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Munnar has become the most sought after tourist destination regularly visited by national as well as international visitors, throughout the year. As a result of immense beauty and natural attractions Munnar is a paradise and is also a most preferred honeymoon destination in Kerala, India. Among many, Munnar is one of the most romantic hill stations in Kerala. Due to its immense beauty and exceptional topography it is considered as a finest place for honeymoon. Mesmerizing waterfalls, sprawling grasslands, colonial charm, wildlife parks, vast tea gardens and ranges of floras and faunas make Munnar one of the finest places in the world. Whether a honeymoon couple is looking for a romantic retreat, a family looking to have a fun-filled family holiday or a nature enthusiast wanting to see the sights the natural bounties, Munnar is the best and first choice.

Honeymoon vacations in Munnar are extremely popular as Munnar is one of the leading honeymoon destinations in the country. Munnar is the romantic destination for honeymooners.  Munnar turns out to be a favorite destination for honeymooners due to its cool and dust free climate. The natural freshness and calm atmosphere makes unforgettable experience for the couples from the Munnar tour. Munnar is one of the well-known and much loved tourist destinations in South India. Every year, thousands of national and international tourists especially the newly married couples used to visit Munnar in order to enjoy the heaven on earth. There are many spots that honeymoon couples can go to in and around Munnar that are extremely scenic and beautiful such as Madupetty Dam, Echo Point, Gundala Lake, Top Station, Marayoor, Pothamedu sunset view and Athukkad waterfalls. Misty mountains in Munnar are a draw to the eyes.

Munnar is known as the Kashmir of South India.  It is guaranteed that whether you are a passionate nature lover or romantic honeymooners, a trip to Munnar will in fact refresh your mind, body and spirit. Munnar is the most famous honeymoon destination in South India. Munnar is called as “The Queen of Hill Station” and it is blessed with beautiful weather which so suitable for honeymooners. The greenery and sweet fragrance coming from the tea and cardamom gardens make your honeymoon a remembering one forever. Honeymoon is the occasion for couples to be on their own, to know each other and spend the time in love and nature. Hence, Munnar is the best destination to travel for the fresh start of your married life and also to enjoy the utmost of your honeymoon days.

How to Reach Munnar and Best Season to Visit There

The tourists can reach Munnar by rail, road, and air. Nearest major airport is Cochin International airport which is about 125 km away from Munnar. Taxi services are available from airport to Munnar at all times. Nearest rail head is at Angamaly or Aluva and both are almost 120 km away from Munnar. Munnar is linked to other cities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu by state government public transport buses, but are less regular.

Many tour providers used to organize packaged bus tours to Munnar from Cochin. Following are the road distance from some of the major cities and tourists places in India to Munnar.  Cochin to Munnar 130 km, Coimbatore to Munnar 146 km, Trivandrum to Munnar 275 km, Bangalore to Munnar 476 km, Chennai to Munnar 589 km, Munnar to Thekkady 110km, Ooty to Munnar is 152 km, Kanyakumari to Munnar 445km and Kodaikanal to Munnar.81 km.

Munnar is situated in Idukki district of Kerala, at an altitude of 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level.  The weather in Munnar is almost fair and pleasant right through the year. Munnar is the right place for a pleasure trip any time apart from during monsoons. Generally months, June, July and August constitute the rainy season in Munnar. In December and January Munnar is quite chilly, temperature drops considerably. In March, April and May the climate in Munnar is quite comfortable, thus this will be the right time for a trip to Munnar. Munnar experiences a moderate weather all through the year. But the best time to visit is from August to May. October to February is best months for sighting and honeymooning. November is pleasurable time for tourist activities like trekking, mountaineering and mountain biking. March to May is fine time to explore Munnar and its tea gardens.

Main Attractions in Munnar

Kerala proudly flaunts one of its resplendent beauties in form of Munnar. Munnar is located at the concourse of Nallathanni, Kundala and Muthirapuzha. Munnar honeymoon package is quite popular since it gives one the option to not only enjoy the romantic mysticism of Munnar but also revel in the beauty and glory of other surrounding places. Breathing in the crunchy, clear and pure air, relaxing and eating are the additional bonuses of going to Munnar. Munnar is a beautiful hill station and per year lots tourists both from inside and outside India used to visit Munnar in order to explore the natural beauty of Munnar.  Following are main attractions of Munnar.

Tea Gardens

Munnar is placed in the southwest of India in Kerala. Munnar is a well-liked attraction for travelers who want to relax away from daily traffic, city life and turmoil, due to its picturesque mountain scenery and the surrounding environment. But primarily, the sleepy little city is dominated by tea farming. Tea gardens are the main attraction of Munnar. One can observe the tea gardens all over the places. It produces the well-known black and green teas which are being consumed around the whole world each day.

The combination of Munnar’s refreshing climate,   tea gardens makes it an exceptional holiday destination. With an altitude of around 1600m, Munnar is the centre of Kerala’s principal tea growing region which was developed in the late 19th century by Scottish planters. Munnar Town’s Tea Museum promotes the beauty of Munnar. Some of the tea fields are situated at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. Munnar belongs to the world’s highest placed tea cultivation regions. Owing to the altitude and climatic conditions, the tea of Munnar is of highest quality.   

Munnar hold its fame mainly for Tea gardens. Every hill has tea gardens that produce one of the world's best teas. Tea gardens also offer the atmosphere of greenery not only to the Munnar but also to the entire Idukki district. Tea gardens are one of the main reasons that Munnar is known as a best tourist destination in Kerala. Every year plenty of tourists both from inside and outside India especially the newly married couples used to visit Munnar so as to explore the beauty of tea gardens.


