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Tamilnadu is one of the 28 states of India and lies in the southern part of Indian peninsula.  The capital city of this state is Chennai and is also the fourth largest city in India.  The state borders Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry. It is the most industrialized state in India. This state is a hub for tourists due its most unique fascinating sights in the area. The state is considered to be the cradle of Dravidian culture and therefore monuments and ancient items are all over the state.  Tourists flock into this state to experience the unique biodiversity in the area. The state boasts of a number of wildlife sanctuaries as well as national reserves.  An experience in these parks is the best for wild lovers. The state is also famous among tourists due to its cultural diversity. The numerous festivals held in the area are the most memorable experience a tourist will get in this state. Festival such as Pongal festivals, Chithirai festival, Thaipusam, Dance Festival, and Mahamagam festival are among the many festivals held through out the year.

Pilgrim tourists will find this place simply to be the best due to the number of religious sites which are all over the state. Famous Hindu temples, shrines with rich history are all over this city. A one time experience is not enough to explore all these religious sites. Tourists are also attracted into this city by the popular beaches such as Covilong beach. This beach and many others give the best experience for sun bathing.

Another factor that makes this state a splendid destination where one can spend his/her holiday in is the good infrastructure of the area. One can access the state through Chennai international airport. The city is also interconnected with railway a network that extends over 6,693-kms. There are also well maintained national highways in the area which helps you to access your preferred destinations easily.

Best Time to Visit Tamilnadu

Chennai which is the capital city of Tamil Nadu contains a number of notable tourist’s attractions. The city has a hot and humid climate for the most part of the year and therefore the ideal time to visit is during winter. The season begins in the month November to February. The most ideal time to visit is in the month of December and January which are the peak months. The average temperature at this time ranges from 28 to 32 degrees. Another reason why tourist should visit this place in the month of December is because of the festivals and popular dances held in this month. The city host music and cultural festivals in the month of December. However tourists visiting the hill stations will need to carry a heavy jacket as temperatures goes as low as 5o Celsius.
A visit in the month of January, one will be able to catch up with the popular festivals held such as the pongal. One will also have an opportunity to enjoy the classical canartic music and Bharatnatyam also held in the month of January.  The state receives rainfall in the month of October to December and therefore tourists should carry raincoats. However, during the period of November and January there are thousands of tourists and therefore the hotel rates might go up hence making it more expensive to visit at this time. Those who do not to experience the hustle might consider visiting during the off peak season in order to enjoy cool and quiet environment.

Main Tourist Attractions in Tamilnadu

Beaches in Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu boasts of having some of the most famous beaches in India. Tourists visit the beach to sun bath, wind surf and to experience beauty of the blue waters. The beaches are located in south peninsula along Coromandel Coast. These beaches include:

Marina beach: This beach is located in Chennai at the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. The beach is the longest beach in India and the second longest in the world. It covers a distance of 13 km as it stretches from the famous Fort St George in the north to the Besant Nagar in the south.  This is the busiest beach in India due to the number of visitors who flock into this beautiful captivating scene. Swimming in this beach is prohibited due to the turbulence of the waves around this place.

Elliot beach: The beach is popularly known as the Besant Nagar and is located in Chennai. The beach is named after the governor of Madras Edward Elliot. The beach is tidier than marina beach and is a popular destination for many tourists. Tourists enjoy the cool atmosphere in the beach while sand bathing. The beach is also preferred due to the spacious parking. The proximity of hotels makes it a popular hanging joint. Other popular beaches in Tamil Nadu include Kanyakumari beach and covilong beach. All these beaches make the state of Tamil Nadu a popular destination for all kinds of tourists. Families on vacations, couples in honeymoon as well as tourist on business vacations will enjoy the mesmerizing visit in these beaches.

Wildlife in Tamilnadu

A onetime experience is not enough to explore the wildlife in Tamil Nadu. About 18% of the state of Tamil Nadu is covered by forests and this gives a good environment which supports thriving of fauna and flora .The state boasts of having five wildlife sanctuaries and seventeen national parks. Some of the most famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries include:

Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

It is also called the Indian Gandhi national park and is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in India. The sanctuary is 90 kms from Coimbatore and occupies an area of 958 sq kms. Animals found in this sanctuary include Panther, Elephant, Gaur, Sloth Bear, Tiger, Deer, Wild Bear, Porcupine, Wild Dog, Flying Squirrel, Jackal, Civet Cat, Pangolin and birds like Rocket-tailed Drongo, Red Tree Pie, Whiskered Bulbul, Spotted Dove, Black Headed Oriole, Pigeon etc. in the sanctuary there is also a big reserve  that contains large number of crocodiles.

