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Cochin also known as Kochi is a preferred destination among the tourists. Cochin, beside from being the largest city in Kerala state has lots of other specialties. Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala and is also popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea.  Cochin is a port city of India with a prosperous cultural heritage and is truly the melting pot of many cultures. Cochin is widely referred to as the Gateway of South India. It is a significant trade center and many countries favor this place to export and import their materials. In fact, Cochin has been a vital link to the rest of the world since ancient times which has really resulted in a unique mix and match of traditional as well Western architecture and lifestyle.

Cochin is a one of the fastest growing cities in India and also a growing centre of information tourism as well. Traveling to Kochi is a great experience and there are many tourist attractions that can be visited. The backwaters make a breathtaking spectacle for the tourists and also it is main attraction of   Cochin tourism. The majestic houseboats that glide across the water figure another dramatic scene for the Cochin tourists.  Cochin tours will be a good choice for you especially to explore the charm of the bygone era, taste the exciting seafood delicacies, and look at the culture heritage and art forms or just to break free from the everyday tensions. There are lots of popular Cochin tourist places including Bolgatty Island, Willington Island, Marine Drive, Fort Kochi, beaches etc.

Cochin travel offers a unique opportunity for the tourists to experience the beauty of Kerala Backwaters, flora and fauna, Village life through Kettuvallom (conventional rice boat) and Country Boat (open canoe) with traditional Vegetarian Kerala foods. Cochin tourism is a varied experience on its own that is further than words. Visit and experience the delightful attraction of this gracious city that is one of the much loved tourist destinations in the world.

How to Reach Cochin and Best Season to Visit

Cochin is situated in the Ernakulam district, and well-connected to other towns through its extraordinary port as well as by rail, road and air. The map of Cochin assists the travelers to sketch their trip accordingly. Airport at Kochi is Nedumbassery International airport which is about 20 km away from Cochin. The airport is well linked to all airports in India and also to several abroad countries. Kochi has three main railheads, namely, Harbor Terminus on Willington Island, Ernakulam town and Ernakulam Junction. Ernakulam Junction is well linked to all cities in India.  The railway stations such as Ernakulam town situate 6 km away from the city and Ernakulam Junction is positioned 4 km away from the city. Cochin is well connected by bus services. KSRTC connects Koch with all chief cities in Kerala and with several cities in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Deluxe Volvo buses are available in abundance at any time to Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Hyderabad and Mumbai from Cochin.

Cochin welcomes tourists during all the seasons. Cochin map helps the tourists to sketch the tour as per. Since Kochi and Ernakulam are located on the coast there are no dramatic seasonal changes. The seasons in Cochin are as follows; Monsoon: June - September (heavy rains) winter: October - February (Mild, cool, dry with occasional rain) summer: March - May (hot and humid). The climate of Kochi remains hot and humid for most of the year. The best time to visit Cochin is from October to March, when hot and dry climate prevails. During October and March the weather is calm and favorable for sightseeing and other activities. The period between June and September always experiences heavy monsoon showers.

Main Attractions in Cochin

With an affluent past, sufficient tourist hotspots and some great places to eat and stay, Kochi patently serves as a travel destination on its own. Kochi, patently, figures out on the travel maps of numerous tourists and is a landing pedestal for travellers who plan to visit the more exotic locations in Kerala. Cochin sightseeing is remarkable and beyond words. Cochin becomes a factual paradise with the abundant mangroves, dense coconut trees, backwaters etc. The city is also decorated with plenty of ancient churches, cathedrals, sanctuaries, and forts. A few of the main Cochin sightseeing’s and attractions are as follows:


There are plentiful tourist attractions in Cochin, predominantly the stunning backwaters that shower an ultimate fascination and present a unique experience to tourists. There are numerous stunning backwaters to admire in Cochin as it is a cluster of islands on the vast stretch of the Vembanad Lake. A few of the islands are Bolgatty, Vypeen, Gundu, and Vallarpadam. One can get pleasure from several backwater houseboat cruises which begin from the Vembanad Lake. Cochin is one of the finest natural harbors’ in the world and is the gateway to the enchanting backwaters of Kerala.

Backwaters of Cochin are a chain of briny lagoons and lakes lying similar to the Arabian Sea coast of Kerala state. In Cochin, the tranquil backwaters are widely known as Veeranpuzha. It is, in fact, the northern extension of Vembanad Lake. Cochin is one of the most visited Kerala Backwater destinations. There are regular boat services to tourist spaces like Kottayam, Kumarakom and Alleppey through the lovely backwaters from Cochin. Indeed, Houseboats are a perfect and tranquil way to experience the beauty of Cochin.

Cochin backwaters or more popularly Kochi backwaters are amongst the most favored backwater destination in Kerala. Perfect naturality is the main attraction of Cochin backwaters. A cord of gorgeous islands, tiny streams, lagoons and credible palm trees add to the beauty of backwaters Cochin. The lavish and majestic backwater rides promises to be an idyllic experience for the tourists. Many backwater cruises begin or end in Cochin. It’s quite sure that backwater tour in Cochin will enchant and refresh you like anything.

