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    Bangalore Tourist Places

    Bangalore is the capital of Kamataka which is an Indian State. Bangalore is located on the South Eastern side of Kamataka on the Deccan Plateau. Bangalore has a high population and is accredited for being the centre of... More

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    Baramulla Tourist Places to Visit

    The state of Jammu and Kashmir is perhaps the most blessed in terms of natural beauty. The location of the state which is on the transition zone from the Indian plains to the Himalayan range makes it a wonderful tourist destination. It has all... More

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    Belur Temple Tour

    Belur is a fascinating destination to visit in the state of Karnataka in India. It is home to a large number of temples of which one particular temple is really famous. Belur in Karnataka is quite a historic destination. It is... More

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    Bhagalpur Tourist Place

    Bhagalpur is a town located in the Bihar state of India. The town is on the plains of the River Ganges. In terms of area, the Bhagalpur city is the second largest in the Bihar state. It covers a distance of approximately 2500... More

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    Bhojpur Tourist Places

    Bhojpur is a district on the eastern India. The district is a major tourist destination. It is located at approximately one hundred and ninety meters height above sea level. The Bhojpur district covers an area of approximately... More

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    Bhopal Tourist Places

    The city of Bhopal is the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh in the country of India. The administrative headquarters of the district of Bhopal and the division of Bhopal are found in this city as well. Initially, the city... More

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