Official Website: Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Guindy National Park

This is another famous destination for tourists visiting Chennai while on vacation. The park that is located in Chennai district is well endowed with flora and fauna.  The park has 24 varieties of trees and 14 varieties of shrubs.  For those visitors who love plants will enjoy to be in this place.  Some of the animals found in the park include Panther, Elephant, Gaur, Sloth Bear, Tiger, Deer, Wild Bear, Porcupine, Wild Dog, Flying Squirrel, Jackal, Civet Cat, Pangolin and birds like Rocket-tailed Drongo, Red Tree Pie, Whiskered Bulbul, Spotted Dove, Black Headed Oriole, Pigeon etc. there are also many varieties of amphibians and reptiles which tourists will love and appreciate.

Official Website: Guindy National Park

Historical Monuments

Tamil Nadu is one of the places with the most famous monuments. Due to the fact that it is considered to be the cradle of Dravidian culture the state is marked with numerous monuments which are captivating to tourists on their vacation. Some of the most visited monuments include:

Madras War Cemetery

This cemetery is a tribute to the courageous soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War. The cemetery served as the second burial for those 855 respected men and women who died.  A stone written the words of Ecclesiastes `their names liveth forever more´ is the first sight to all visitors. Tourists who love history will enjoy being in this place as they will learn a lot.

Rock Fort Temple

The fort was constructed in the 12th century by Nayaks Madurai who established Tiruchirappalli as the trading centre. The monument contains three temples and one can reach through flight stairs. In the shrine there is Kaangaala Moorthy which is one of the 68 manifestations of Shiva. Visitors are expected to remove their shoes before entering the temple. Time spent in this magnificent building will be a memorable experience to any tourists.

Official Website: Rock Fort Temple

Kamaraj Memorial House

This house was constructed in honor of the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Currently the house is a show case of photographs of Kamaraj. This minister is highly regarded among the local people because he rose from poverty to become the chief minister of the state. Other historical monuments worth to pay a visit include Arjuna's Penance, Thirumalai Nayak Mahal, Vivekananda Illam and many others.

Museums: There are notable numbers of museums located in south India. The museum offers a collection of artistic work, paintings as well as sculptures. These museums include:

The Government Museum

This museum is located in Chennai and is the most famous museum in south India. The museum serves various purposes under the same roof which are discussed below.The primary function of this museum is to acquire, preserve and display antiquities of the historical period of south India. A tourist visiting this place will find sculptures, architectural pieces, metal and stone inscriptions. Tourists with a desire to learn history will find this place a significant place that is worth to pay a visit. This section is divided into three categories. There is the bronze section, sculpture and architectural section, inscriptions and industrial art. A study of the sections helps one to understand the culture of south Indians and how it has changed over time. In the museum one will also have an opportunity to see some of the Buddhist sculptures. Another notable place to visit in the museum is the section for medieval sculptures. In this section there is a collection of 700 specimens of stone sculptures belonging to the period of 600 AD.  In the industrial art section one will have an opportunity to see specimens such as wood carving, ivory carving and metal ware. One can also have a chance to visit Prince of Wales Museum that is located in Mumbai. This museum offers a variety of historical items and specimens that are worth to pay a visit.

Official Website: The Government Museum

Hill Stations

Tamil Nadu contains some of the most wonderful hill stations in south India. The cool climate and the Beauty surrounding the hill stations are captivating sites to nature lovers. Around the hill stations tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy cascading water falls, water steams, grassy meadows, valleys and the beautiful sight of the floating mountains. Some of the notable hill stations in this state include:

Ooty: it is also called the hill of kings and is located at the city of Coimbatore. Some of the numerous sites which one can be able to visit include botanical garden, seasonal flower exhibition, mariamman temple and a Lake.

