Cultural Tour Destinations

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    Mangeshi Tourist Attractions

    Mangeshi is a small village in Priol, Ponda. Due to the presence of the Mangeshi temple it is a pilgrimage destination in Goa. There are quite a few tourist places in and around Mangeshi. Since it is close to many tourist attractions, the tourist... More

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    Mansar Tourist Attractions

    Kashmir is without doubt one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. It is a destination for the entire family. Kashmir has the beauty of the plains as well as the scenic views of the Himalayas. There are rolling meadows, pristine... More

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    Mapusa Tourist Attractions

    Mapusa is one of the most popular tourism destinations in and around Mapusa. One of the reasons for this is that Mapusa is close to all the important tourist destinations in Goa. Mapusa is famous among the locals as well as the international... More

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    Mormugao Tourist Attractions

    Mormugao was the first town that was selected by the Portuguese to be the capital of the Portuguese Empire. That was the importance given to this slice of sunny paradise in Goa. A fort was built by the Portuguese which the Maratha army constantly... More

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    Mysore Tourist Places

    Mysore, being one of the favorite tourist destinations of many people, is a place that can be visited almost the whole year period, and has beautiful palaces and gardens. In Mysore, temperature is moderate, winters are just... More

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    Orissa Tourist Places

    Orissa, now called odisha, is known as the land of temples in India. Beauty personified, the state Orissa is a perfect vacation place filled with beautiful beaches, monuments and ancient temples. The sacred state of Orissa used to be called... More

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