Chinese Fishing Nets

Locally known as the 'Cheenavala', the Chinese fishing nets are patently the trademark of the Cochin city. It is said that the Chinese fishing nets were set up between 1350- 1450. These well-liked nets are built of teak nets and bamboo poles.  Chinese traders from the court of Kublai Khan are believed to have introduced these huge cantilevered fishing nets sometime during the late14th century. The specialty about these nets is that, apart from Chin these nets are only discover in Kochi, which is still used by the local fisherman to seize the fish. They can best be seen at sunset, on the north end of the cape, a few meters from Fort Kochi, or from a boat tour of the harbor. Vasco da Gama square just behind the nets is a perfect position to sit and enjoy the delicious seafood freshly caught in the nets.

The Chinese fishing nets   are definitely unique to Cochin. Cochin is the only location in the entire world outside of China where such fishing nets can be seen in use. Many fishermen earn their livelihood by fishing using these massive nets.  A large number of these nets can be seen scattered throughout a whole stretch of the coast along Fort Kochi and Vypeen.  The Chinese Fishing Nets is truly a remarkable mark and is another tourist attraction that is often the fodder for the tourists.

These nets are horizontally poised over the sea, giving an appearance of huge hammock. Each net spreads over an area of about 20 meters. The Chinese fishing nets have turn out to be a very popular tourist attraction, their size and stylish construction is photogenic and the slow rhythm of their operation is quite fascinating. The water body covered with Chinese fishing net at sunset makes a soothing scene to the tourists.

Mattanchery Palace

Mattanchery Palace is popularly known as the 'Dutch Palace'. Mattanchery Palace has been a significant trading center from the past few centuries. The Palace is considered as the one of the oldest buildings of the Portuguese which was built by them in the year 1555.   The Dutch carried out a few extensions and renovations in the palace in 1663, and thereafter it was commonly called as Dutch Palace. Today, the palace is obviously a portrait gallery of the Cochin Rajas and remarkable for some of the best mythological murals in India, which are in the best traditions of Hindu temple art.

Mattanchery Palace consists of lots of spacious halls with the central courtyard enshrining Palayannur Bhagavati, the Royal Deity. Apart from that there are two temples on the either side of the Palace devoted to Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva respectively.  The palace is a quadrangular structure built in Nālukettu style, the conventional Kerala style of architecture, with a courtyard in the center. In the courtyard there places a small temple devoted to 'Pazhayannur Bhagavati' who is the shielding goddess of the Kochi royal family.

The palace also comprises of rare examples of traditional Kerala flooring, which looks like graceful black marble but is in fact a mixture of burned coconut shells, charcoal, lime, plant juices and egg whites. The fame of the palace rests on the large number of murals that is implemented in the best traditions of Hindu temple art, which are religious, attractive and stylized. The murals have been painted in prosperous warm colours in tempera technique. The Palace exhibits a rich collection of royal memorabilia including costumes, palanquins, turbans and weaponry from the days of the Cochin rajas. The palace will truly gives an idea of the grandeur of the past time in Kerala for the tourists.

Official Website: Mattanchery Palace

St: Francis Church

St. Francis Church was built by the Portuguese. It is said to be India's oldest European church. St. Francis Church was originally built in 1503 and has great historical significance as a mute witness to the European colonial struggle in the subcontinent. St. Francis Church was the first European Church to be built in India. The history of this Church echoes the colonial struggle of European powers in India, from the 15th to 20th Centuries. Vasco De Gama was laid to rest in this Church in the year 1524, but later his body was moved to Portugal.  

The Church remained in the Order of St. Francis until the arrival of the Dutch in 1663. The Dutch cemetery at St. Francis Church is one of the oldest cemeteries in India. A few memorial brass plates and marble slabs were erected in memory of very vital persons who had dedicated their own lives to this Church and the society. The present furniture was set up when it was under the Anglican order of worship. The graves littering the inside of the church give the visitors an old feeling, but it’s worth the experience.
The Church was acknowledged a protected monument in April 1923 under the Protected Monuments Act of 1904. As a protected monument it is under the Archaeological Survey of India but is possessed by the North Kerala diocese of Church of South India. It has services on Sundays and commemoration days. On weekdays it is kept open for visitors and tourists.

Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Synagogue is a popular historical monument that is located in Mattanchery. Jewish Synagogue is known as 'Paradesi Synagogue'.  It was built in 1567 AD and was rebuilt in AD 1664 by the Dutch. The Synagogue houses the well-known copper plate grant of Bhaskara Ravi Varma, dated AD 1000, a golden crown presented by the Maharaja of Travancore in AD 1805 and the great scrolls of the Old Testament. Jewish Synagogue is the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Jewish Synagogue in Cochin is the oldest existing synagogue. The Mattanchery Palace temple and the Mattanchery synagogue share a common wall. The Jews of Kerala constructed the Paradesi Synagogue adjacent to Mattanchery Palace. In conformity with the Hindu, Christian and Islamic traditions of Kerala, the worshippers are essential to enter the Paradesi Synagogue barefoot. The synagogue is kept open to visitors and tourists.