Official Website: Ooty

Kodaikanal, the Queen of Hill Stations: Also called the queen of the hills, kodaikanal is located at the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The hill station has a notable number of attractions which includes a star shaped lake, pillar locks, botanical gardens and a very steep valley. Boating on this beautiful lake is a wonderful experience to any visitor.
Yercaud Hill Station: it was popularly known as the Ooty of the poor. The name of the hill station literally means a tranquil lake, which is situated at the centre of the town. Tourists who want to enjoy their vacation in a serene place should visit this hill station.  The peaceful and solitude experience in the area makes it a destination of choice among many tourists.
Other notable hill stations in Tamilnadu include Yeragiri, Kotagiri and Coonoor. All these hill stations offer unique experiences among tourist adding value to your stay in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Official Website: Kodaikanal

Cultural Diversity

Tamil Nadu is known due to the cultural diversity of the area. The land which has a history that dates back 5000 years is popularly known as the origin of Dravidian culture. The rich cultural diversity is showcased by the numerous festivals held throughout the year. These festivals include:

Pongal: This is one of the important festivals held in this state. The festival that is popularly known as `Tamilar thirunar’ which means the prosperity of the Tamils is held in middle January. The festival lasts three days with each day having a name. The first day is known as Bhogi Pongal, the second is Surya Pongal and the last is Mattu Pongal. The climax of the festival is a dish that is commonly known as `pongal’ that is prepared with boiling rice, jiggery and milk.

Navarathiri: This is a religious festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga. The festival kicks off in the first bright day of the fortnight of Ashwin a month in the Hindu calendar. The festival takes nine days and each dedicated to a different form of Goddess Durga. People flock into temples where they offer prayers while seeking blessing from the Goddess.

Natyanjali: Itis a dance festival that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. These festivals take five days and are celebrated in the month of February. Respected dancers perform in front of Natrija temple as they pay tribute to Lord Natrija. Tourists should not miss this out spacious opportunity to experience some great performance from some of the most renowned dancers in this state. Tea and tourist festival is another great opportunity for tourists to enjoy the culture of this people. The festivals are held in the month of January and February.

Religious Shrines

The state is known as a land of temples. This is because there are more than one thousand temples in the area. Almost all the temples are over one hundred years and are built in Dravidian style. A visit to the temple one will be able to experience the great architectural designs of these people. Some of the temples where tourist can visit are:

Kanyakumari Temple: The temple is located in a unique area where the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean meet.  The temple is dedicated to Kanya Devi who was supposed to wed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva did not turn up for the wedding and therefore Kanya Devi remained as virgin goddess.

Murugan Temple: This is one of the most beautiful temples in the state of Tamil Nadu. This ancient temple was dedicated to Lord Muruga. The temple is popular among the Indians due to its association with many legends. Tourists visiting this place will have a chance to experience one of the best pilgrimage sites in the area.

Shree Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple: This is one of the most visited temples in the land. Due to its height and the area occupied it is one of the largest temples in the land. The temple is appealing due to its colored icon of the gods, goddess, animals and mythical figures. There is also a museum located within the same complex that contains images and stones. Other notable religious sites in the state include Chidambaram temple, Madurai and many others.

Official Website: Shree Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple

Folk Dances

Another popular thing that attracts masses of tourists from all over the world is the dances held in the land of Tamil Nadu. Tourists who enjoy dances will be enthralled by paying a visit in this beautiful land of Tamil Nadu. The popular folk dances held in the area include:

Official Website: Folk Dances

Karagaattam: This is a dance performed while balancing a pot on the head. The dance is accompanied by musical instruments and is a captivating view for tourists in their vacation. Villagers performed this dance in honor of rain goddess Mari Amman and river goddess. The dance is performed all over the city of Tamil Nadu.

Kummi: This is one of the most popular dances in the city of Tamil Nadu. The dance is performed by women while clapping their hands. There are different varieties of the dance such as, Poonthatti Kummi, Deepa Kummi, Kulavai Kummi, Kadir Kummi, Mulaipari Kummi etc.

Mayil Attam: This a dance performed by girls who are dressed as a peacock. A head dress is made in the form of a peacock head with the beak included. The beak is manipulated by a string tied in the dress which makes the dance lively.Other similar dances include Kaalai Attam (dressed as a bull), Karadi Attam (dressed as a bear) and Aali Aattam (dressed as a demon).  Other forms of dances which can be experienced in this land include Kolaattam, Oyil Kummi, Kai Silambu Attam and many others which make a vacation spent in Tamil Nadu lively and unique.

Cascading Water Falls

There are a number of water falls which tourists can visit while in this state. The scenic beauty of the waterfalls makes this state a hub for tourists. These waterfalls include:
Kutladampatti Falls: is an artificial waterfall that is located in Madurai District. The water falls from a height of 27 meters. The beautiful sight of this waterfall cannot go unnoticed.  