Anamudi is 13 km away from Munnar Town.  Anamudi, rising 2695mts above sea level, is the highest peak in the Western Ghats and in entire South India and towers over the sanctuary in royal pride. The slopes of the hills thrive in all kinds of rare flora and fauna.   Anamudi is an ideal place for trekking. Anamudi Peak lies to the center of the Eravikulam National Park. This hill is rich in different kinds of flora and fauna and is very well recognized for possessing endangered animals. Anamudi peak shelters lots of animals as it looks like the original abode for the animals with its dense forests.

The rare animals such as Nilgiri languor’s, leopards, tigers, and macaques are found here considerably. Anamudi and the surrounding Eravikulam National Park   are home to the largest surviving population of Nilgiri Tahr. Anamudi is considered as home to estimated 750 diverse animals. The peak of the Anamudi is vegetated with patches of stunted Arundinaria dens folia and Gaultheria fragrantissima (wintergreen), Anopheles and some species of Eniocaulon. The term Anamudi exactly means Elephant peak and is home to endangered, exotic as well as common and rare species. The area is rich in medicinal plants like wintergreen, Anopheles and Impatiens.

Anamudi is believed to be a perfect place for trekking as enough facilities are arranged here for the tourists and they are permitted to go on foot to Anamudi. Anamudi is a much loved tourist attraction in Munnar due to its natural gorgeousness and diversity. Every year thousands of tourists, including the newly married couples, are visited here to explore its stunning splendor.


Mattupetty is located at a height of 1700m above from sea level. Mattupetty Lake and Dam is a gorgeous picnic spot with the photogenic view of the tea plantations and the lake. Boating facilities are available in the lake. Mattupetty is well-known for its Indo - Swiss Farm.  The Indo - Swiss Livestock Project, which was planned around 1963, was set in Munnar in partnership with Swiss Government. Indo – Swiss Farm comprises of a project site, a cattle centre and a research centre. Mattupetty is famous for its specialized dairy farm which has over 100 varieties of cattle. Visitors are permitted only in three cattle sheds among the 12 cattle sheds at Mattupetty. The project site also contains landscaped gardens which has lots of varieties of flowering plants.

The Shola forests in and around Mattupetty are perfect for trekking and are home to a mixture of birds. Rivulets and cascades zigzag the terrain adds more attraction to the place. The beautiful hill station of Mattupetty is 13 km away from Munnar. Boating is a popular activity in Mattupetty dam. Kundala Lake and Tea Plantations stretch out in close vicinity to Mattupetty Dam and Lake. The hill-side is spotted with pretty waterfalls that increase the attraction of the place.

Mattupetty dam is one of the first dams to be built in the country and is one of the most renowned tourist attractions of Munnar. It is one of the   much loved picnic spots in Munnar. Located at a distance of 10 km from Munnar, it is one of the finest places where boating facilities and horse riding services in Kerala are accessible.  

Official Website: Mattupetty

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is 15 kms away from Munnar and has a region of 97 km. The park is positioned along the Western Ghats and has the largest feasible population of the Nilgiri Tahr. The park consists of animals such as Nilgiri marten, ruddy mongoose, small clawed otter, dusky striped squirrel, Sambar Deer, Golden Jackal, Wild Dog, Indian Porcupine, and Funambulus etc. There is lots of variety of birds too such as Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, White Bellied Short wing, Black-and-orange Flycatcher etc.

Anamudi, the highest peak (2695 m) south of Himalayas, places grandly in the center area of the national park. The slopes of the hills flourish in several kinds of rare flora which consist of exceptional earthly and epiphytic orchids, and attractive wild balsams. Rajamalai is the tourism region of the National Park. The park offers spectacular views of the majestic hills. The tourists will wonder at this mist- wrapped peak which at times glistens in the sunlight.

Eravikulam National Park is said to be a wildlife enthusiast’s dream destination. In addition its remarkable variety of flora and fauna, the place boasts of magnificent natural beauty making it a superior destination for both nature gazers and naturalists. It is a best place for seeing the biodiversity of high altitude shola-grassland ecosystem. Visitors are taken to Rajamalai in forest dept vehicles and set a chance to observe the beauty of park. Private vehicles are not permitted in Eravikulam National Park. The National Park is generally closed at the time of calving of Nilgiri Tahr which is regularly during the early months of each year.

Official Website: Eravikulam National Park


Pothamedu offers an admirable sight of the tea, coffee and cardamom plantations in Munnar. The rolling hills, the lush and misty mountain and the breathtaking scenery here is ideal for trekking and long mountain walks. Pothamedu is about 6 kilometers from Munnar. Zigzag roads and scenic altitude-points typically mark the fabulous location. For honeymoon tours, this is possibly the best destination to cover. Like other pieces of Munnar, Pothamedu is blessed with its share of impressive green hills. Pothamedu is one of the major plantation hubs of Munnar.

Pothamedu is perfect to take pleasure in the stunning beauty of the coffee, tea, and cardamom plantations. For adventure lovers, Pothamedu puts forward excellent opportunities for trekking and hiking. Pothamedu view point is a small village inhabited and is just 1 km away from Headwork’s Dam. Being a very high place, the surrounding places can be seen very clearly from Pothamedu. When the air is clear and not smoggy even the Idukki Arch Dam, which is 60 Km away from Munnar, can be observed obviously.
Pothamedu is a popular destination of tourists due to its view point. Pothamedu View Point provides a panoramic sight of Munnar, adjoining valleys and Muthirapuzha River. The lush green vegetation in the place gives a prosperous aura to the place.   Tourists generally trek through the tea, cardamom and spice plantations to arrive at Pothamedu View Point. This place is a must-visit among those tourists who have a look at photography.  Pothamedu is a perfect destination for the honeymooners because of its natural beauty, hills, misty mountains, and tea, cardamom and spice plantations.