This place of worship attracts numerous visitors every year because of its impressive furnishings. The Paradesi Synagogue has the Scrolls of the Law, numerous gold crowns received as gifts, lots of Belgian glass chandeliers, and a brass-railed pulpit. It abodes the copper plates of privileges   the earliest known Cochin Jew. The floor of the synagogue is composed of hundreds of Chinese hand-painted porcelain tiles, all of which are unique. There is also an oriental rug, a gift from Haile Selassie who is said to be the last Ethiopian Emperor. The most observable part of the synagogue is the 18th century clock tower. The monument of Jewish Synagogue of Cochin is rich enough for alluring tourists.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a picturesque walkway in Cochin. It is built facing the backwaters. Marine Drive is considered as a popular hangout for the local populace as well as tourists. Marine Drive is also an economically flourishing part of the city of Cochin. The sight of the setting and rising sun over the sea mouth, and the calm breeze from the Vembanad Lake has made Marine Drive a significant tourist destination in Cochin. Hundreds of people both natives, and tourists used to walk through Marine Drive during the evenings.   There are also several boat jetties along the walkway.

The Marine Drive walkway has two contemporarily constructed bridges, the Rainbow Bridge and the Chinese Fishing Net Bridge. The Marine Drive widens from the Jankar Jetty in the north to the Ernakulam Boat Jetty in the south. The Public Ground at the Northern part of the Marine Drive is the favored venue for main exhibitions, and more prominently political meetings that mark main landmarks in the Kerala political scene.

Although it is called Marine Drive but vehicles are not permitted on the walkway. Its fame among tourists and the local populace has made Marine Drive a significant center of economic activities in Cochin. Marine Drive possesses of numerous shopping malls and that makes it a vital center of shopping in Cochin. One can find lots of popular fast food joints along the walkway. Marine Drive is indeed the heart of Cochin and is the main recreational area of the city. With bustling activities and increasing tourist interest the Marine Drive has turn into a major attraction in Cochin.

Bolgatty Palace

One of the oldest existing Palaces built by the Dutch in India, Bolgatty Palace is situated in the scenic island popularly known as Bolgatty Island in Cochin, Kerala. In 1744, the Dutch traders constructed this palace, at first as a villa. Later, the villa was expanded and lush green gardens were added all around it. During the past days, the Bolgatty Palace sued to serve as the Dutch Governor's residence.

In 1947, after India achieved independence, the Bolgatty Palace of Cochin turned out to be the property of the state and was later transformed into a heritage hotel resort. Also referred to as the Hotel Bolgatty Palace, Bolgatty Palace is at the present under the administration of the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC). Bolgatty now has a Palace block and a modern resort block labeled Bolgatty Island resort and a spread out resort with nice harbor views all around. The palace is a two-storied building with, well -adorned bedchambers and a massive lounge wherein historical portraits are displayed.

Bolgatty Palace of Cochin is a destination of alternative for select Indian corporate for their conference and is a very well-liked holiday destination for Indian celebrities and overseas tourists. The resort offers palace and executive suites, deluxe rooms, and honey moon and lake front cottages beside the edge of the backwaters for reside. The guests can take pleasure in a beautiful calm and quiet environment with facilitates like a mini golf course, swimming pool, Ayurvedic center and daily Kathakali performances. The breathtaking views make the Bolgatty Palace a popular picnic spot as well.

Official Website: Bolgatty Palace

Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island is a simulated man-made island, which consist of the modern port serving Cochin. The Island was shaped during construction of modern Kochi Port in 1936. The island has been named after Lord Willingdon, who was the past Madras governor. The Willingdon Island is home for the Port of Cochin, as well as the Kochi Naval Base of the Indian Navy and Central Institute of Fisheries. The island is also home to Office of the Cochin Port Trust, the Customs Office and different export-import offices.

Hotels and business hubs are also spotted across the island. Willingdon Island is well connected to Kochi's mainland by road and the railway Venduruthy Bridge. The usual ferry services on the lake around the island offers inexpensive backwater cruise.  Some of the city’s best customs and trading centers and hotels are located here. The Willington Island contains the modern port serving Cochin city of Kerala. It is a major port in India, and a landmark in the city of Cochin.

Willingdon Island indeed serves as a tie between the other sea ports of the world. Willingdon Island is linked to the mainland by the road and railway Venduruthy Bridge. The island is made by sand that was polished while deepening the backwaters for the Cochin Port. Willingdon Island is the one of the reasons why Cochin ranks amongst the world's finest harbors. The reality that it is surrounded by backwaters makes it an extremely beautiful location and a preferred location for the tourists.

Hill Palace Museum

Hill Palace is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala, near Tripunithura, Cochin which was the administrative office of Kochi Rajas. Hill Palace museum is located just about 12 km away from south east of Ernakulam. The museum showcases rich collections of the Cochin and Travancore royal families.   Built in 1865, the Palace complex comprises of 49 buildings in the traditional architectural style, spreading across in 54 acres. The complex has an archaeological Museum, a Heritage Museum, a Deer Park, a prehistoric park and a children's park.

Hill Palace museum is considered as Kerala's first heritage museum which is noted for royal collections of the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi. The museum has 14 galleries, which exhibits several beautiful and rare artifacts that used to belong to the former rulers of Kerala. It includes oil-paintings, murals, sculptures in stone and manuscripts, inscriptions, coins, belongings of the Kochi royal family and royal furniture including the throne. The museum also houses a gallery of contemporary art.