Monkey Falls: The waterfall is located in Indhira national park and is a famous destination spot for tourists. Children and adults can be allowed to swim at the water fall at an affordable fee. Visitors coming to this place will not hesitate to pay a visit in this outstanding beautiful gift of nature.

Ayyanar Falls: The fall is located 10 km west of Rajapalayam. It is a major tourist spot in this city. The fall is named after a temple that is just beside it. The fall gives one an opportunity for woodland mountain climbing.

Catherine Falls: This fall is located in Kotagiri in Nigri District of Tamil Nadu. The water fall is the major tourists’ attraction of the area. The water falls from a height of 250 fts and is a wonderful sight among tourists. The entire water fall can be viewed from the Dolphins nose. The falls is named after Catherine who introduced coffee in this place.
Other famous waterfalls in this state include Agaya Gangai, Courtallam, Hogenakkal Falls, Kiliyur Falls, Marayur, Pykara, Sengupathi Falls, Siruvani Waterfalls, Suruli Falls, Thalaiyar Falls, Tirparappu Waterfalls, Ullakaarvi, Vaideki Falls and  Vattaparai Falls.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden located in Ooty is the crown of your vacation in Tamil Nadu.  The elegant botanical garden was started in 1847 but was developed in 1948 by W.G. McIver. The botanical garden occupies an area of 22 hectares and contains thousands of plant species. Some of the rare species of plants found in this place include Magnolia tree, maple tree, Japonica flower, Australian tree with yellow blooms, palms and the money puzzle tree. The garden is divided into six sections namely Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatory, Fountain Terrace and Nurseries.

Another popular tourist attraction is the 20 million old fossil which is displayed in the garden. While in the garden a tourist will enjoy the beautiful huts of the Toda people. Their unique temple is must watch among tourists. A visit to their settlement one will be able to learn their unique culture. A tourist can also buy their artifacts such as shawl, beads and rugs at the entrance of the garden.

A rose garden in the land has the largest collection of rose flowers in the country. The magnificent sight of the rose garden is unique and lovers of flowers will cherish their vacation in this place. The garden hosts the annual flower show which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The main intention of establishing the garden was to provide a centre for botanical research, but currently garden is now open to the members of public at an affordable fee.

Official Website: Botanical Gardens

Best Hotels in Tamilnadu

Radisson Hotel

The hotel is situated at Chennai state close to Chennai airport. The place is ideal for dinner, informal, meetings or just to have a refreshing drink. The hotel is situated at a strategic place that makes it the best choice due to its easy access. The hotel provides serene, quiet and comfortable rooms which are affordable to any tourist. The rooms are built in a way such that they fit both the business travelers and tourist on their leisure activities. The hotel boast of having a high class health club where one can go for gym, sauna and Jacuzzi. Other services provided in this hotel include a DVD player with installed movies, iron and iron board, snack basket, pillow choice menu and work desks with business class chairs. Other services offered in this place include Baby sitting (on request), Distress kits, Handicap accessible rooms, valet service and Outdoor parking.

Official Website: Radisson Hotel

The Park Chennai

This is another five star hotel located at Anna Salai at the state of Chennai. The hotel is unique with customized services which suites all the visitors. The park offer different amenities to their visitors ranging from mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities, LCD TV and private bathroom. The interior designs of the rooms are clearly done to depict the great artistic work of the Indian people. The rooms are also in different categories such as the Deluxe and the luxury.  The rooms contain a ten inch mattress which guarantees comfort as well as allowing one to relax. This makes the hotel the best destination for any tourist especially who are on business vacation. Both international and Indian food is served in this hotel to ensure that the visitors enjoy their stay in this hotel. Other facilities offered in the hotel include private boardrooms for meetings, health club facilities and a restaurant that operates at any time.

Official Website: The Park Chennai

Jungle Hut Hotel

It is one of the most beautiful hotel in Tamilnadu. The complex unique architectural design of the hotel combined with the captivating natural beauty makes it the destination of choice for any tourist looking for comfort. The rooms are elegantly furnished with each room having a wall to wall carpet, attached bathroom, proper ventilation and a private balcony to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.  There are different categories of rooms to ensure that visitors are comfortable as well as they can afford. The different categories include standard room, deluxe room, mini suit and royal suite rooms. Visitors in this hotel will enjoy facilities such as travel assistance, massage and yoga arrangements, 24 hours transport services, doctor on call, laundry services, TVs and phones in all rooms, 24 hours hot/cold showers, family, corporate or group tour travel arrangement. There is also room heating on request.

