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    Jodhpur Tourist Places

    Jodhpur is a district in the Rajasthan state of India. It is at an altitude of approximately 750 feet above sea level. It is located on the Western side of Jaipur. The Jodhpur district was formed around the 1459s’. The... More

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    Junagadh Tourist Place

    Junagadh is the seventh largest city in Gujarat and lies on the Girnar hills foots.  Junagadh literally means, ‘Old Fort since the place was one of the princely states of Gujarat. Junagadh has had political and... More

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    Kanchipuram Temple Tour

    Kanchipuram city is located 70 km from Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city is situated along Chennai Bengalore highway. Kanchipuram is commonly referred to as the city of temples due to the number of temples in the... More

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    Kannur Tourist Places

    Kannur is a fascinating destination to visit in the Indian state of Kerala. Kannur is a seaside town and is a place which attracts travelers at different times of the year. Kannur has a rich historical past. The history of this... More

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    Karnal Tourist Places

    If we look into the chapter of history, we will find the name of the epic city Karnal. Like Murshidabadh, Karnal is also a small place which preserves relics of the history of India, wars fought, wars won and lost, that has... More

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    Kashmir Tourism Places Packages

    Kashmir is indeed a paradise on earth. It has been described in glowing terms by poets and even emperors. It is a wonderful tourist destination that is being explored by a large number of domestic and international tourists on a daily basis.... More

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