The gardens around the museum have been converted into botanical gardens and lots of plants of rare medicinal value are grown here. There is broad range of flora here that has been brought from countries like Australia and Central America.   There are beautiful sculptures made of plaster and other metals like brass and copper. Also, there are replicas of objects used during ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. The most popular object in Hill Palace museum is the royal throne or the Simhasana of the king.

Official Website: Hill Palace Museum

Cochin Beach

The southern state of Kerala is well-known for its extraordinary coastal delights and the Jewish influenced town of Fort Cochin provides a lovely mix of beach fun and a charming history to take a plunge into. Fort Cochin Beach is located around 12 km away from the Cochin city. The beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala. Cochin Carnival, which is celebrated at the time a week before New Year is the best part of the beach. Besides, Fort Cochin Beach is famous for water sports like scuba diving, wind surfing, parasailing and snorkeling. Fort Kochi Beach is also perfect for water sports like catamaran sailing, kayaking and canoeing.

Fort Cochin Beach is a best picnic spot for people, who come here either alone or in groups. If you have become too fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city life, then Fort Cochin Beach is the perfect place for them to relax and have fun. Plenty of homely little restaurants and eating joints dotting the edges of the Fort Cochin beach make available the perfect option to those who desire to grab good taste.

The beach is also quite well-known for its extraordinary fishing nets. The best period to visit in Fort Cochin Beach is in the months of October to March after the monsoon season. Fort Kochi Beach will help you get a break from tensed life and also to just relax and submerge yourself in the warm sea breeze.

Wonderla (Veegaland) Amusement Park

The Veegaland Amusement Park is situated at Pallikkara just 14kms away from Cochin. It spreads over a whooping 24 acres of land, its 7 storey high Vintage Castle and Caterpillar Village give a Fairy Tale ambiance. The musical Fountains, flower gardens, water pool and water slides really add to the attraction of the Veegaland Amusement Park. It’s a gorgeous park and the remarkable architecture of the park speaks of not anything than the handsome and ethnic Kerala.

The Veegaland Amusement Park placed at a height of 300ft above from the sea level. The amusement park is said to have the flashes of the oriental village architecture. It has outstanding variety of rides, sparkling blue water pools, thrilling shows, and six restaurants to sway the visitors to off. The extensive lawns add to the beauty of the Veegaland Park. Various water games in Veegaland Amusement Park keep adults and children fully engaged. It is truly a best place to spend a holiday or a weekend.

Another main attraction is the 500-seater theatre with a modern musical fountain that jumps in rhythm with popular film songs.  The Veegaland Park has a capacity for around 400 people at a time. Veegaland is a nice place to hang out for families as well. There are lots of thrilling and adventurous rides. There are different water pools for family and kids which is equally enjoyable to all the family members. It’s an amusement worth the money. As it is very famous there is huge rush especially during the festival and holiday season.

Official Website: Wonderla (Veegaland) Amusement Park

Fort Cochin

Fort Cochin is situated near the Mattanchery peninsula.  Obviously Fort Cochin is the historical part of the city and home to lots of tourist attractions, such as the cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, the Mattanchery and the Santa Cruz Basilica. Fort Kochi is indeed a small village close to the suburbs of the main city. With exotic beaches all along the coastline, one can observe the famed Chinese fishing nets and sailing ships. The gorgeous village and countryside is lined with old Victorian era styled bungalows, an evocative of the European settlements. Fort Cochin is considered as the first settlement of the Europeans in Kochi.  

Fort Kochi is part of a handful of water-bound regions toward the south-west of the mainland Kochi and jointly known as Old Kochi or West Kochi. Fort Cochin is a jewel in the crown of Kerala with its European heritage and true cosmopolitan disposition.    Fort Cochin was believed to be founded in 1503. With its European legacy, stubborn self-absorption and its air of genteel decay, it is a place where history still stalks the lonely streets.

A relaxed walk through its streets is one of the best ways to come across all that the city has to offer especially its natural harbor and historical sites. A boat ride across the breathtaking blue lagoons and backwaters provides a glimpse of Fort Cochin’s rural life and its true beauty.  Fort Cochin is also well-known for practicing Ayurveda with absolute authenticity and dedication. A trip to Fort Cochin offers a marvelous experience.

Official Website: Fort Cochin

Vypeen Island

Vypeen   is one among a group of islands, which shape part of the city of Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India. The island is about 27 km long. The island is believed to be formed in the year 1341. Vypeen is connected to mainland Kochi by a series of bridges known as the Goshree Bridges, which touches other two islands and ends in Marine Drive, Kochi. Vypeen Island is a beautiful island in Kerala and is amongst the most populated islands in the world. The stay at this island will present the tourists rich and everlasting memories of exceptional scenic beauty.

A majestic lighthouse at Ochanthuruth attracts various tourists paying a visit to this island. The western coast of Vypeen has the longest beach in Kochi that is, the Cherai Beach, Kuzhuppilly Beach and the Puthuvype Beach. The northern angle of Vypeen has the largest fishing harbor in Kochi namely, the Munambam Fishing Harbour. There are regular boat services from Fort Cochin to Vypin Island. At the present Vypin is a fast-developing suburb of the Kochi City.