Official Website: Jungle Hut Hotel

Heritage Madurai

This is a five star hotel located in Kochadai, Madurai, 5 km from Madurai airport. The hotel that occupies 16 acres of a well landscaped garden is located in a strategic place for corporate and pilgrim tourists who flock in this city to take part in the religious festivals held in this area. Tourists visiting this place will enjoy a number of facilities in this hotel such as swimming pool, children pool, valet parking, travel desk and a tour guide on request, business centre, standby doctor, laundry services, currency exchange and babysitting services. The hotel has 35 well furnished rooms which are spacious and comfortable. The rooms are completely fitted with modern facilities to enhance comfort. All rooms have a bedroom and a spacious living room. Amenities offered in the rooms include satellite TVs, attached bathrooms equipped with all bathrooms amenities, wireless internet connectivity, balconies and an international direct dialing phone.

Official Website: Heritage Madurai

Raintree Hotel

The hotel is located at the hub of Chennai business district and offers the best accommodation facilities for business clients and corporate clients on vacation. The five star hotels is strategically located and a 15 minutes drive from the Chennai airport will get you there. The hotel has 105 rooms which are designed in world class standards and equipped with modern facilities. They offer two types of rooms which are affordable to all their clients. There are double deluxe rooms and club double room. Services offered in the rooms include in 24 hour front desk, elevator, rooms designed for physically challenged clients, newspapers, DVD player and non smoking rooms for non smokers. In the hotel one will be to enjoy services such as business facilities, conference facilities, baby sitting, laundry services, spa/ fitness centre, gym, restaurant, parking facilities, doctor-on-call and wireless internet connection in all rooms at a fee.

Official Website: Raintree Hotel

The Raintree Hotel

The hotel is located at Chennai close to the famous St. SanThome Cathedral. The hotel is located in quiet environment yet very close to different shopping malls. The modern architectural design combined with the modern facilities in the hotel makes it a popular hub for tourists. The rooms in the hotel are of high standards and equipped with different facilities to ensure that all visitors are comfortable while in the hotel.  Some of the services available in hotel rooms include satellite TV, shower, air conditioning, radio, refrigerator, microwave, tea and coffee making facilities, bathroom amenities and internet services. Other facilities in the hotel include business facilities, conference facilities, gym, spa and wellness centre, swimming pool and parking facilities. In the hotel restaurant tourists enjoy traditional and international dishes which are of high quality.  Tourists are also served with different refreshing drinks in the minibar located in the restaurant.

Official Website: The Raintree Hotel

Fortune Select Palm Hotel

The hotel is located in Chennai town and is one of the most elegantly built hotels. The hotel hosts dignitaries and tourists from all over the world. It is renowned for its high standard services as well as their modern facilities. The hotel has 209 classic rooms which are spacious to ensure a comfortable stay for their visitors.  The rooms are fitted with modern facilities such as cable / satellite TV, mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities, private bathroom, modem / data port connection, telephone, hairdryer. The hotel also offers business related services, conference halls and a swimming pool. The facilities can host over 600 people on business meetings or social gatherings. Visitors can also take time to relax at their restaurant as they serve you with the Chinese cuisine and other refreshing drinks. The food served is of high quality as high standards are maintained while preparing it.

Official Website: Fortune Select Palm Hotel

Somerset Greenways Hotel

Is a five star hotel located in Sathyadev Avenue near Chettinad palace. The hotel is just some few kilometers from the famous Marina and Elliot beach.  The hotel offers accommodation services to thousands of tourists visiting the famous beaches. Due to the services offered, the hotel is preferred by majority of tourists visiting this place. The hotel has 187 rooms which are of different types. There is the studio premier, deluxe apartment, studio executive, studio premier apartment and the executive apartments.  The rooms are in a quiet environment hence suitable for all kind of travelers. Tourists will enjoy services such as wireless internet connections, satellite TV, air conditioning, refrigerators, microwaves, iron/ironing board, Jacuzzi and a DVD player. Other services available in the hotel include airport transfer, business facilities, doctor-on-call, gym and fitness centre, spa and wellness centre, secretarial services, tour desk, baby sitting services, disabled facilities, currency exchange services, non smoking rooms, restaurant, bar and laundry services.