Official Website: Pothamedu


Devikulam is a hill station with sprawling tea gardens is about 16 kilometers (10 miles) from Munnar, at a height of 1800 meters (6000 feet) above the sea level. Devikulam is comparatively a minor hill station in Kerala. The hill is approximately 1800 meters above the sea level. Devikulam is idyllic hill station with its velvet lawns, striking flora and fauna. The cool mountain air is a rare experience for those who visit Devikulam.

The Sita Devi Lake with its mineral waters and picturesque surroundings is a good picnic spot. Devi Lake is blessed with natural mineral water. It lies at a distance of 7 kilometers from Munnar. The area around the lake is best for picnics. The waters of the lake are supposed to possess healing powers as goddess Sita Devi had taken bath in it. It is also utilized for fishing activity. The Pallivasal waterfall in Devikulam is a must-see attraction.

A landscape of mineral water springs, a serene lake, tea estates, gum trees in red and blue, undulating valleys, jungle streams and stark hills, Devikulam displays an imaginary and romantic ambience for the tourists especially for the honeymooners. This charming hill station is best explored on foot while making photo stops along the way. There are some small hotels around Devikulam to stay at. Devikulam hill station is well-known for its unique flora and fauna. The hill station has a paradise ambience due to its nature blooms. The misty mountains and softly gushing waterfalls that flow from steep heights shape a magical atmosphere to Devikulam and add to the romantic beauty for the honeymooners.  


Rajamala is an attractive green paradise high up in the hills, home to the rare mountain goat ‘Nilgiri Tahr’. A part of the Eravikulam National Park, Rajamala is a 15-kilometer (9 miles) away from Munnar. Half the world population of this rare mountain goat is found here, which is fast becoming extinct. Rajamala is 2695 meters above sea level. The Niligiri Tahrs in Rajamala are now to be found in small herds found in Eravikulam-Rajamala region. The total number of Niligiri Tahrs in Rajamala is expected to be over 1300.

A wildlife safari into Rajamala is an immense chance to come up close with the timorous Tahrs and watch their habits and habitats.   Since Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary happens to be a portion of Eravikulam National Park, the visitors are not allowed to explore the entire park. Visitors are not permitted inside the park in monsoons. The site is very peaceful and free of irritants. Rajamala is covered with rolling grasslands and high-level shoals.  
The Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Kerala’s finest wildlife reserves. The 97 sq km park lies alongside the high ranges of the western coast in the Munnar Forest Division of Idukki district and includes the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the north where it widens as the Annamalai National Park. The region of Rajamalai was confirmed as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1936. Rajamala is visited by both the national and international tourists. The picturesque beauty of this mountain attracts lots of honeymooners day by day.

Official Website: Rajamala


Marayoor is considered as the only place in Kerala that has a natural growth of sandalwood trees.   Thoovanam waterfalls and Rajiv Gandhi National Park are also nearby. Marayoor is situated 40 km away from Munnar. The rain shadow Marayoor village has earned its fame because of the natural growth of sandalwood trees, natural caves with murals and relics from later Stone Age civilization. There is also a sandalwood factory managed by the forest department as well as a children's park spread over an area of one hectare. The park is shaded by a single banyan tree.

The rare Neelakurinji flower that blooms once in every 12 years is native to this place. Marayoor occupies a huge area on the slopes of the Western Ghats in Idukki district and is a central pre-historic site in Kerala. Apart from the Dolmenoid cists in Muniyara, Marayoor is well-known for its natural sandalwood forests and pre-historic rock paintings. Marayoor is sumptuous with natural beauty as well as wildlife. This place believed to be one of the Stone Age civilizations. Its caves, engravings, prosperous heritage are evidences of its past wealth.

Marayoor is a different place with enchanting beauty and culture. Sandal wood, paddy, rocky hills, rivers, cave temples, waterfalls, and lots of other things make Marayoor a memorable place. Traveling Marayoor is like passing the history with nature and adventure. It is   an immaculate place that is frequently visited by lots of tourists both from India and abroad. There are enough accommodation facilities, vehicles,   and delicious food available which make Marayoor a preferred destination for both honeymooners and nature lovers.

Official Website: Marayoor


Nyayamakad is placed between Munnar and Rajamala. Nyayamakad is just about 10km away from Munnar. The captivating surroundings make Nyayamakad is an outstanding picnic spot and trekking point. Nyayamakad is a land of entertaining waterfalls with water cascading down from a height of around 1,600 meters. Pallivasal Hydel Power Project and the tea plantations are other attractions. Nyayamakad is a land of breathtaking waterfalls and an endless stretch of verdant greenery.

Nyayamakad is an ideal place for both peace and adventure lovers since they can either walk around and soak in the beauty of the surroundings or enjoy trekking. The Nyayamakad gap provides excellent views of the Munnar valley that is covered with a green carpet of tea plantations.

Nyayamakad is a good stand for a trek into the Munnar wilderness that is filled with several photographic opportunities. Quaint cottages, fragrant tea gardens and mist-draped mornings are hallmarks of Nyayamakad.  Tourists for the near and far used to visit Nyayamakad in order to exploit its natural and waterfall beauty. The very naturality of this place has attracted lots honeymooners for the past several years to Nyayamakad considerably.