At the moment all basic infrastructures for modern living are accessible in Vypin. From Cochin the tourists can reach Vypin either by boat or through newly constructed Goshree Bridges. Its scenic and other beauty has attracted lots of Indian as well as abroad tourists to Vypeen like anything in the past. It is notable place for one to relax from the busy city life. Vypeen Island offers a glorious and unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Official Website: Vypeen Island

Best Hotels to Stay in Cochin

Cochin, is the main touchdown point for a majority of the tourists who visit Kerala, particularly Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom and Alleppey. Being a hot tourist destination in itself and the commercial capital of the State, Cochin draws different kinds of visitors continuously, irrespective of seasons. Cochin has the capacity to meet the demands of the travellers with luxury stay. Luxury hotels in Cochin offer the tourists a heavenly experience as well as a feeling of a home away from home. Following are some of Cochin hotels that could be measured as luxurious and comfortable.

Hotel Cochin Tower

Hotel Cochin Tower has become a perfect choice for tourists and business travelers alike for being located in the heart of Cochin. Hotel Cochin tower is a 3 Star hotel at Lissie Junction. Hotel Cochin tower has 44 well-maintained rooms which are categorized into Economy, Standard A/C, and suit rooms to stay. The hotel also offers Royal Castle, a multi-cuisine restaurant that used to serve Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisine along with authentic local cuisine. There is also Royal Cafe with a cyber cafe and a casual atmosphere, serving mini meals and beverages to its patrons. Guests can refresh with health facilities provided at the Ayurvedic rejuvenation center.   

Accommodations at Hotel Cochin Tower feature air conditioning. Guests can make use of the in-room admiring wireless high-speed Internet access. Public areas are equipped with high-speed (wired) Internet access but surcharges apply. Further amenities comprise laundry facilities, a safe deposit box at the front desk, and a lift.

Taj Malabar Cochin(Vivanta)

Hotel Taj Malabar is situated on Willingdon Island with a superb view of Cochin harbor that really provides a mixture of heritage ambience with modern luxury. It is a Five Star Deluxe Hotel in Cochin. The Taj Hotel’s standards of hospitality and services to its guests are so famous and remarkable. Hotel offers 97 rooms. All the rooms are gracefully appointed with guest facilities like international direct dial facility, channel music and color television with satellite programs.

At the Taj Malabar Cochin, guests can look forward to a distinctive dining experience.  Serving from traditional to contemporary favorites, the hotel offers numerous options for the discerning foodies. Other Amenities and Services that Hotel Taj Malabar, Cochin put forward are Banquet Halls, Laptop Computers on Hire, Multimedia Computers, Portable Printers on Hire, Secretarial Services, Wireless Internet Access, Hire Currency Exchange, Doctor on Call, fast Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Travel Assistance, Backwater Cruises, Chill Shower, Fitness Centre, Souvenir & Bookshop, Speed Boat Rides, Steam Room, Swimming Pool, etc.

Official Website: Hotel Taj Malabar Cochin(Vivanta)

Hotel Mermaid Cochin

Hotel Mermaid is a three-star water-front hotel, placed at the Kaniampuzha Road. The hotel is located just one km away from the KSRTC Bus Stand in Ernakulam, Cochin. The hotel provides a comfortable and peaceful getaway. Mermaid offers 52 executive rooms and 30 luxury apartments that go well with every budget and requirement. In addition, it also has a multi-cuisine restaurant serving the best of the local charge, a lounge bar, a swimming pool with a fitness centre, an Ayurvedic centre, a modern, well-equipped business centre with huge conference facilities, a private boat jetty for boat rides.
The hotel is placed just 35 kms away from the Nedumbassery International Airport in Kochi, 6 kms away from the nearest Railway Station and 1 km away from the nearest Bus Terminal. The facilities and services of Hotel Mermaid ensure that guests have a pleasant and memorable stay there.

Official Website: Hotel Mermaid Cochin

Grand Hotel Cochin

Hotel Grand is situated on M.G. Road in Cochin. It presents centrally air-conditioned and well furnished rooms for accommodation with mixture of choices 3 Suites, 3 deluxe rooms, 18 Executive rooms and 15 Standard rooms. It also puts forward the most reputed, savored restaurant in the city. Local flavors are main attraction of this hotel and offer the seafood and fresh water fish savoir, which include the delicious pearl spot (karimeen).
The bar at the Grand is noticeable for its elite ambience and the prosperous stock. This 3-star hotel features business amenities including a business center, small meeting rooms, and audio-visual equipment. Hotel Grand provides 39 air-conditioned guestrooms. Rooms are prepared with LCD televisions. Housekeeping is offered each day. Other facilities include 24hours business centre with e-mail, fax and secretarial help. Besides air conditioning and wireless Internet access (surcharges apply), guestrooms feature ceiling fans together with phones and sewing kits.

Official Website: Grand Hotel Cochin

Park Central

Park Central is sited in Ernakulam, Cochin   close to Durbar Hall Art Gallery. Park Central's restaurant serves lunch and dinner. Room service is available. The hotel serves a gracious breakfast. This 3-star hotel has a business center. Wireless and wired high-speed Internet access is accessible in public areas (surcharges apply). For a surcharge, the hotel offers a roundtrip airport shuttle but available on request. Guest parking is complimentary.