Official Website: Somerset Greenways Hotel

Taj Coromandel Chennai

The five star hotel which is designed in both the European and south Indian architectural designs gives a unique experience altogether. The hotel which is located in Mahatma Gandhi road is elegantly built to enhance comfort and convenience. Their rooms are spacious and fitted with modern facilities to satisfy their visitors’ desire. Facilities enjoyed in the rooms include air conditioning, internet access, cable / satellite TV, mini bar, telephone, private Bathroom and modem port connection. Tourists visiting this hotel will also enjoy a number of facilities and services such as Baby Sitting Service, cafeteria, disabled facilities, high speed internet access, spacious parking facilities, restaurant, swimming pool, banquet facilities, conference facilities, laundry facilities, photocopying facilities, bar / lounge, currency exchange services, gym and fitness facilities. Food served at the hotel is of high quality and tourists can enjoy different range of food as well as your favorite drinks.

Official Website: Taj Coromandel Chennai

The Calrton Hotel

Is a five star hotel situated in the city of kodaikanal, the famous hill station. The hotel is a blend of both traditional and modern luxury which makes it unique. The strategic position of the hotel is another factor that makes it the hub of tourists from all over the world. The picturesque of the blue skies, the valleys, towering pines and the mountains makes it a favorable place destination for all kind of tour packages. The hotel offers 91 luxurious rooms which are spacious and well maintained. Facilities enjoyed while in the rooms include room services, television, and a private balcony that gives a perfect view of Kodai Lake. For leisure activities visitors can enjoy playing table tennis, gym and golf course facilities. Tourists will also benefits from other facilities in the hotel which include business facilities, parking facilities, baby sitting, laundry services and a restaurant.

Official Website: The Calrton Hotel

Tamilnadu Official Government Website

Tamilnadu Government Tourism Website

Tamilnadu at Wikitravel

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    Wonderful trip to Tamil Nadu Jul 15, 2013 by Albert Tower
    We started our Tamil Nadu trip from Chennai the Marina beach,the popular destination place of Chennai. It was my first trip to Chennai. Marina beach is the greatest city beaches among the world. This beach is well-known for its silvery sand and the beauty of the blue sea. Like all beach Marina... More
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  • Jeanette Whitney's picture
    Wonderful TamilNadu tour Jun 30, 2013 by Jeanette Whitney
    We began our TamilNadu outing from the Marina sunny shore, the in vogue goal place of Chennai. It was my first trek to Chennai. Marina vacation spot is the most fantastic city shores far and wide. This sunny shore is well-known for its shiny sand and the delightfulness of the blue ocean. Like... More
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  • Theresa D. Baumann's picture
    Great day trip to Tamilnadu Jun 14, 2013 by Theresa D. Baumann
    I have taken many tours from Tamil Nadu tourism. I visited Chennai and Ooty. I like Chennai for shopping. We can get dresses in cheap rate.  The Chennai is very fascinating city. Walking in a city, I really like. Because of we can meet film stars very easily. And the other my favorite place... More
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  • Nivin shrma's picture
    My tour to Yelagiri Hills in tamilnadu May 06, 2013 by Nivin shrma
    I visited tamilnadu tourist place in several times. I think the tamilnadu almost tourist places are very familiar to me like ooty, Kodaikanal, Madurai, Coonoor, Kotagiri etc. Anyway in the last December I visited to the Yelagiri Hills with my friends. It was a really fun and pleasant journey for... More
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  • Ellie Frost's picture
    A spectacular tour to Tamilnadu May 03, 2013 by Ellie Frost
    I am very impressed walking through the ways within Tamilnadu. I never visited in my life before such a spectacular place with unusual cultures and traditions. There I have been sighted most are temples. But I have never been getting bored visiting temples because of their great structures. I... More
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    Marina beach the best Romantic Beach Mar 18, 2013 by Gloria Bailey
    Hi friends, last month I have visited Chennai for interview, after all my work I was lethargic and not feeling bad, then my friend said let’s go Marina beach. At around 6 pm we were at marina beach, it was an amazing place guys, really superb, i don’t have words to describe... More
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Tamilnadu Tourist Places 7.8 out of 10 23 user reviews. Tamilnadu is one of the 28 states of India and lies in the southern part of Indian peninsula.  The capital city of this state is Chennai and is also the fo..