportunity to visit some of Chandigarh tourist places, or some other tourist places near Chandigarh.

The hotel offers reliable 3 star rating service and accommodation facilities in all its 57 cozy and comfortable rooms. The rooms are also fitted with moderate number of amenities including a bath tub, cable TV, air conditioning, and a free newspaper for additional comfort of its guests. Check-in time at the Sunbeam Hotel is 12 noon, and check out time is 12 noon.

Official Website: Sunbeam Hotel

Bella Vista-Panchkula Hotel

The Bella Vista-Panchkula Hotel in Chandigarh is another comfortable accommodation option for visitors who come to tour some of Chandigarh tourist places. It is also located conveniently within Chandigarh, as it is close to the city center, and some tourist places near Chandigarh. It is located only 7.6 kilometers from Chandigarh airport The Hotel welcomed its first guest in 2010, so it is a fairly recent player in the Chandigarh’s hotel industry. According to popularity ratings, the Bella Vista Panchkula Hotel is in 9th position out of 103 hotels.

The Bella Vista Panchkula Hotel boasts of a 4.5 star rating, and it offers attractive rates as well as quality service and accommodation facilities. For additional comfort of the guests, the hotel’s rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a bathtub, cable TV, a coffee and tea maker, internet access, and a Jacuzzi. There is also a private pool and a minibar.

Official Website: Bella Vista-Panchkula Hotel

Mountainview Hotel

Mountainview Hotel is a popular hotel establishment in Chandigarh. The hotel provides quality accommodation services at attractive and competitive rates. The property is also conveniently located within a short distance from Chandigarh’s main shopping district, the city center, and near several of Chandigarh tourist places. It is located only 9 kilometers from Chandigarh airport. Mountainview Hotel is also a very ideal accommodation option for people who intend to visit some tourist places near Chandigarh due to its convenient location.

The Hotel boasts of a five star rating, and guests can be sure to expect quality first class service and accommodation facilities while staying at this Hotel. The hotel’s rooms are fitted with additional modern amenities to enhance the guest’s comfort. Such amenities include bathtubs, a Jacuzzi, cable TV, coffee maker and tea maker, a hair dryer, and a free newspaper to help the guest catch up on the latest news developments.

Official Website: Mountainview Hotel

Hotel Sun Park

Hotel Sun Park is an affordable and comfortable accommodation option in Chandigarh that also has a reputation for quality service despite its 3 star rating. The hotel is actually ranked in 5th position in terms of popularity of hotels in Chandigarh. The hotel is especially regarded as an ideal accommodation facility due to its attractive rates, coupled with quality service. The hotel is conveniently located within Chandigarh, and guests at the Hotel Sun Park can easily access Chandigarh airport, and the main tourist attractions in Chandigarh. In addition, guests who stay at the hotel can easily access some of the popular tourist places near Chandigarh.

The Hotel Sun Park has comfortably furnished rooms which are fitted with various modern amenities for ensuring that the guest is always comfortable while staying at the hotel. Such amenities include air conditioning, internet access, a coffee maker and a tea maker, and a bathtub.

Official Website: Hotel Sun Park

Diamond Plaza hotel

Diamond Plaza Hotel is a popular hotel style accommodation facility in Chandigarh. The hotel is ranked in 8th place out of 103 hotels as the most popular hotels in Chandigarh. The hotel is popular for combining quality hotel accommodation services and attractive competitive rates. The hotel is located only 6.5 kilometers from the Chandigarh airport, and it is close to major Chandigarh tourist places. It is a very appropriate place to stay for visitors who wish to sample some tourist places near Chandigarh. The hotel also boasts of a 3.5 star rating, and guests can be assured of expecting first class service at the hotel.

Diamond Plaza Hotel has 14 well-furnished comfortable rooms which are equipped with modern amenities to ensure that the guests experience maximum comfort during their stay at the Diamond Plaza. There are 5 deluxe and 5 Super Deluxe rooms at the hotel which include breakfast. Some of the additional amenities in the rooms include Cable TV, internet access, air conditioning, and coffee and tea maker, among other amenities.

Official Website: Diamond Plaza hotel

Hotel Shivalik View

Hotel Shivalik View is another famous hotel style accommodation facility in Chandigarh. The hotel is conveniently located within the City of Chandigarh; guests at the hotel can access the city center’s main shopping district easily, including easy access to Chandigarh tourist places. In addition, Chandigarh airport is only about 7 kilometers from the hotel. The hotel is also ranked as the 16th most famous hotels in Chandigarh, and this is because of its attractive rates and exceptional service and accommodation facilities. Hotel Shivalik View is particularly ideal for visitors who are seeking affordable and quality accommodation in Chandigarh.

Hotel Shivalik View enjoys a 3 star rating but guests will be surprised at the quality of service the hotel provides. It is equipped with 104 rooms to select from, with some rooms offering stunning views of the Shivalik Valley. The rooms are also fitted with some additional amenities such as internet access, cable TV, bathtubs, coffee maker, and a hair dryer to make the guest’s stay more comfortable.

Official Website: Hotel Shivalik View

Kwality Regency Hotel

The Kwality Regency Hotel is a comfortable hotel style accommodation facility located in Chandigarh. In terms of popularity, the hotel is ranked among the top ten most popular hotels in Chandigarh. It is especially popular for providing quality accommodation services and facilities, coupled with attractive and competitive rates. The hotel also boasts of a 3 star rating although the service and ambience here is exceptional. It is conveniently located within easy reach of the city center, the major Chandigarh tourist places, and it is also ideal for accessing tourist places near Chandigarh.

The hotel is equipped with 14 comfortably furnished rooms which are all fitted with air conditioning, cable TV, internet access, and a minibar to ensure total comfort for the guest. The hotel is particularly appropriate for budget conscious tourists as the rate here are very affordable but not certainly cheap. Check in time and Check out time at the hotel is 12 noon.

Hotel Corporate Inn

Hotel Corporate Inn is a famous hotel style accommodation establishment in Chandigarh. The hotel is rather popular and it is ranked in position 14 out of 103 hotels in terms of popularity in Chandigarh. The establishment is conveniently located close to the city center, Chandigarh Airport, and also close to major tourist places in Chandigarh. The hotel is also a very ideal accommodation option for visitors who intend to tour some tourist places near Chandigarh due to its convenient location. The hotel is renowned for its competitive and attractive rates, as well as the quality of accommodation facilities and services that it provides.

Hotel Corporate Inn surely brings a touch of affordable comfort to a trip in Chandigarh. The hotels rooms are fitted with air conditioning, cable television, and internet access to enhance the guest’s comfort. The Hotel Corporate Inn is an appropriate accommodation option for budget conscious tourists in Chandigarh.

Official Website: Hotel Corporate Inn

Chandigarh Official Government Website

Chandigarh Government Tourism Website

Chandigarh at Wikitravel




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Chandigarh Tour Package 7.9 out of 10 16 user reviews. Chandigarh is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the Indian sub-continent. Chandigarh tourist places are popular with not only tourists who visit ..