Additional property amenities include tour or ticket assistance and laundry facilities.
20 air-conditioned guestrooms at Park Central feature a remarkable experience. Bathrooms feature bathtubs or showers and complimentary toiletries. Wireless Internet access is available for a surcharge in the rooms. Satellite television is offered. Also included are complimentary newspapers and ceiling fans. The wake-up call services, outdoor and indoor pools and currency exchange counter assure a relaxing and hassle free stay at the Park Central Hotel.

Hotel Hill Palace

Hotel Hill Palace is located along the seaport on the airport road, Cochin. Hotel Hill Palace is a 3 star hotel. Hotel Hill Palace is an air-conditioned excellent new luxury business hotel. With its modern architecture and style the hotel compliments Cochin skyline royally. Hotel houses 16 stylishly furnished rooms fitted with every modern convenience such as direct dialing telephones, round-the-clock room service & laundry, refrigerator, satellite TV etc.

Hotel Hill Palace provides the perfect balance of space, comfort and hospitality in all its 16 rooms. This hotel offers multiple cuisine restaurants onsite. Ethnic Kerala dishes are available. A roof garden is available to spend some free time for the guests. The hotel also provides the amenities such as Airport Transfer, Banquet Facilities, Business Centre, Conference Facilities, and Doctor on Call, Faxing Facilities, Internet Access – Wireless, Laundry Facilities, Lift / Elevator, Lobby, Photocopying Facilities and Room Service.

Hotel Abad Plaza

The Abad Plaza Hotel in Cochin is well-liked owing to the quality of accommodation that is provided. Hotel Abad Plaza is centrally air-conditioned and has 80 attractively adorned lovely guest rooms with direct dialing facilities, Television with satellite channels, and attached bath. The hotel is conveniently situated in the heart of Cochin, on M.G. Road. The hotel placed in downtown area near the Railway stations (2Kms), bus station (1/2 Kms) and on direct road to the International airport (30 Kms).

The amenities and services of the Abad Plaza Hotel consist of Currency exchange counter, Newspaper Stand, Doctor on call, 24-hours room service and Pick and drop facility to and from the airport.

The Abad Plaza Hotel in Cochin has a multi cuisine restaurant that is recognized as the Regency. The Regency provides a huge range of lip smacking delicacies like Chinese, Continental dishes Indian and seafood specialties. There is also a business floor that provides E-Mail, tele fax, photocopying and secretarial assistance.

Official Website: Hotel Abad Plaza

Green House Home Stay

Home stay in Cochin offers a feeling of a home away from your home. Green House Home stay is situated in Cochin. The home stay has four bed rooms which can at ease accommodate eight guests at a time. The bed rooms are spacious and well lit. The bath rooms are hygienic and well maintained. This is a perfect place to stay for families as well as couples. Green House Home stay is a villa that situated near the beach.

Green House Home stay provides parking space and in addition internet is available, computer is available, laundry service is available, breakfast and meals are available on request. The living rooms include T V. This home is air-conditioned with power backup. The visitors can have a relaxed stay here. Green House Home stay is preferable for lots of guests used to the convenient price and high quality services they offer.

Old Harbour Hotel

The 300 year old structure Old Harbour Hotel is not only a boutique hotel but also doubles as a heritage monument of Kerala. As the first hotel ever built in Old Cochin the halls and decor still exposed leftovers of Dutch and Portuguese influences. The hotel patently specializes in fresh ingredients, seasonal vegetation and quality sea foods and meats. The open sky showers within each guestroom guarantee guests the nature feeling and the Ayurvedic spa promises relaxation and rejuvenation while at the Old Harbour Hotel.

Old Harbour Hotel is situated 4.5 kilometers away from Ernakulam and 26 kilometers away from Kochi Cochin International Airport. This glorious hotel has 13 spacious rooms with internet facilities and Kerala-style garden cottages.  Indian and European foods are available from the Old Harbour Hotel’s restaurant. High ceilings, arched porticos, period furniture and works of art join to create a calm oasis where total relaxation is guaranteed for the guests.

Official Website: Old Harbour Hotel

Trident Hotel

The Trident Hotel is located on Willingdon Island, Cochin.   With well fixed rooms built around a charming central courtyard, a swimming pool and gorgeous landscaped gardens, the hotel offers modern facilities in a relaxed and tranquil ambience for both business and leisure travellers. The hotel offers 96 well arranged rooms. All rooms have mini-bars, admiring tea and coffee making facilities, direct dial telephones with data port and television sets with satellite transmission and electronic safes.

The hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant which offers traditional Kerala cuisine as well as European cuisine. The hotel also provides the amenities of a fully equipped business centre, laundry and dry cleaning, 24-hour room service, beauty salon and barber shop, travel counter and gift shop, a swimming pool and an exercise room. Internet facilities are available in the hotel but charges apply. The Trident Hotel is the best place to stay in terms of your Business as well as pleasure tour.