Official Website: Nyayamakad

Echo Point

Echo Point is situated about 13 km away from Munnar town. Echo Point is a phenomenon found in nearly all of the hill stations. Munnar also has an Echo Point at a beautiful lake bank. Echo Point falls in the way to the Top Station and gives the pleasure of hearing your voice returning to you again and again. This scenic place gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here. Echo point is situated on the way to Top Station from Munnar.
Echo Point is   a picnic spot where tourists as well as natives love to wander along the misty green slopes of the lake. Nature walks at Echo Point is a well-liked activity among the tourists.   Tourists can also go for trekking through the nearby coffee, tea and spice plantations and grasslands. Cool gentle wind along with calm serene surroundings put together Echo Point a favourite place among wayfarers.

Echo point in Munnar is truly an admirable adventure destination for the tourists.   The explicit views of the lush green hills make the Echo Point a preferable destination among the tourists. With a panoramic view, clean mountain air, mist clad hills makes echo point worth visiting. The silence is just disturbed by the visitors at echo point. Echo Point is most loved place among the honeymooners due to its natural loveliness and cool ambiance.

Kannan Devan Tea Museum

Kannan Devan Tea Museum is considered as India’s first ever tea museum which is located at KDHP’s Nullatanni estate in Munnar. The thousands of tourists who visit Munnar for sightseeing can carry good memories from Kannan Devan Tea Museum. The aim of the tea museum is to give a picture of the growth of this more-than-a-century-old tea plantation in particular from the basic tea roller to the present fully automated tea factory of Madupetty. Kannan Devan Tea Museum gives firsthand information to tourists about tea processing and the operations that set off into the making of black tea.
The museum also houses an iron-age burial urn from the 2nd century BC. One of the museum's rooms features the old-time bungalow furniture, cash safe, magneto phone, wooden bathtub, iron oven that used for firewood, etc. There is also a tea tasting exhibition room with a range of teas on display. The museum also has a mini-CTC and orthodox tea manufacturing division to teach the tourists of the dissimilar features of tea processing.

The Tea Museum in Munnar is one of the most unique attractions in Munnar. The museum includes a gathering of antiques and other belongings of the estate employees in the British epoch. The Tea Museum underlines the milestones in the evolution and growth of tea industry. Tea Museum in fact adds flavor to the tourism industry in Munnar since a lot of tourist visit this tea museum every year. Tea Museum run by the Kannan Devan Hill Plantation Company may be the first of its kind in India.

Official Website: Kannan Devan Tea Museum

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wild Sanctuary situates just about 60 km away from Munnar, Idukki district. Chinnar is the habitat for the endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrel of India.  Located in the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats, unlike from other sanctuaries in Kerala, Chinnar gets only less than two months of rain each year. Chinnar used to receive only 48 days rain in a year during the months of October and November, that too when the northeast monsoons have set. Rich in wildlife, the mixed deciduous forests here are best for trekking. An extensive Sandalwood forest close on is truly an added attraction at Chinnar. This is also a perfect place for watching herds of gaur and elephants.

Parched deciduous forests, high sholas and some grassland increase the diversity of the sanctuary. The tourists can observe elephants, spotted deer, sambar, hanuman langur and even peacocks from their journey from Karimuthi to Chinnar on either side of the road. Chinnar Wild Sanctuary is one of twelve Wildlife Sanctuaries among the protected areas of Kerala. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across 90.44 sq. km.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary lies in close locality to Eravikulam National Park and Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary of Tamilnadu. There are said to be 34 species of Mammals live in Chinnar Wild Sanctuary including Panthers and deer, Indian Elephants, Gaur, Tigers, Sambar Deer, Common langur, Bonnet Macaque, Hanuman monkey, Nilgiri Tahr, Rusty-spotted Cats and   Grizzled Giant Squirrels in Kerala. Chinnar Wild Sanctuary an ideal place for boating as well as trekking.

Official Website: Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Hotels, Cottages and Resorts to Stay in Munnar

Munnar is not only famous for its hill stations, natural beauty, and tea gardens but for its hotels, cottages and resorts as well. The hotels, cottages and resorts in Munnar offer excellent accommodation facilities for its tourist. There are several hotels, lodges, small Munnar cottages and resorts in Munnar that cater to the needs and wishes of the tourists. Staying at one of the Munnar cottages, hotels and resorts in Munnar is an experience in itself. Munnar cottages, hotels and resorts provide an ambience of a home away from home. Following are the some of the Munnar hotels, cottages, and resorts that can be a best option for your honey moon or some other tour packages.

Tea County Hill Station Resort

One of the most favored hotels in Kerala, Tea County Hill Station Resort is run and owned by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC). Tea County Hill Station Resort is located amidst lush green tea plantations. The hotel is placed 130 km away from Kochi airport and 135 km away from Ernakulam railway station. There are 43 deluxe rooms at Tea County Hill Station Resort. Every room features satellite television, tea and coffee maker and fitted bathroom with running hot & cold running water.

The restaurant within the resort serves a delicious array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.  The resort bar offers a selection of wines, beers and liquors. The large conference hall is an ideal place for holding conferences, meetings, seminars and functions and is also fitted with most modern audio video technology. The resort has a well-equipped health club and Ayurveda centre. Doctor on call,   currency exchange, car rental,   and travel assistance are other hotel facilities. Tea County Hill Station Resort is a perfect resort to enjoy your holiday or honeymoon.

