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    Hazaribagh Tourist Spots

    Hazaribagh is a city in an Indian state. The state in which the city is located is known as Jharkhand. It is located at an altitude of six hundred meters above sea level. It is a municipality with well established tourism.... More

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    Imphal Tourist Places

    Imphal is the capital of the Indian state of Manipur which is popularly recognized as the Jewel of the East. Imphal is well known for its charming beauty. The gorgeous city Imphal is recognized as the cultural capital of... More

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    Kolkata Tourist Attrations

    Kolkata   is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal which is obviously situated on the east bank of the Hooghly River and it is the main commercial, cultural, and educational centre of East India. Kolkata has... More

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    Konark is world famous for the Sun Temple and it is a must visit thing if you are traveling in India. The city of Konark is based around the Sun Temple and people from all over the world visit it. It is a sacred shrine... More

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    Mandawa Tourist Attractions

    Mandawa India is a town in Rajasthan of the North India. It is located several kilometers from Jaipur. Mandawa is located in a region known as Shekhawati. It is located in Jhunjhunun district. The town of Mandawa lies at an... More

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    Orissa Tourist Places

    Orissa, now called odisha, is known as the land of temples in India. Beauty personified, the state Orissa is a perfect vacation place filled with beautiful beaches, monuments and ancient temples. The sacred state of Orissa used to be called... More

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