Official Website: Trident Hotel

Hotel Casino

The Casino Hotel is not just one of Cochin's landmarks. Hotel Casino is in fact a world class five star hotel which is placed on the Willingdon Island. Hotel offers 67 elegantly appointed spacious rooms for its guests. The rooms at the hotel Casino have been divided into the Standard rooms and the Suites. AC, Cable TV, Direct Phone, Channel Music, Shower, Bath Tub, Work Desk, Radio, Safe Deposit Box, In Room Telephone Service, Internet, Room-Service 24 Hours are available in Hotel casino.

Hotel casino is just 40 kms away from Cochin International Airport. The hotel offers an Indian and international seafood restaurant and also catering for vegetarians. Besides air conditioning and safes, guestrooms feature high-speed (wired) Internet access (surcharge) with wireless Internet access (surcharge) and phones. Hotel also offers separate Executive Floor, Executive Lounge, Banquet & Conference Facilities, Swimming Pool, Doctor on Call, Laundry, Money Changer, Safe Deposit, Travel Desk Service etc.

Official Website: Hotel Casino

Ann's Residency

Ann’s Residency is an outstanding combine of home stay and hotel set in serene surroundings in the heart of Fort Cochin. The residency is housed in an old building that dates to the period of the Portuguese colonial rule. The resort is on the brink of the beach. The interiors of Ann’s Residency are done up in the colonial style.

Ann’s Residency provides 11 air conditioned rooms, a suite and a balcony room. It offers internet connectivity, telephones, laundry, doctor on hall, reading rooms and dining halls. The residency also comes with its own kitchen and offers tasty foods. Ann’s residency also offers its guests packaged tours to other areas of interest throughout Kerala. Ann’s Residency is situated just 22kms away from Ernakulam railway station and 15km away from Cochin International Airport. Ann's Residence offers the calm atmosphere for its gusts to loosen up and enjoy themselves.

Official Website: Ann's Residency

Holiday Inn Cochin

Holiday Inn Cochin is located in the cosmopolitan city of. Holiday Inn Cochin is a 212 room hotel and is conveniently located on National Highway at a distance of 5kms from the city center. Holiday Inn Cochin is situated approximately 40 minutes drive time from the Cochin International Airport. The stylishly adorned rooms have elegant decors and modern comforts like air conditioning, cable/satellite TV, Internet access, hairdryer, coffee/tea maker, mini bar, refrigerator and safe.

Guests at Cochin Holiday Inn can indulge in international and Kerala cuisines. Besides 3 restaurants, Holiday Inn Cochin offers a snack bar and a coffee shop. A poolside bar and a bar/lounge are open for drinks. Holiday Inn Cochin provides meeting room, banquet hall and conference facilities. The hotel features leisure facilities like outdoor pool, 24 hours room service, a gift shop, whirlpool and gym. Hotel also makes available a business centre that provides secretarial support, Internet access and copying, printing services is available.