Official Website: Tea County Hill Station Resort

T & U Leisure Hotel

T & U Leisure Hotel is a destination for luxury vacation and is sited  just One Kilometer away from the Munnar town which is placed towards the major sightseeing area like Flower Garden, Madupetty Dam, Echo Point, Kundale Dam and Top Station.  T & U Leisure Hotel makes available 30 spacious and deluxe rooms and suites especially with tea garden and valley view.  The multi-cuisine Restaurant at the hotel put forward the best and very tasty foods.

The hotel provides a Conference Hall that can accommodate approximately 120 people and indeed it is designed in theatre style seating with conference facilities for Corporate Meetings. T & U Leisure Hotel also provides the amenities of doctor on call, travel desk, car parking, and internet facilities. T & U Leisure Hotel is just 120 kms away from Cochin, 120 kms away from Kodaikanal, and 100 kms away from Cochin International Airport.

Official Website: T & U Leisure Hotel

The Silver Tips Hotel

The Silver Tips is located in Munnar. The nearest railway station is in Cochin which is 130 kilometers away   and the Cochin International Airport is about 140 kilometers away from the hotel. The Silver Tips is a premium hotel nestled in the picture perfect foothills of Munnar. The hotel offers 50 well designed and large rooms that are set with modern facilities like satellite television, tea & coffee maker, phone service, internet and a balcony sit-out. The attached washrooms have hot and cold water facility.

The Silver Tips possesses of inside restaurants that offers a variety of delicious local cuisines. Indian and international dishes are also available in the hotel. The hotel also has a coffee shop and offers 24 hours room service to its guests. The Silver Tips provides a series of facilities like activity centre, business centre, conference hall, disabled facility, laundry service, taxi service, doctor on call, gymnasium, travel desk, library and guide service.

Official Website: The Silver Tips Hotel

Deshadan Mountain Resorts

Deshadan Mountain Resorts is considered as Kerala's highest Resort at 5,500 ft above sea level. It is situated on a Mountain cliff of Bison Valley Road in Munnar. The resort is located just 4 kms away from Munnar. Deshadan Mountain Resort has 4 well-fashioned cottages, and 8 double bed rooms. In addition, it provides its visitors with all contemporary amenities like a living room, two bedrooms,   attached bathrooms, balconies etc. The Deshadan Mountain Resort Munnar is approximately 130 kilometers away from the Kochi Airport and 141 kilometers away from the Madurai Airport.
This 3 Star resort offers multi-cuisine restaurant that serves authentic South-Indian delicacies. The hotel is equipped to assist its guests with tourist activities like camping, trekking, and hiking. There is a karaoke room on-site plus a recreation center. The resorts also make available 24 hour room service, cable & satellite TV, Doctor on Call, internet, Conference, Party Hall etc.

Official Website: Deshadan Mountain Resorts

The Siena Village

The Sienna Village is a 3 star property which spreads over an area of 5 acres.  The hotel is located 22 kilometers away from the main Munnar town, 130 kilometers away from Cochin airport and 130 kilometers away from Aluva railway station. The hotel has a total of 28 rooms and the rooms are divided into types of 2 Luxury Suites, 14 deluxe rooms and 12 Standard rooms. The hotel provides multi cuisine restaurant as well. Recreational services include a fitness facility and also a business center. Guest parking is admiring. Refrigerators and coffee tea makers are generally offered.

The Sienna Village include the facilities of  a conference hall, outdoor activities like trekking, plantation tours, pool parlour, table tennis room, children's play room, lawns, a curio shop which has an STD booth and sells handicrafts and spices, 24 hours room service, laundry, doctor on call, car rental, travel desk and acceptance of major credit cards.

Official Website: The Siena Village

Abad Copper Castle Resorts

The Abad Copper Castle Resort is placed on the gorgeous Kannan Devan hills. It is situated at a distance of 130 kilometers from Cochin and 48 miles away from Angamaly Train station. The majestic resort houses 34 spacious rooms. Rooms at the Abad Copper Castle Hill Valley Resort are air conditioned. The visitors can mine into the delicious food items that are available at the restaurant situated on the limits of the resort. The front desk at the Abad Copper Castle Hill Valley Resort is opened 24 hours a day. There is a business center on-site with a fitness center and a medical nurse on-staff.

Ayurvedic Spa, laundry services, safety vaults, the Internet are a few of the diverse facilities that the tourists can benefit of from the Abad Copper Castle Resort. There are a variety of amenities for those who desire to organize conferences and entertainment based renditions at the Abad Copper Castle Resort. The hotel can help the guests in arranging trekking trips and car rental.

Official Website: Abad Copper Castle Resorts

Edassery Eastend

Edassery Eastend   is situated in main Munnar town and is 120 kilometers away from Cochin airport, 120 kilometers   away from Aluva railway station and walking distance from the bus station. The hotel is abode to a total of 43 rooms that are mainly divided into 20 Super Deluxe rooms which are the cottages in the garden, 18 Galaxy rooms and 5 Honeymoon Villas. The Galaxy rooms are carpeted, Super Deluxe rooms have tiled flooring and the Honeymoon Villas have tiled flooring.

The dining facility includes the multi cuisine restaurant which can accommodate around 80 persons.   Alcohol is not served on the property but guests are liberated to buy their own and drink it inside the privacy of their rooms. Internet and parking facilities are available. The Ayurvedic massage centre is located with the Honeymoon Villas. The hotel has two conference halls named Blues and Conference Hall. The other services offered by the hotel are laundry, a mini shopping cabin, doctor on call, travel desk, children's play area, barbecue and campfire on request,   and a multi gymnasium.

Official Website: Edassery Eastend

Hotel Hill View

Hotel Hill view is considered as the ideal hotel for families and honeymoon couples. Hotel Hill view is placed at Aluva Munnar Road, Near Ramaswamy Iyer Head-works Dam. The hotel is placed 110 kms away from the Cochin airport. The hotel offers 45 rooms in categories of Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe. The rooms are well furnished and appointed with facilities such as television with satellite connection, telephone, fitted washrooms with hot and cold water and round the clock room service.

The hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant named Samrudhi. The internet and parking amenities are available in the hotel. It also makes arrangements for car rental, sightseeing and boating. Other facilities include indoor activity area, fax services, doctor on call and laundry. The hotel accepts credit cards. The hotel also offers the facilities of Conference hall, Library, Safe Deposit Lockers, Indoor Games, Car rental, Boating and Ayurvedic Center.

Official Website: Hotel Hill View

Royal Retreat Hotel

Royal retreat is comfortable calm private hotel located on the foothills of Kannan Devan hills. The hotel is surrounded by lush green valleys and various plantations that put forward picturesque sights and scenes. The hotel is just one km away from Munnar, 120 kms away from Cochin International Airport, 120kms away from Kodaikanal and 140 kms away from Cochin. The hotel offers 16 rooms that are divided into categories of 8 Super Deluxe rooms, 4 deluxe rooms and 4 Regular rooms. The conveniences general to all the rooms are cable television, direct dial STD telephones, 24 hour room service etc.
There is a delightful multi cuisine restaurant which can contain 26 persons at a time. The hotel also provides the services of Doctor on call, Car Rental, Room Service, Car Parking, Laundry Service,
Conference facility etc. Royal Retreat is built like a set of cottages with an amazing garden in front and is preferred hotel for the tourists.

Official Website: Royal Retreat Hotel

Olive Brook Resorts

Olive Brook, a unique and rustic Elettaria Cardamom Plantation Theme Resort, is one of the most popular places to stay for tourists in Munnar. The resorts accommodation comprises of 5 Rooms and 7 villas that mainly overlooking Tall Oak Tree Forests. It is situated on an 8 acre lush green cardamom estate and the resort is known for its custom-made services, exceptional food and well-maintained interiors.

The Olive Brook resort is located 8 km away from Munnar. Olive Brook is just 100 kms away from Cochin International Airport, 110 kms away from Thekkady and 120 kms away from Ernakulam Railway station. Olive Brook offers Adam and Eve Cottages. Olive Brook offers multi cuisine menu. The hotel also provides food and accommodation facilities for the drivers as well. The hotel also offers the services of laundry, rent a car, bike and cycle, transfer arrangements, doctor on call and parking.

Official Website: Olive Brook Resorts

Camelot Resorts

Camelot Resort is placed just 10 kms away from Munnar town and situates beside the Munnar-Mankulam road. Camelot Resort is located around 120 kms away from Cochin International Airport, 140 kms away from Cochin and 120 kms away from Kodaikanal. The hotel has well fixed rooms with attached bathrooms and also has 24 hours supply of hot and cold water. The rooms are separated into the following categories such as King Suite, Suite and Deluxe Rooms. Round the clock room service takes care of the guests every need.

The interior restaurant at the resort serves tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies from a variety of cuisines. Camelot Resort offers internet and parking services. Camelot Resort provides distinctive services such as pick up and drops off facilities, trekking, car hire, money exchange, 24 hour security, doctor on call, laundry services, parking facility, internet facility, arrangements for boat ride and sightseeing, and camp fire.

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Munnar Inn Hotel

Munnar Inn is promoted by KP Varkey & Sons' group which is sited at the heart of the city.  Munnar Inn has an interior that anyone would desire to be in. Bearing a total of 12 rooms, Munnar Inn offers budget accommodation to guests. The hotel offers well-furnished carpeted Deluxe and Super Deluxe rooms prepared with a television, telephone and internet connectivity (on expenses). Munnar Inn is just130 km away from   Cochin Airport, 162 km away from Madurai Airport and 100 km away from Thekkady.

The restaurant named Silver Spoon offers Multi cuisine and a separate kitchen is maintained for vegetarians. Munnar Inn puts forward the services of Laundry, Travel assistance, Transfer arrangements, Trekking, Doctor on call, House boat and back water cruises, Spice/ gift & gold shop and Parking. Some recreational activities offered in the hotel include sight-seeing tours around Munnar, a jungle safari and a stay in the tree house.

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Holiday Heaven

Holiday Heaven is situated at Chinnakkanal, just about 20 km away from Munnar. The near main airport and railhead are situated in Kochi, around 130 kms away from the hotel. There are 12 Villas at Holiday Heaven that are attractively furnished with completely carpeted floor, king size bed, cozy furniture, and are prepared with modern amenities. Holiday Heaven has a multi-cuisine restaurant.

The hotel facilities and services consist of services of professional guides, sightseeing, travel desk, laundry service, bonfire, and car rental service. The hotel also makes available the services of Deposit locker, Indoor and outdoor games, Fax machine, sightseeing packages, Doctor on call, Travel desk, Parking facility, Laundry service etc. Holiday Heaven offers the tourists a perfect option of beautifully designed and decorated villas to provide them complete relaxation and privacy. Holiday Heaven is a perfect option for enjoying a memorable vacation and honeymoon as well.