Official Website: Holiday Inn Cochin

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  • Bhama Mohan's picture
    Royal experience at Mattancherry Palace. Oct 17, 2013 by Bhama Mohan
    Trip to Mattancherry palace was awesome. It is a landmark monument in Kochi. It is a small place that contains a lot of history including their paintings, family information and the currency of all kings that ruled . Apart from these, we can see their dresses, swords, and arms used. The painting... More
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  • Tim Broussard's picture
    A great view of arabian sea Oct 12, 2013 by Tim Broussard
    If you are going to Kochi (Cochin) you must go and see the ancient way of fishing here. see the men lifting up the nets in a way that was introduced by the Chinese centuries ago. Liked the physics behind it and also got to see one in action. Matancherry Palace museum has an extensive exhibition... More
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  • Saaniya Menon's picture
    Visit to Queen of Arabian Sea Cochin Sep 27, 2013 by Saaniya Menon
    In summer, I have been visited Cochin with my family. What a wonderful journey it was! Cochin is really a superb place. More
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  • Robert K. Stouffer's picture
    My Cochin Memories Aug 17, 2013 by Robert K. Stouffer
    It was an excellent experience to visit Cochin as there is much place to see around Cochin like Beach, Fort Kochi, Back Water, Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple and Wonderla Amusement Park. In my opinion, this state is just so gorgeous, flourishing greenery, fresh and idealistic beaches, delicious... More
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  • Anita Thomas's picture
    Trip to the beautiful Cochin Aug 16, 2013 by Anita Thomas
    I want to share to you an exceptional tour experience, which is the excursion to the incredible Kochi in Gods own country. As all of you know the Kochi is popular in the name as Queen of Arabian Sea. After our visit to the place Kochi we realize that the name queen of Arabian Sea is very much... More
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  • Jeff Bronstein's picture
    Trip to Cochin, the gateway of Kerala Jul 31, 2013 by Jeff Bronstein
    I believe that the trip to the gateway of Kerala Kochi is a wonderful event in my life. With my family members I went to Cochin for a 1 week tour. The whole moments at Kochi were enjoyed a lot and all are still in my mind… The Kochi is popularly known as the queen of Arabian Sea. It... More
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  • Do you have an experience of visiting the marine drive situated at Kochi? In the last month I got an opportunity to visit the Cochin marine drive with my friends. That was an amazing experience for us. Because the trip including a group of friends we were enjoyed a lot from there. The marine... More
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  • Alice D. Batista's picture
    Cochin Memories May 24, 2013 by Alice D. Batista
    Recently I visited Kochi with my family. We visited Mattancherry Palace, Vascoda Gama Square, Marine Drive, Hill Palace of Tripunithura, Cherai Beach etc. I think the Hill Palace has a long history of rulers of Kerala. It has a huge garden which looks very well maintained.  And the other... More
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  • This was, by far, the greatest trip I have ever gone on. More
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  • Haaran Prabhu's picture
    Good place to spend with family Apr 23, 2013 by Haaran Prabhu
    Cochin is the most recommended place in Kerala. I had a trip to there on last month. This palace was nice to visit. We could visit many tourist places there. One of the interesting attractions was Hill Palace museum. Hill palace museum is an old palace converted to museum, and is one of the best... More
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  • Irshad Mohammed's picture
    Wonderful Chinese fishing nets !! Apr 23, 2013 by Irshad Mohammed
    If you are looking for a grand adventure in India where you can catch fish and eat it too, check out the Chinese fishing nets and savor the old world charm of the Fort Kochi shores. Watching the fishermen lower these huge nets into the sea and then pulling & heaving their haul back up is a... More
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  • Mamta's picture
    Amazing!!! Apr 23, 2013 by Mamta
    One of my most memorable travel experiences. nice to have an overnight boat stay and moving around the backwaters for a few hrs during the day ... pretty relaxing and food is quite fresh ... A string of beautiful islands, minute streams, lagoons and realistic palm trees add to the beauty of... More
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  • Seema's picture
    Splendid Hill Palace Museum Apr 22, 2013 by Seema
    This tour was amazing! My husband and I went on this trip and had a great time. Hill palace museum just about 12 km away from south east of Ernakulum. The museum has rich collections of Cochin and Travancore royal families.  The museum was fantastic. The Hill palace museum is... More
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  • Shaina Madhav's picture
    Cochin Jewish Synagogue !! Apr 22, 2013 by Shaina Madhav
    Worth a visit. Only place where you have this synagogue. a real heritage of bygone era. Well preserved by local jew community. Built in 1568 by Kochi's Jewish community which once was the largest in India and is now just a few families. It is quite small but gives you a good history of the... More
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  • tincy's picture
    Marine Drive Apr 22, 2013 by tincy
    Marine drive is a man made extension to Cochin. It’s just a thin stretch of land reclaimed from the backwaters.I think it is 1.75 km long. Not a very incredible place. u can enjoy boating there, can watch ships nearby. Even though it is rush in the evening, it is the best time to visit.... More
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  • madhukarpandy's picture
    Best place to hang out Apr 19, 2013 by madhukarpandy
    Had our block placement in Cochin, amazing! We were in an idea to choose a place where we can study in the week days and have fun on the weekends. It was really happened, we fulfilled our dream. Had a good time in Cochin, we used to go to Marine drive in the evening, its good place to walk, talk... More
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  • Nicky A. Wolk's picture
    The Historic Fort Kochi Apr 19, 2013 by Nicky A. Wolk
    I had a trip to Fort Kochi, it is a small village. With the beaches, we can see Chinese nets for fishing. It is a beautiful seen; a large number of people are besides the Chinese net. It is really a wonderful thing to see, how they do is interesting. Both the sides are lined with the European... More
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  • Annamarie's picture
    Cochin the city in Gods own country Apr 19, 2013 by Annamarie
    My first visit to Cochin is something very interesting. Cochin is also named as Kochi. I have quite a good idea about Kerala from my friends. It is really a God’s own country. What sort of natural beauty is holding, it’s beautiful. That day the climate was fair, not so hot. From the airport to... More
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  • ErinHanson's picture
    Cochin tour one of my best Apr 10, 2013 by ErinHanson
    One of my best ever tours is Cochin tour a few months ago. I have been visited once before 2 years and now I felt visiting a new spot. So much has been changed. Especially my trip was for visiting Fort Kochi, there I found so many old buildings. But, I have wandered through this metro city for a... More
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  • Mary Rogers's picture
    Two days in the lap of nature: Cochin Trip Feb 25, 2013 by Mary Rogers
    I went to Cochin with my family. Initially we planned for a one day drip in Cochin and stay at Trivandrum. But we stayed 2 days in Kochi. We spent one day in backwaters and Willingdon Island. Nature makes the Cochin the best place to relax.  I loved the back streets of... More
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  • I visited Cochin in last month. It was an unforgettable journey in my life. Cochin is properly known as Queen of the Arabian Sea. Cochin is one of the business assets of Kerala and is one of the fastest rising cities in India. It is a fantastic place in Kerala. I heard a lot about Kerala... More
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  • Philip Mathew's picture
    A memorable trip to Gods own country…!! Feb 01, 2013 by Philip Mathew
    Cochin is also known as the “Queen of Arabian Sea” and yeah it is absolutely right because the place is such a beautiful one. No words can explain the beauty of this destination. That’s why Kochi had been rated in the top three tourist destinations by the World Travel &... More
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Cochin Tour Attractions 4 out of 10 76 user reviews. Cochin also known as Kochi is a preferred destination among the tourists. Cochin, beside from being the largest city in Kerala state has lots of other specialti..