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Elysium Gardens

Elysium Gardens is placed a little short of the main town of Munnar and the Elysium Garden is a gorgeous resort standing alone on the slopes of a hill and everlastingly enveloped by dreamy clouds. The hotel is placed just 1 km away from the Munnar bus station, 30 km away from Kundala Lake and 110 km away from Cochin international Airport. The hotel has a sum of 20 rooms that is divided into 6 Standard, 3 Cottages, 1 Triple Sharing and 8 Executive rooms. The services and facilities in all the rooms are similar, with little variation in each room.

The hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant named Restaurant Matthews, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel has a range of services for the convenience of the guests. The hotel offers hot and cold water supply, doctor on call, car parking area, travel desk, 24 hours room service and outdoor services like trekking etc for the guests.

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Blackberry Hills

The Blackberry Hills is Located on the down slope of the hills in Munnar and as the name suggests it is surrounded in a web of blackberry tress and extensive tea gardens. The Blackberry Hills is situated just about 133 kilometers away from the Cochin International airport and south Ernakulam railway station and 5 kilometers away from the Munnar town and nearest bus stand. The Blackberry Hills offers 18 rooms that are divided into 6 Standard, 6 Deluxe and 6 Luxury rooms. The hotel provides the ultimate comfort in its rooms.

The Hornbill multi cuisine restaurant in the Blackberry Hills has a seating capacity of 32 persons and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Blackberry Hills has a good collection of paintings done on wood, canvas, leather and terracotta. Blackberry Hills offers a splendid view of Sahya Mountain Ranges. Blackberry Hills is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in Kerala.

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Pooppada Resort

Pooppada Resort is located near KSRTC Bus Stand, Munnar. The resort is around 120 kms away from Cochin Airport. The nearby railhead is Aluva Railway Station, which is 115 kms away. Pooppada Resort has 28 rooms, which consist of deluxe rooms and Super Deluxe rooms. Each room is spacious and well-appointed with amenities such as satellite television, direct dial telephone, and wakeup call. The resort also has an in-house restaurant. Pooppada Resorts is moreover one of the cheapest resorts of the region.

Feast on a sumptuous Kerala cuisine at the in-site restaurant in the resort rustling up an array of Indian, Chinese and Continental specialties. The facilities provided by the resort are Doctor on call, laundry service, Travel desk, Laundry services and Car parking. It provides sightseeing packages to the tourists. Ayurvedic therapy is available at the massage centre. Boating in Old Munnar, Mattupetty and Kudalai lakes, forest trekking, spice plantation tours and adventure tours are arranged on request from the resort.

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Grand Plaza

The hotel Grand Plaza is located on MSA Road, Old Munnar. Cochin International Airport is 120 km away from the hotel.  The hotel has 38 stylishly furnished spacious rooms and each room is separately designed in such a way that it offers a breathtaking sight of the tea plantations. Every room is gracefully furnished, with all modern facilities like cable connection, cold & hot water, 24 hours room service, direct dialing telephones etc.

The hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant which also offers a coffee shop. Facilities in the hotel consist of travel desk, doctor on call, laundry service, bicycles on hire, car rental service, handicap facilities, conference hall, ayurveda centre, outdoor activities such as jeep safari, paragliding, elephant and horse rides, cycling, trekking, bonfire, fishing, badminton, rock climbing, boat riding and games room. The hotel also provides internet and parking amenities. The hotel makes available a few chargeable services such as airport and railway station transfers, sightseeing etc.

Official Website: Grand Plaza

Archana Residency  

Archana Residency is situated on M.S.A Road in Munnar. The hotel is 105 km away from Cochin International Airport and Aluva Railway Station. The hotel is situated close to Eravikulam National Park. Archana Residency used to arrange sightseeing and tour packages for the guests.  Archana Residency is a sprawling 3 star hotel surrounded by beautiful tea gardens.  Archana Residency offers rooms in the category of Standard, Deluxe and Suites. The in-room services consist of mini bar and coffee maker. Archana Residency offers 28 rooms equipped with modern amenities.

Archana Residency has an in-house restaurant that offering a variety of Indian and international multi cuisines, with local Kerala food as their speciality. Archana Residency features a full-service spa and a health club. Archana Residency offers a range of services and facilities to its guests like taxi service, babysitting service, doctor on call, guide service, disabled facility, laundry service, buggy service, bonfire, conference hall and travel desk.

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Green Ridge  

Green Ridge, Munnar is a three-star hotel, centrally placed at NH Road, Central Munnar.  Green Ridge makes available the luxury as well as the budget travelers a convenient and pleasant accommodation. Green Ridge has an collection of 46 well appointed rooms to choose from, ranging from the comforts of the standard rooms to the plush Deluxe rooms and on to the exotic Executive rooms. They provide special function rooms for meets, conferences, distinguished gatherings with provisions to seat 60 persons at their ‘DURBAR’ conference hall.

Green Ridge has a multi-cuisine restaurant named Green Leaf that offers perfect services and mouth watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian food delights. Facilities in the hotel consist of travel desk, doctor on call, laundry service, bicycles on hire, car rental service, internet service, Safe Locker, Travel Desk etc. Green Ridge is said to be an absolute Destination for the lovers to meet since they offer various amenities.

Official Website: Green Ridge 

Chancellor Resort  

Chancellor Resorts is built around a natural waterfall at an height of 5400 ft and patently makes available a world of ultimate luxury. Covered over 14 acres of lush area, it is encircled by a rich region of unspoilt nature. The resort has a calm atmosphere since it is long away from the busy city life. The resort is situated just 130 km away from Cochin International Airport, 125 km away from Ernakulam Railway Station and 1 km away from Munnar Bus Stand.

The hotel offers a 3 Star leisure retreat. The hotel has 60 comfortable rooms, which are maintained with 24 hours room service. The guests can have tasty foods from the hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant. The resort has a conference space that has a capacity to accommodate 300 people. The additional facilities that are available from the resort are Ayurveda Center with Doctor and Therapists, Kids Play Area, Camp Fire, 24 Hrs Security, Coffee Shop,  Room Service, Trekking Facility Within the Resort Campus, Parking etc.

Official Website: Chancellor Resort

Munnar Official Government Website

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  • Unni Mukunthan's picture
    Breathtaking Munnar Feb 27, 2014 by Unni Mukunthan
    Munnar is an incredible place to visit. The place got many beautiful tourist spots. We went there for a three day trip and we stayed in a resort. We enjoyed watching the Kolukkumala, Anayinkal Dam,Periyakanl Waterfall, Lock Heart Gap, Devikulam, Pothamedu View Point, Rajamala, Eravikulam... More
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  • Smith's picture
    Munnar Rajamala Feb 27, 2014 by Smith
    Rajamala is around15 km away from Munnar, it is a very famous hill station. The mountain beauty is mind-blowing; we can have climbing to the mountain. The mountains look good with the grass and the snow. Sometime it is beautiful. Munnar also provides ample stay various prices and style. I looked... More
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  • Dain 's picture
    Kollukkumala Munnar Feb 27, 2014 by Dain
    Munnar is truly the Gods blessed destination, the cool climate and the beautiful scenery makes the place so beautiful. I really loved the Kolukkumala which is the highest tea estate. The green tea is grown at the highest and it is a tea production centre. It is really wonderful to see the place... More
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  • James Cremean's picture
    Exciting Munnar trip Sep 12, 2013 by James Cremean
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  • Charles Vazquez's picture
    Wonderful experience from the Munnar Tea gardens Aug 29, 2013 by Charles Vazquez
    Do you have an experience of visiting tea gardens in any where, if no try to make a first tea garden visit to Munnar, because which is an extremely beautiful in the state of Gods own country Kerala. It was my first trip to such a beautiful place in my life with my family members. The trip was... More
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  • jithu's picture
    Munnar Echo Point!!! Jul 09, 2013 by jithu
    Echo point is a quite prescribed place in Munnar, very exceptional area, incredible for getting pictures clicked, Good surrounding perspectives, worth going by spot for positive! The day we went by this spot, climate was very good. Echo point was an exceptional place close to the lake and we... More
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  • fahad's picture
    Anamudi: Good view point Jul 09, 2013 by fahad
    Anamudi is the highest peak in the Western Ghats and South India. Right at the highest point of the mountain, you have a remarkable view. The name Anamudi means "elephant's forehead," a orientation to the semblance of the mountain to an elephant's head. The mountain,... More
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  • We had been to Munnar last month and the tour was just awesome. More
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  • Roger Lewis's picture
    Pleasure trip to Munnar Kerala Jun 22, 2013 by Roger Lewis
    Going by Munnar is truly a pleasurable thing when you are on your South India or Kerala excursion. It is without a doubt an explorer’s heaven which is an unquestionable requirement visit end of South India. View of Munnar is stunning, wonderful scenes, mound stations and more than enough... More
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  • Jerry E. Wood's picture
    Munnar- Ideal Destination for Nature Lovers Jun 08, 2013 by Jerry E. Wood
    We had visited Munnar on 26th of Jan 2012. Munnar surprised me with scenic beauty and their lovely atmosphere. I liked most about Munnar is the scenery with lush tea gardens. My delightful experiences at Munnar can never be forgotten. The blue skies and high hills,natural thick forests, tea... More
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  • I visited Lakkam Water Falls in munnar in the month of December with my family. In that tour, first we visited to the Blossom Hydel Park in the morning .after that we went to the Lakkam Water Falls. So we arrived at there in afternoon time. It was glorious waterfalls and it situated amidst... More
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  • Jerry Prince's picture
    MUNNAR,THE HEAVEN OF KERALA May 09, 2013 by Jerry Prince
    In the last winter season i spent my time at munnar with family and relatives.…What a wonderful experience it was.. Truly it is a cool experience.. If somebody ask something about tour places, I told them to go to munnar, which is a heavenly experience in my life. More
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  • Brodie Cousin's picture
    The cool place,munnar May 02, 2013 by Brodie Cousin
    I had a wonderful journey to the most beautiful place, Munnar, with a friend. All should see that place at least once in their life, otherwise it will be big lost for them.  I never thought that place i this much beautiful. I think that place is just like a honeymoon place because i saw a... More
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  • Joseph Johnston's picture
    Munnar is really a Paradise Apr 27, 2013 by Joseph Johnston
    I never think of this much about Munnar. I just thought that, it is just have greenery, but there I experienced something special for its greenery. The hills view, hills covered by clouds, tea estates, etc, are great to see. Specially, the climate condition was cool and pleasant. I was surprised... More
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  • I visited Mattupetty just four months before. It was my honeymoon trip to Munnar. My wife was truly desired to see the mattupetty tourist place located around munnar.  I have visited munnar in several times before my marriage…. But visiting mattupetty was the first time. Thus, I was... More
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  • My trip to Munnar was fabulous. It was a tour with my colleagues. We are pleased to see the greenery nature there. It was giving wonderful views to our eyes. It was my first visit to Munnar and I am very much impressed by the place. We visited the place Mattuppetty…. Here one of the... More
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